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Yardstick Framed Kid Art

Happy Friday! I had fully intended to post three easy projects this week, but then Friday was here and I hadn’t blogged about anything. Ahh, life. It happens. So I’m in the process of decorating my new kitchen shelving and have been doing lots of small projects for them.  This particular project started when I was cleaning out my craft closet and came across a painting done by Elijah, it’s the first time he had ever painted. I remember stuffing it in a bag full of scrapbook paper because I didn’t know what else to do with it and didn’t want to throw it away. But it happened to match the color scheme in the kitchen and I decided to display it.

frame beginningsI grabbed a frame from my stack (yes, my stack), cut it down, and popped it in. Then I felt bad because Levi should have something displayed too…and I did have two matching frames. So I stripped him down, gave him some kitchen friendly paint colors and let him go to town. Now all was right with the world, I had framed “first ever” artwork from both my boys.

framed kit art

I felt pretty good about framing these, like someone was going to pop put of my pantry and give me some kind of awesome mom award. However, the frames were a bit to dark for my kitchen and they looked…well, they just looked too dang normal. I had no ideas about what I wanted to do with them, so I aimlessly wandered around the house looking for something to jazz them up with.  Then I spotted the stack of vintage yardsticks in my craft closet.

craft closet

I bought these at a garage sale, like, six months ago because I had a project planned for them. I still do and one day it WILL happen. It’s not even a big project, but that’s just how to-do lists go. Y’all get it. So I did some quick math and decided I could spare two. I hope I did my math right… math was never my strong point. I may have taken college algebra three times (I pretty much made straight A’s besides that though! Well, almost…I remember getting a C in Music Appreciation.)

I’m off track. So I cornered my husband and offered him homemade chocolate chip cookies if he would cut them all for me.

vintage yardstick frame

Tip: Almost no man turns down homemade chocolate chip cookies. Use this to your advantage.

So I just hot glued the rulers to the frames and called it a day. I love easy projects.

Childrens art framed with yardsticks/rulers

I kinda like the whole “symbolism” too…kids art, rulers…growing. You know.

yardstick frame

 Granted this is not your standard kitchen art, and you probably have to be a mother to appreciate it…but hopefully it gave you a good jumping-off point to create something wonderful of your own :) If you happen to love the yardstick idea then Home Depot sells wooden yardsticks for 60-something cents a pop, and you could stain them or do whatever you want.

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  1. Ok I seriously love this idea. My middle son L is a total artiste (yeah, with the snobby E), and I was thinking that some of his early attempts would look awesome framed up in their bathroom. I think I even have some stuff of A’s and now that G is doing more in preschool, I should have something from him too. Of course, I could always mix up some tempera colors and let them have at it in the garage…

    1. Thanks! I keep thinking I’m almost done and ready to take pics, then I decide I need something else and have to wait for it to ship. I currently waiting on one of those magnetic knife strips so I can ditch my knife block (and the horribly dull knives that reside within!).

      1. Isn’t there always something you can add or adjust! I’ve always wanted one of those magnetic knife strips and a nice knife set to go with it so you’ll have to let us know how it works.

  2. What a great idea for the frames! It looks so much more “you” than the originals. Do they have glass over them?
    Was there a “plan” to the colours Levi used? I’m guessing he didn’t get the full range of choices, haha. They both look great! I’m looking forward to seeing them in the context of the whole shelves.
    Cheers! Jan

    1. Haha, there was definitely a plan…Levi only got dark blue and yellow :) There is glass over the frames too…they’re kinda funky but they fit in with the kitchen!

  3. Love how these turned out! It’s a great idea. I’ve got tons of kiddo art hanging up around my house, but never thought about doing this.

  4. Really cute frames! I love old yard sticks. Such a great vintage advertising tool! hehe! I wanted to cover my kids playroom with yardsticks several years ago. I never collected them. Oh, well. Can’t wait to see your next project with them!

  5. Any tips on where to get cheap frames that don’t well…..look cheap? Yours look nice – and I’m curious about that stack of frames :)

    1. I get nearly all mine at thrift stores and garage sales. Sometimes people give them too me, and sometimes you can find them cheap on the clearance racks at Ross or Kohls or someplace like that.

  6. Fun idea, Ashley! I love it! I have a stack (or two) of frames, too, and somehow can’t bring myself to get rid of them, because I just know that as soon as I do, I’ll need them, even though they never seem quite right for anything. Ahem.

    Now, I have some great ideas for them, even if it means a need to ‘cowboy’ them up! Thanks for sharing this idea!

  7. The frames were beautiful and I would have been satisfied with them myself, but after seeing the yard sticks on them I can honestly say they are more fitting with your style (from what I’ve seen on your blog) than the original frames.

  8. Cute! Cute! My daughter has all different shapes and sizes of thrifted frames which are empty (painted black) in a collage on a wall and tacks the kids art work inside so it can be changed out any time. Works great and looks framed but it isn’t permanent, especially if you have one that loves to paint and draw. Just another idea!

  9. Stooping to bribery with cookies. That is sneaky. My husband has been eating my chocolate chip cookies for over 30 years now – old news – so I’ve gotta offer up something more or serve the cookies naked.


  10. OOOOH I love that! I have a big map I have been wanting to make a cool frame for for the boys future room – and this seems like it might be just right! Now…to find some vintage yardsticks…

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