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How To Make Curtains

Yesterday I told you how to make curtain rods, and today we are moving onto curtains!
  Curtains are so superbly easy to make. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine, then you can make curtains. If you don’t have a sewing machine (or just don’t want to use it) then don’t leave just yet, you can easily make these curtains with some hemming tape and an iron.
How to make curtains - Domestic Imperfection

You will need –

Step One

So the first step is to buy fabric. I recommend using home decor fabric, but you can certainly use whatever fabric you like.
choose fabric

Step Two

Next you will need to measure and cut your fabric. Measure the length from the top of your curtain rod to the floor and then add 12 inches. Mine measured 92 inches, so I cut the fabric to 104 inches each.

fabric length

Step Three

Now is when you bust out the iron. First iron the edges of your curtain by folding the blank edge over until you can barely see the print, then fold them over one more time and press. This gives your curtains a finished edge.
Hemming curtain edges
Next iron the top and bottom by folding it over once and pressing.
preparing to hem curtains
Then fold over the top making sure your mindful of the way your pattern runs…you don’t end up with upside down curtains! Make it about 3-4 inches wide (I just used my phone to measure).
top of the curtains

Step Four

Stitch all your edges except the bottom (or use your hemming tape).
stitch the hems

Step Five

Next you’re going to need to hang the curtains in order to hem them to the correct length.
I wanted my curtains to look like back tab curtains (which I show you how to make here) without actually having to sew back tabs. So I bought these rings from Amazon and clipped them to the back of the curtain instead if the top, like so…

curtain clips

To do this you will need to lay your curtain out flat to make sure your rings are evenly spaced. Then just pinch a section and add your clip, making sure the top of the ring is about even with the top of the curtain.


Step Six

Once your curtains are hung, fold up the bottoms so that the curtains barely graze the floor and pin in place.

DIY Curtains

Then take it down, hem it, and hang it back up. Done! Cheap and easy custom curtains!

customized curtains

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  1. Learning to sew can have a great many benefits. Not only is sewing an old time craft with a rich heritage, but it also has many applications today. Developing a skill for sewing can be helpful in your life, and can provide many benefits. Learning to sew your own clothes can save you money, as well as help you develop a sense of pride and accomplishment.

  2. Let's see…each window (I only showed one, but I did two) cost about $10 for the DIY rod, $16 for the rings, plus almost six yards of fabric was about $50 (from Fabric.com using coupon codes). If you need to go cheaper you could always sew back tab curtains (no rings) and/or buy cheaper fabric.

    You sound like me saying to need to take a trip into the city…let me guess, you live pretty far from things? Me too, hence the online shopping. No way am I loading up two babies and driving 40 minutes each way to go fabric shopping!

  3. OK. Nice job, helpful tutorial, it all looks very nice and is a HUGE improvement from the formerly all-brown room. But I had to laugh because your fabric is basically…brown!

  4. These are lovely – love the fabric, too. I am curious – why do you stitch the side edges in the center of the pressed part, rather than close to the folded edge? Won't they eventually curl or roll on you?

  5. These are gorgeous, and you made it look so simple! I'm currently in the “de-browning” of my dull living room too, I will definitely be using this tutorial. Really enjoying reading your blog and look forward to all your future posts! I am one of your new loyal followers! When you have a chance come on by and check out my blog (and make sure to say hi!). If you like my blog, I would love it if you would follow me back! Cath @ Home is Where my Heart is: http://cathhasablog.blogspot.com/

  6. I adore this fabric, and what a simple tutorial! So smart to use the rings on the back to make a mock back tab. I'd love it if you'd share this at my Show & Tell party, going on now @ the Delectable Home.

  7. Thank you so much for this EASY tutorial on sewing your own curtains!!! We are moving into a new house in a month and I just took measurements on all of the windows so I can try to make them all myself!

  8. Pinterest, I just must get my snake hide mounted… it has been hanging over the china cabinet door too long… love you tutorial…

  9. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skill. I have so many windows in my new house. I can’t sew but I am going to try to make a few of the curtains following your instructions. Any knowledge on how to make curtain for an oval shape window?have 4 of those.

  10. Thanks for the tutorial. I pinned it and bought the fabric almost 6 months ago, and just got the drive to sew them today. I did and they look great. Thanks again!

  11. Hi, Nice post but am I the only one wondering what in heavens’ name is that thing on the wall above your windows?!?

  12. How far did you put the outside clips from the edge? Right on or a few inches away? I’m debating sewing back tabs or doing clips. I need to make a decision and be brave enough to cut my fabric.

  13. I have learnt how to make curtains and my home is looking nice no more buying from the shops

  14. You know what? I have recently done my small custom curtain project for my living room and that was done on the basis of your guide. Your guide really helped me a lot to accomplish that small task with higher quality. Thanks for sharing it with us, keep ut up!

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