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How to Stencil Curtains

If you love stencils, then I have some great news. Every Friday for the next month I’ll have a have a new stencil project and tutorial for y’all…and three of them include giveaways. Who doesn’t love free stuff? So today is the first tutorial – how to stencil curtains.

How to stencil curtains (or any fabric)

Supplies needed –

How to Stencil Fabric –

Supplies for stenciling curtains

Step one – Lay out your fabric over the dropcloth, making sure everything is nice and smooth. Spray the stencil with spray adhesive (give it a good spray, but don’t go overboard) and then wait about a minute for it to set before placing it on your fabric.

spray adhesive

Step two – place your stencil where you want it and start stenciling. Use your foam roller and start with a very small amount of paint (you can always add more layers if needed).

I quickly learned two things about stenciling fabric

1) fabric soaks up paint really, really well.

2) red fabric + white paint = pink design. I decided to keep layering on more paint…it had to turn white at some point, right? I ended up going after it with a thick layer of paint, which is TOTALLY and completely against all stenciling rules. Thank goodness to spray adhesive though…that stuff works really, really well.

stenciling fabric

Step three – Keep stenciling until you’re happy with the design. I didn’t want the curtain to be too busy, so I just did a bit along the bottom and hung them up (using the faux back tab method).

paisley curtains

I liked the design, but I couldn’t help thinking it might look better if the design faded out rather than stopped abruptly. So I pulled them back down (which was actually about two weeks later) and started stenciling again. This time I just picked random parts of the stencil to paint.

faded paisley stencil

Here is the final product all hung up. I’m not sure the fading was the best idea, but oh well…I like them both ways.

kids western bedroom curtains

How to stencil fabric W

Although, I think I need to buy some bamboo blinds for the window as well, because when I close the curtains it straight up looks like Hades in my boy’s room.

heaven and hell

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  1. This is brilliant! I love that you chose to use the paisley stencil for these , I can see myself doing this. Although considering I already made your chevron curtains and paisley stenciled table, that shouldn’t come as a surprise… I love everything you do!

    P.S. Glad to hear things are getting back to normal with your fam:)

    1. Thanks Amanda! Your table and curtains were in my reader project round-up, right? I remember them clearly!

      Things are getting back to normal, and it’s no nice :)

  2. What a neat project! I love the material and stencil you chose, because the curtains look like a bandanna, which is very clever. I definitely want to try this sometime!

  3. I love the fading bit. I looked at them pre fade and thought they need just a little somethin somethin and then I kept reading and you added the somethin! Too funny about hades, think of it more like the inside of a ruby glass slipper..haha Whatever you get, it will have to be as indestructible as possible, if that is even possible, with the boy children. Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I absolutely love love love these curtains! I know blinds can get a little crazy with the kids so…they make this wonderful fabric called hotel black out. Just cut it the same as your fabric, undo your hems you have in your curtains now, and add the black out to your curtains. (Since you did do a double fold on your hem, maybe do the black out about 2 inches smaller than your fabric on the sides so your hem isn’t so thick.) Redo your hems and you should be good to go. No more Hades!!

    1. I’ve heard of the blackout lining…that’s a great idea. Cheaper than blinds too. I don’t really want to take them apart and resew them, but we have to do something about Hades. Thanks!

  5. love them! The red curtains are awesome but I must support your decision of blinds haha it looks a bit boudoiry when the sun shines through! Can’t wait to see what it all looks like in the end.

  6. Here I am with new and washed canvas drop cloths in one hand to make ‘no-sew’ curtains and your stencil idea in the other…….what a perfect combination! Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

  7. love those curtains!! I like the “faded” look better personally. I think they look more finished. Great job as always Ashley!! :) And thanks for the giveaway!! I’ve been wanting to stencil a short little wall in my LR as an accent but I’m too afraid to buy a stencil and actually do it – I think I’d kind of have to go for it if I won!! :)

  8. I also think the ‘faded’ pattern looks better!! gives it a more organic, finished look – like it’s supposed to be there. The abrupt cut-off looks more like an add on… if that even makes ANY sense!!?!? I have been thinking of stenciling my front window drapes, and this makes me think I should go for it, so THANKS!!! and thanks for the giveaway too – cant wait to see your future friday projects! Your DIYs are always so fresh and creative, and unique!

  9. Hi Ashley,

    One of my curtain rods in the living room recently fell down. I loved the light that came in without a curtain so I pulled the other one down. Any suggestions on how to do a living room without curtains? I was thinking of doing chunky craftsman style trim but would love your ideas/opinion.


  10. Lucky boy having such gorgeous curtains on his windows. The fabric so rich looking with the paisley. Is that what you intended, to make a bandana look? Looks great, wonderful project.
    Think idea of using the black out fabric on back could be helpful or at least some kind of lining. Will help reduce fading on red curtains also. Happy summer days

  11. Thank you! What a great idea! I’m redoing my daughter’s room right now, and was stuck on what to do with the windows. Mystery solved. Love these!

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