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Broken Blinds Picture Frame

So back when the little man was a couple months old, I got a friend to take some pictures of him. He was being super fussy that day (of course), and it was hard to get any pictures of him NOT grimacing. But then, by total fluke, we managed to capture the most epic baby picture of all time…
epic baby picture

Epic, I know.  So of course I had to order a giant print. The problem was, I didn’t want to pay for a giant frame…giant frames are expensive. It sat round for awhile and I forgot about it while we moved.  When we got into our house I noticed some of the blinds were broken (and still under warranty!). I couldn’t just throw them away. Who in their right mind would throw away broken blinds, lol.  An idea started to form….

broken blinds project
I ended up layering the blinds and attaching with wood glue. This took a ton of measuring! Here is the end result…
DIY large photo frame
It sits in my entryway and is the first thing people notice when they walk in. One day Elijah is going to be so very embarrassed by it…perhaps I’ll be a nice mom and move it before then. Perhaps.
large print photo frame
blinds frame
It ended up looking very Santa Fe-ish, but that’s okay, we’re southwestern friendly ’round here. I was also worried about the holes in the blinds looking….well, dumb…but I think they add to it. I’m now wishing I had kept all the leftover blinds…imagine the possibilities!

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  1. Oh my gosh. That is the cutest thing ever. How old is he now? Is he talking to you? :)
    So glad you linked that up. It just made my night looking at it and creative thinking on the repurposing of the blinds. Going creatively green right?

  2. Hi there! Thank you so much for this idea! We just bought new blinds for our bedroom windows which are really wide but not very tall. This caused us to “waste” most of the slats, but now I have an excellent way to use them! You are so creative and SMART! Thanks again! :)

    P.S. LOVE the picture of your son….too adorable!

  3. i am not sure what i love more: the clever idea of using blinds to build a beautiful, modern frame…or…that picture!!!!!! both are brilliant and made me smile so very big! fabulous all around :)

    katie@little things bring smiles

  4. Yep! That picture is a keeper! Love it…and your frame is fabulous. But…YOU THREW THE REST AWAY?????? I hope you're kicking yourself! (hehe)

  5. I commented earlier but I wanted to come back and say I'm so glad you took the time to link this up to BeColorful's Motivated Monday. It had to make the readers smile.

  6. Anyone who enters your house would go, “Whoa! What's that baby doing outside, lying on the grass?”, only to find out that it's just a picture frame. You got me there. I mistook it for a window too. Hahahaha

  7. Perfection.

    That frame is beautiful. But that photo? Over the top amazing. I started laughing as soon as I opened your page. Not only a perfect moment, the quality is great too. It’s a great combination.

  8. I had to share on mt Facebook your Epic Moment Frozen In Time along with your upcycle project for giant sized photos using broken wooden blinds… WOW, this appeals to many of my multi-project think out of the box quirky ideas… Gotta to get my behind BUZY!!! Thank you for being an Upcycle Genius, Domestic Imperfections!!!

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