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The Official Domestic Imperfection House Tour! (And A Link Party)

Welcome to my house tour…it’s been a long time coming, right!? Currently my empty house tour tab is one of my most clicked things on my site, yet there has never been anything in it. To think of all the poor DIYers and curious souls I disappoint every single day. No more! So welcome to my always in progress, blurry pictured, somewhat messy house tour. In it you’ll find before and afters and links to every project post I’ve written about things in each room.

Domestic Imperfection House Tour

In celebration if me finally conquering my blogging Everest I am making this into a party…a link party that is. After you see my house tour you are probably going to be in the mood to devour some more, so I have added a linky at the end for y’all to link up your house tours. So if you’re a blogger, link up…don’t embarrass me at my first solo linky by not showing up. Seriously, I’ll be super disappointed. And please don’t link up anything that isn’t a house tour, because I will delete it and end up looking like the bad guy at my own party. Don’t make me be that person.

So let’s begin…

Wait, one more disclosure before we start. When we bought this house I wasn’t a blogger (and never intended to be) and for that reason my before pictures are either really crappy, from the MLS, or don’t exist at all. I know, I’m kicking myself, but how was I to know that they would be so important? Anyway, keep that in mind. Carry on…

Welcome to our house. It’s a three bedroom, two bathroom, ranch house located deep in the heart of Texas. It’s 1650 square feet and the front porch is bigger than our first apartment. This is it when we bought it back in 2008.

Home tour

It looks sad and lonely, right? In my first post about the yard I lovingly referred to it as ” an abandon house surrounded by a gravel pit.” Also, it has two front doors and that looks really weird to me. (The one to the right actually goes into the laundry room).  So, here it is today….not finished  but so much better!


Outdoor projects : Driveway and grass, garage foundation, garage, fence, self watering garden, DIY playset, sod, side yard

Then you have our front porch, a work in progress for sure.  It’s huge and feels like a giant outdoor living room.


front porch progress


Porch projects : Wooden welcome mat, flat entry table, built-in bench, pillows, Texas forever sign (and these aren’t there anymore, but I also did the dumpster rocker, porch chairs, painted rubber mat)

Next we  have the entry. As you scroll through you will notice a theme in my before pictures. Salmon. Peach. Pink. Avid Apricot, if you want to get technical. You can call it whatever you want, but the walls, ceiling, and closets were all the same horrible color. For awhile there I felt like I was living in a stomach.

Home tour

Here is the entry today. I haven’t spent much time decorating it…it’s usually just a dumping ground for shoes, keys, and diaper bags. I did manage to tidy it up for the internet though.


Entry Projects : None really, everything was done pre-blog. Unless you want to count really random stuff, like the closet organization, broken blinds frame or ruffle Christmas trees.

Take a left and you will enter the kitchen. Well, the kitchen and dining…they are pretty much one room. We have been working on this part of the house for a really long time…like two years. We are slow. No, we are fast, but our double toddler terrors really slow us down. Anyway, the kitchen and dining room are pretty much complete and I LOVE  THEM.  Looking back on these before pictures makes me cringe…woo doggies it was ugly!

Kitchen remodel before and after

Kitchen remodel before and after

Budget Kitchen Remodel - painted tow tone cabinets, raised cabinets, floating shelf, butcher block countertops

DIY kitchen remodel

$1600 kitchen remodel

Penny countertop and a DIY kitchen remodel

home tour before remodel



Kitchen and dining projects : here we go…. curtains and rods, new appliances, paint colors, painting and raising the cabinets, butcher block countertops, toekicks, stenciled pantry, organized pantry, farmhouse table, penny countertop, planked walls, painted walls, chalkboard, pantry door, plate wall, windows, command center, yellow table, floating shevles, yardstick art, kitchen reveal

On the other side of the entryway we have a hallway that leads to the laundry room, bathroom, guest room, and boys room.


There aren’t any posts about the hallway yet (and I don’t have a before picture), though we did paint, replace the floors, and redo all the trim/baseboard/doorframes.

The first door on the right is the laundry room…

Laundry room before

DIY budget farmhouse laundry room

This was a pre-blog project, so there is only one post about this room: Laundry room.

Next is the guest room (and office/craft room).

guest room before

purple and yellow guest room

A bedroom with a bed and desk in a small room

Once again, it was completed pre-blog, so there are only two posts in this room: reveal, frame wall

Next we have the boy’s room. I did some stuff in here when I was preparing for the birth of my second son, but now we are in the middle of a complete renovation. Somehow I managed to not take a before picture of this room (how???), but it looked just like the guest room, so here is a picture of that one again…


Here is what it looked like about a month ago…

boys room

and here is what it looks like at this very second…


Boys room projects so far: triple book slings, nursery chairdecoupaged star, motor oil on the carpet, growth charts, the plan, paper bag floors

Next we have the kids/guest bathroom. We have about halfway remodeled this and honestly I have no idea when we are going to get around to finishing it.

guest bath before

Rustic industrial bathroom vanity

Bathroom posts: lazy girl tiling, vanity, shower curtain, step stool

That bring us back into the entryway, and if  you walk toward the back of the house you have our living room.

Here are the before and afters (so far). Wasn’t that pink horrible?

living room before

living room before

living room before

Domestic Imperfection Living Room

Domestic Imperfection - Living Room

Domestic Imperfection - Living Room

Living Room from Domestic Imperfection


In that last photo, I had cleaned up to take pictures of the living room, which of course means I just hid all the random crap from the living room in the kitchen. So there you have it, blog “backstage”, including a little toddler director.

Living room posts: penny countertop, barstools, floors and shelves, toy box, side table, fabric letter, white wallpapered table, debrowning, hexagon leaf table, lampshade, ceiling fan lampshades, DIY curtain rods, homemade curtains, fake blossoming cherry tree

In the living room there is a little hallway that leads to our master bedroom…


I have a few other things planned for this space (giant floor mirror and new light fixture) but haven’t gotten around to them yet.

Hallway posts: just one, the birch forest stencil.

That brings us to the master bedroom. Oh, the master bedroom. I think most of y’all will nod your head in agreement that the master bedroom is normally overlooked. When we start decorating our homes we normally begin with the rooms that people are actually going to see, and we forget about ourselves and our “retreat”. My master bedroom is undecorated and constantly messy. It is better than the before, but certainly nothing to brag about. I didn’t even clean it up for the internet because that would just be a lie. It’s never clean. Never.




Master bedroom projects: The bed that almost killed me.

Moving on to the last room, our master bathroom. This is the room we are currently remodeling (well, this and the boy’s room). I haven’t even put a picture of it in its current state on the blog yet, so y’all get a sneak peek. Here is the before and the current…



Master bathroom projects: green dresser, wood flooring countertop, wood flooring countertop part II, installing a faucet and sink, how to turn a dresser into a bathroom vanity

And that’s that! Is your curiosity satisfied?

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  1. The house tour looks great! And I always love your honesty about what “real life” looks like with the messy bedroom or the living room stuff shoved into the kitchen. Your kitchen remodel is one of my favorites I’ve EVER seen! it’s my main inspiration for mine someday! We don’t even have a house yet, so I can’t share a house tour, but hopefully, someday, using you as inspiration, we will! Thanks!

  2. I love how welcoming and cozy your home feels! I’m seriously drooling over your curtains, trying to decide if I should break out my old sewing machine and attempt them for my living room/breakfast area. And the leg lamp in the guest room cracks me up, we have one of those in our kids playroom — it was a wedding gift!

  3. Ashley you have made your house a home, you and Adam should be very proud. My favorite things…… the pantry door and chicken wire on the laundry room cabinets. But you can’t entice me into cleaning my house to take photos for a tour!


    1. You can’t entice me into cleaning either, obviously. Did you notice how old the laundry room and guest room photos are? It’s because they look like a bomb exploded at the moment and I wasn’t going to clean them . They are even worse than my master bedroom! Eek.

  4. Your house is gorgeous!! I feel like I can finally understand how it’s put together and how it flows. Picture me standing on my couch, applauding you for having a house tour! YAY!!! :) And the site looks KILLER!

      1. I can’t comment on your house tour tab, so i’m just going to do it here. I love everything you have done so far, and I think its great when people put all their rooms on their tours, even the unfinished ones. And you bathroom! A mason jar backsplash….you are a genius!

  5. Wow, what a great eye for color, balance, and style you have! And yes, that pink/coral/peach color had to go! Great as a blush color but horrible on the walls. :)
    Love your double oven! I am in the process of replacing my 18 year old oven (the burner element caught on fire so we replaced it but now the stove top gets hot when you use the oven – yep, it’s time to purchase a new oven before I burn the house down). I was thinking of purchasing a glass top stove/double oven. I would love to hear your opinion about the pros and cons, the brand/model you purchased, etc.

    1. I love my double oven! I very rarely use both of them at the same time, but when I need to its great. The top one is big enough to cook 90% of my stuff in, and since it’s so small it preheats crazy fast. I like the glass top as well but I have to admit, it’s not easy to keep clean. I thought it would be as simple as wiping it up, but stuff bakes right onto it and is nearly impossible to get off. I would get it again though. Oh, and it’s whirlpool gold.

  6. You crack me up – I just love your blog! I think I might’ve asked you before, but where did you get your roman shades in the dining room? I’ve been looking for an inexpensive option JUST like that for forever! Excited to link up and look through the other tours!

    1. I bought mine at select blinds.com, but you can get them all over. I’ve heard good things about blinds.coma and payless decor as well. I love the roman shades, I would put them on every window in the house if I had to do it again.

  7. Ashley, I adore all of your DIY projects, and you are cracking me up over here with this post and the backstage areas! SO true. Thanks for keeping it real, for real! My bedroom currently looks like a bomb dropped on it. Nothing about it looks like the pics in my home tour except maybe the headboard.

  8. I just have to tell you, I LOVE your page and all of your ideas, Im a new homeowner and you have given me so many ideas, please keep them coming!!

  9. Love the before and after pictures! I really like how it looks after you were finished with the rooms. It must’ve been a lot of work to get all of that done!

  10. Several things stuck out that appealed to me, the floating shelves (sure wish my husband was the handyman type (put any electrical tool in his hand & it;s fixed, but put a hammer, a nail & 2 boards in his hands & FORGET it), the forest stencil, the penny counter & most of all your little dog sneaking in on most of the pictures…I am a true to heart animal lover. BTW great work on your remodeling. We just had some rooms painted, new floating flooring put in & outside woods replaced & covered with Rhino Shield all at the tune of $35,000, so be proud of what you have accomplished all on your own. It looks great.

  11. Hi Ashley, your house is beautiful and so inviting! Thanks for commenting on my house. It’s rarely that clean, but I try! :) I can’t wait to curl up tonight and tour everyone’s houses. Thanks for hosting! x J

  12. Thanks for sharing! You’ve got a nice house! I really love what you’ve done with your kitchen/dining room. I’m going to show my husband your kitchen cabinets. We need to update and I think the white and blue cabinets are so pretty.

  13. Love this!! My favorite things are the floating shelves above the TV–love the way it looks! And I am in love with the planked walls in your kitchen–gorgeous! Gives me so much hope that some day we will get there with our home! Thanks for sharing!

    Brittany @ La Vita DiBella

  14. I am not worthy to post my “tour” page, but I did so I wouldn’t be a party pooper. :) I love seeing your house tour; not to be nosey and stalker-ish, but I appreciate seeing how work pays off, and the process you go through in designing your home. There are times when I hit road blocks and think that I’m not cut out to DIY our home and should be content with what we have, but your blog and those of others, inspire and motivate me to continue. Thank you for the inspiration!

  15. Love your home Ashley, you have can really see your personality and your craftiness shines! I am kicking my own butt for not getting ready for your first link party!! Congratulations on your new site and hosting your first link party, hope you will have many more to come! Your honesty always makes me smile and lol! Thanks for being real!

  16. Ashley…job well done!!I I love all of your before and after photos, your honesty about keeping it real and just the entire home tour. Thank you for inviting us over and sharing your home.

  17. I love what you have done so far. My favorite room is that gorgeous kitchen. I can’t post a before and after of my place as its not finished yet. I will be here checking out all the amazing links for a while I love before and after pictures, but whole hour transformations, I’m in heaven!

  18. I love the colors you chose for your kitchen cabinets – we painted ours white about 2 yrs ago but now I think i need a change… at least for the lowers (we have a toddler now too and the white lowers never look clean anymore =/) Very pretty home! =)

  19. I love what you’ve done with your beautiful house! We have a lot of wall space over our TV and I love how you put the bookshelves over yours. I might have to do that in our place, too! I just linked up my first installment of our house tour – I’ll be doing a few more this week. Thanks for making this a link up!

  20. You are so ingenious!!!! I love the before and after pictures. Can you please list the paint you used? I am loving the color!

  21. Your house is amazing, all of your updates are incredible. I really like the wall planking – it really makes an incredible difference. I just found your blog through Hometalk and I am your newest follower through bloglovin. Would love for you to stop by my blog sometime at http://homeandlifestyledesign.blogspot.com
    Thanks, Patty

  22. Where did you get your rug for the kitchen? I love striped rugs like that, but can’t seem to find anything similar anywhere!!


  23. Thank you for all you behind the scenes pictures, its refreshing to know that bloggers have real life messes too!!! Love your home!

  24. really, really, really really LOVE what you did with the kitchen. i’m curious as to how your brown paper floors are holding up!! i am in the process of buying a house and the ceilings and floors are a definite MUST DO once i’m in there. i’ve been feeling overwhelmed with a little one on the way, but you’re a huge inspiration!

    1. Thanks Kourtney! I totally with you on feeling overwhelmed, I feel that was most of the time. Just do one little thing at a time and don’t think about all the other stuff you need to do. It will come together slowly but surely! The paper bag floor is holding up okay. The I say that…the paper is holding up perfectly but I need another coat or two of poly. I moved all the stuff back into the bedroom too early and it has marks from that, then I caulked the trim and put painters tape on the floor…and it pulled up all the poly in those areas.

  25. You really have given those of us with an older out of date home, a lot of hope! Your work is beautiful! I love every single thing you have done. Amazing transformation! Thank you for the inspiration! Just mind blowing!

  26. Found this site quite by accident!! Love what you’ve done to your home. I live in Australia and may have trouble sourcing some of your requirements, but I will try as you have inspired me!!

  27. I am interested in how you attached the microwave over the stove without the cupboard over top. My kitchen is very small and I would like to do that.

  28. I just came across this post in my email – I can’t believe I missed this one! There are lots more changes now. It sure has been a journey since you bought it. Huge changes! You’ve done an awesome job and inspired me many a time. :)

  29. My husband and I just purchased our first home together and I am LOVING all your pics!! The little containers to hold your spices is genius. Can’t wait to try out some of your ideas. Well done!!!

  30. Love the shelves under the kitchen cabinets. Am thinking of doing something similar, but struggling with dimensions. Could you please tell me what the distance is from your counter to the shelf, and then from the shelf to the bottom of the cabinet? Thanks so much!!

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