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The Mystery Table

A few days ago I showed y’all my new command center and asked for guesses as to what color I painted the small console table that sits below it.

Kitchen Command Center

Well, 98% of you (let’s not check that math, mmmkay?) thought I chose green. Two of you said orange, and one lonely intuitive soul guessed correctly (Yay Molly!).

What color is it now? Yellow!

colorful kitchen command center

Wait, yellow? I know, yellow seems really random. It actually started with my plate wall

DIY Plate Wall

See that dark yellow plate at the top? I really liked it and thought the color looked great with the navy-ish cabinets. Then I started collecting other yellow accents for the kitchen, and one thing lead to another…now the kitchen is (or will be) mainly blue and white with pops of yellow and green. This whole white wall thing has given me license to use color as much and as crazy as I want. It’s kinda fun.

I’m not one to leave you with a painted table and no story, so here it is…complete with adorable kid pictures, of course.

First, I mixed my own paint in attempt to save some money and clear out my paint closet.

mixing your own paint

Then I let Elijah mix it up… and when he was done I actually mixed it.

saving money on paint

Then we gave it a quick sanding and started painting.

(Jimminy Christmas that kid is cute in my painting shirt.)

painting command center table

color pop furniture

After it was dry I put it in it’s spot and stepped back to admire it….but something was off. It looked so…bright? Nice? Chipper?

happy desk

So I grabbed some stain and set out to give it the ‘ol dirty cowboy. Then I stepped back to admire my work, but something was off. It looked too…well, dirty. I definitely over cowboyed.

too much cowboy treatment

Sooo, I grabbed my paintbrush and gave it a thin coat of yellow to decowboy it a bit…kinda like whitewashing. Yellowwashing, if you will. Then I stepped back to admire my work….and it was juuuusst right. Phew.

Colorful Kitchen Command Center

To hold all my pens, pencils, and kid markers I grabbed some canning jars I had on hand and added some rope and twine (both were used in the command center, so they match).

canning jars as pencil holders

Here is a close up of the distressing.  Adam said that while hes not 100% on the color (I don’t blame him, he can’t see what I have planned in my head) he thinks I did a great job on the finish. That’s a great complement, cause men don’t usually notice or care about stuff like that. He’s coming along nicely, I’d say.

Distressed Yellow

And a few more pictures, cause I know y’all want to see every possible angle. Are you having a hard time deciding if you love it or hate it?

Kitchen command center

I have to admit, I’m not 100% confident that this was the correct color choice. This tiny little wall space is really colorful and out of my comfort zone….and because of that, I love it. I feel liberated.

Family command center

Since y’all were so good at guessing that my kitchen shelves were my completed and not (yet) blogged about project I have another one for you. This one is way harder, way. I’ll be surprised if anyone gets it. But here it is…I will give 1000 (!) dedicated reader points to whomever can tell me which project that handle on the table came from. And then I will block  you for being a creeper. Just kidding (or am I?).


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  1. I’m sure I’m totes way off base here, but I’m going with your hexagon coffee table. I few up with a very similar table and recall its hardware being of the likes.

    1. Hi my name is Linda. This is my first time makig a comment so forgive me if im not so good at this. i ENJOYED READING and FOLLOWING YOUR PROJECTS. Im not at all a yellow person but I love waht you,ve done. It is a good color and matches the map. .. I think that you knob came off a dining hutch.I will look forward to finding out just where it came from. Kep up the good work. : )

  2. Love it. That section is really cute. As for the knob, I think Christine is right or close to it. To me it does look like it’s off an end table. Whether that one or not, not sure. I have an octagonal side table/end table thingy that that would look spot on with. So….that’s my guess: an octagon side/end table.

  3. I seriously think you COULD NOT have gone with a better color. I think it looks almost mustard, which goes perfectly with navy. I love it!

  4. Forgot to put that I know where the pull came from!! Your $5 white table with modpodged paper that resides in your living room. And I’m not a stalker, just a loyal follower…and I remember thinking to myself how much I like it when you posted about it. :)

  5. The handle came from the $5 table! :)
    and the yellow looks so brilliant! waiting to see the complete kitchen..with the pops of yellow and all! :)

    1. Dude, you are spot on! Congratulations…you are banned. Haha, just kidding :) I’m so excited to finish the kitchen…after I decorate the shelves all we have left is lighting (which I want to hire out) and…the floor. That ones going to be a doozy. Thanks about the yellow!

  6. I adore the yellow! I think it’s the perfect choice…but I’m a little partial. I have yellow in every room. I admire your persistence in getting this exactly right too!

  7. In design school, my fave instructor – Barb – always said “you can be a designer or you can be Susy Homemaker – you choose”. Well, Susy would have painted that table blue or green all. day. long. Thank you for being a designer Ash. :) Orange would have been my choice only because it’s my fave color and like most people, I am not a fan of yellow. Also a lesson from Barb’s Color 101 class. Blue is calming, red is invigorating, green is informational (see how the map is green?) and yellow, well yellow is completely debatable all the way around. The reason it works in your space is because “yellow and blue make green” and white isn’t a color. Oh and I’m guessing since your cabinets are ‘cowboy-free’ the first attempt on the table brought in too much of the ranch. It looks perfect now. I have no clue where the knob came from & since I don’t want my rights revoked I’ll let that be ok. ~ Dee @deeconstructed.com

  8. I love the new ‘command center’. I recently rescued a solid wood bookshelf from my neighbor’s garbage. I sanded it, painted it black, and filled it with homework-related stuff for my kids. I used coffee cans to hold marker, scissors, etc. Covering the cans with scrapbook paper and using the cover on the bottom (to prevent scratching) was cheap and really pretty.
    BTW I like the way the map wrinkled. It gives the project texture!

  9. Admittedly I was reading along dying to know where you found that knob. I’ve been looking for something similar and disappointed I can’t find it! Works as the perfect accent on that yellow. Given my choice for our front door it would have been the same color. Beautiful!

  10. I love the yellow. It looks great!
    It’s so weird to me that I’m the only one who picked yellow. When I saw it, yellow popped into my head immediately.
    Woohoo!! I love this game, but I have no idea where that pull came from.

  11. Yellow for the win! I really like how it came out – in the end I think the layering really gives it and old aged been around the block feel and who doesn’t love a table that’s been around the block, right?

  12. Crappy $5 Table! I have to side with Adam on this though. However, I trust you and think the yellow will “fit” in your master plan :)

    1. Oh man you’re good! Did you really remember off the top of your head or did you look through my project gallery? Adam couldn’t even get it! And thanks for disagreeing with me…really. I know that sounds weird, but I appreciate peoples honest opinions. I’m hoping I can make it “fit” too!

      1. Actually yes, I was scrolling thru your Project Gallery. However, I was scrolling thru it a day or two before you put up this post, so I didn’t *totally* cheat :)

  13. Shoot…I can’t remember what I had for dinner last night..so guessing what project the handle came from is impossible for me…whew..I’m safe from being blocked.
    You did a GREAT job on the table. I love the style and size of it. As to the color…I figure to each his own…anyone can still appreciate the work you put into it!

  14. The yellow gives the area a pop of color. It’s always fun to have some wild color in a room! And after all it’s only paint, if you find you really don’t like it, repaint it! I’m sure your little cutie would be more than willing to help again :)) The drawer pull?? By the way, did you ever decorate the stenciled tree area or did I miss that post?

    1. No, you didn’t miss anything…I haven’t messed with it again. I’m not quite sure WHAT to do with it still (though I have a few ideas). I’m really trying to power through and finish this kitchen!

  15. LUV the color! i was thinking it needed to match that awesome orange/coral/peachy color on the map – but u won me over! i think its all the cowboy’ing and decowboy’ing, it looks so loved. i luv the knob – i would have bought a whole piece for just the knob.

  16. I love it! It’s the perfect pop. I’m still lusting after those baskets and stalking PYP every day in case they appear again!

  17. Love the table in yellow! I have been picking the same goldy accent color cuz it keeps calling my name in one of my pillows. Never thought of my self as a mustardy gold girl…but just a bit..and updated a bit brighter. Love what you have done in this room!

  18. Well …I happen to love the yellow table…it’s a fantabulous pop of color. I love command center too…good to know the magnetic paint is a thumbs down. I have used that rustoleum in the chalk paint and it worked fine. Love your site and am your newest follower…found you thru A to A.
    Happy day!

    1. Welcome Kelly! I love the rustoleum chalkboard stuff, but the magnetic was a flop. Though it has been suggested that it might work if I had gotten it shaken at the paint counter first and used stronger magnets, but who knows. Anyway, glad you like the table!

  19. Hi! I was like Adam, and not sure of the colour at first, but it’s grown on me! I think it has the perfect amount of cowboy now. When I noticed the match to the map, that is what sealed it for me.

    Your little helper is getting more and more helpful! :)

    1. I love mixing paints! It drives Adam nuts though, especially when I do it on walls…he likes to have a name and be able to buy touch up paint if he wants.

  20. I love your color choice but then I am a color girl. I have an old pie safe on my porch in nearly the same color.

    Your little desk area is great.

  21. Ashley, what a cute little helper you have there and I love the table too. :D The pop of yellow looks great under that map and seems to pull the two pieces together. Thanks for sharing on BeColorful.

  22. Love the yellow…. After years of not liking the color yellow, it’s becoming one of my favorites. It can make such a happy statement! Awesome command center!

  23. I love your yellow table. So cute. How did you hang your plates, or should I say, what did you use to hang them? I dont see any little hooky thingies on the plates. Thanks!

  24. I just got inspired by you!!! I have a side table I want to beautify. Do you sand your piece of furniture before you paint? And what kind of paint do you use. I look forward to your answer. I am going to start my project 4 th July weekend!! Thank you

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