25 DIY Shower Curtain Tutorials

If you’re in need of a shower curtain (or just want to add a little something to your current one)  then look no further… today’s post is sure to have something you will love!


Pleated accent shower curtain from Addicted 2 Decorating

Addicted 2 Decorating

Waves of Ruffles shower curtain from Adventures in Dressmaking

Adventures in Dressmaking

Striped shower curtain from Craftaholics Anonymous

Craftaholics anonymous

Leftover fabric shower curtain from Decorate With A Little Bit

Decorate with a Little Bit

Yarn embellished shower curtain  from Design Love Fest

Design Love Fest

Layered shower curtain from About Goodness

About Goodness

Throw blanket shower curtain from Design The Life You Want To Live

Design The Life You Want To Live

Painted Stripe shower curtain from Dwellings By DeVore

Dwellings by DeVore

Sheet and trim shower curtain from Hazardous Design

Hazardous Design

Ombre Ruffled shower curtain (w/DIY dyed fabric) from House of Sarager

House of Sarager

Flower petal shower curtain from Mama Says Sew

Mama Says Sew

Color block shower curtain from Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

Stenciled shower curtain from Refresh Restyle

Refresh Restyle

Curtain into shower curtain by SAS Interiors

SAS Interiors

Dropcloth shower curtain from Shabby Love

Shabby Love

Make a regular shower curtain floor length by Domestic Imperfection

Make a floor length shower curtain

Monogrammed ribbon shower curtain from Southern Hospitality

Southern Hospitality

Ruffle accent shower curtain from Stop Staring and Start Sewing

Stop Staring and Start Sewing

Checkered shower curtain from Sumos Sweet Stuff

Sumos Sweet Stuff

Ombre ruffle shower curtain from Taylor Made

Taylor Made

Black and white striped shower curtains from The Harpster Home

The Harpster Home

Fabric circles shower curtain from The Ribbon Retreat

The Ribbon Retreat

No sew shower curtain from The V Spot

The V Spot

Shower Curtain made of a bedsheet and a towel from The Wicker House

The Wicker House

Sailcloth shower curtain from Thistlewood Farms

ThistleWood Farms


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  1. Nice Job Ashley, Thanks for the great ideas! I bought material to make one 10 years ago (embarrassed to say) hope to make one of my own soon, have to move it closer to the top of my list!

  2. I would rather work with wood than sew but the results sure can be rewarding. Bought shower curtains are so inexplicably expensive! I just bought the toilet seat. With 3 kids in diapers, it’s about time I started potty-training one of them. Hopefully you get some kickback on the seat. The link wasn’t coming up so I had to hit the x and then refresh it and then it worked.

    1. I’m not a big fan of sewing either, in fact when I went to add the ribbon I somehow sewed the curtain into itself and had to seam rip both ribbons off and start over, lol. You will love the potty seat, and bless your heart having three in diapers! Whew!

  3. I like your shower curtain – I would not have thought of the two brown ribbons, and they totally make it! I would also like a new one, as we just moved (finally – yay!) and our new bathroom is a totally different colour. The stenciled one would look great in there. Do you know where you can buy inexpensive drop cloths? Everybody seems to be using them, but the ones I’ve looked at weren’t particularly cheap. Do you ever sew things using drop cloths?

    That potty seat is a GREAT idea! I’m going to recommend it to the mother of the triplets I look after. I like that you don’t have to do anything to change it from kid to adult, other than to put down a different seat. That was always such a pain with the one we had, which was the kind that sat on top.

    Thanks for gathering all these ideas together. I have no excuse not to make my own shower curtain now! :)

    1. I used dropcloths to upholster my barstools…I just bought them at Home Depot. They are cheap compared to other thick fabrics, but I didn’t think they were cheap for something you lay on the floor to catch paint. Make sure and wash the dropcloth before you use it, it will shrink a lot and get pretty soft.

      Congrats on finally getting into your new house, that much be such a relief! Now to decorate :)

  4. I am sorry I don’t know how to up-load a picture…but I think I have one of the most beautiful shower curtains around. I brought a quilt from Anna’s Linen’s. It was cheap, less than $30.00 on sale…I added 12 button holes to the top of it. Now it hangs in my bathroom looking great. It hangs to the floor. It is lined on the back with one of the real plastic show curtain liners…it makes my ‘country’ theme bathroom look really pretty. There are many different colors in the quilt at allow me to go with many different colored towels etc.

    1. That’s is s great idea! I’ve seen people make quilts into regular curtains (and loved the look) but never would have thought about a shower curtain.

    2. If you dont mind me asking, How did you line it with a shower curtian liner? This is the part I’m stuck on, Making it waterproof. Thank you!

      1. I didn’t line the actual shower curtain with a liner, I just hung a regular store bought liner behind the shower curtain (on the same hooks).

  5. Great roundup, I’m getting ready to post a tutorial on a DIY shower curtain in the next couple days! What a coincidence, but darn it, I just missed being added to your roundup. ;) I’m sure these would’ve been really help when I was working on it though.

  6. Good job. Love it. I also enjoy that you keep posting.
    I like your site and enjoy that when I “take a look”
    you have something new going on. There are other
    sites I enjoy, but have given up on anything new.
    Good job again. =)

  7. That shower curtain looks great Ashley! I think it’s one of the nicest! I thought a lot of them had too much going on (I saw the ironing aspect..shudder!) and shower curtains should hang to the floor, not on the floor. The one with the “cross” came from the M*A*S*H tent, didn’t it! LOL! Sorry, couldn’t resist!
    That potty seat IS great, my grandkids have one.

  8. Love all the shower curtains, I never really thought about getting super creative with that part of the bathroom! Hmmm…

    Ashley, I just wanted to let you know that I have spent the last week of my life (not a very productive one at work, I might add…) reading through your entire history of posts and have gotten SO many great ideas! I love your projects & that you include all the parts that go wrong. In fact, I am in the middle of a paisley stenciled table of my own:) I have painted the legs & got the stencil in the mail (I also got the dandelion one for another piece of furniture!). I can’t wait to see how it turns out, thank you for the idea!! I promise to link to your site should I put the photo on Facebook or anywhere else (I don’t have a blog).

    Keep up your fantastic work:)

    1. Amanda, that is the best complement ever…that you read a post and then wanted to keep going all week! Good luck with your table, I’m sure it will turn out great. Actually, I haven’t “officially” announced it yet, but I am putting together a post featuring reader projects. If you e-mail me ([email protected]) a pic or two of the finished table I will include it in my round up :)

  9. I saw this and immediately thought of doing it the other way around – turn any (cloth) shower curtain into a window curtain :) That’s cuz I just did that with the curtains for our french doors – added a strip of coordinating fabric to the bottom of two lovely cotton print shower curtains from Target to make them long enough, folded over and sewed down the top hem to hide the buttonholes, added clip rings, voila, speedy magic and the right print for way less than the cost of purchasing an equivalet yardage from Joann’s.

  10. I’m really impressed with your ruffles. You made it sound easy but I am SURE mine would look super wonky. Love the new shower curtain! This roundup makes me want to rip out our shower door so I can make a fun curtain.

  11. These are all adorable- I especially love yours! It looks like it was meant to have the bottom ruffle the whole time. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Hi Ashley !
    Thanks for sharing my shower curtain made from an Ikea throw blanket ! The link brought me back to your site and I love love all the other DIY’s too ! So pretty. I’m inspired. Now I will have to make one for each season. LOL.
    cheers !!
    Lynne xx

  13. I am looking for ways to update my bathroom and make it look more modern and put together. I loved the idea of the yarn embellished shower curtain. It’s a simple design and has just enough color and uniqueness to give it a modern yet creative flair.

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