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A Robber and A Bag of Money

 We don’t do Halloween around here (what a weird creepy holiday) but we do do Harvest Fest, which is really just an alternative to Halloween at our church. There’s lots of candy, games, and costumes and no severed body parts. It’s a beautiful thing.

So while perusing  pinterest for a costume, I found this

robber costume

Awesome, right? And how adorable is that kid? That baby costume was store bought, but I figured I could make a Domestic Imperfection version pretty easily.

I started with an old pillowcase, and obviously being clean and wrinkle free was not a requirement.

baby costume

Then add a dollar sign using a sharpie. First I made a dollar sign with one slash (because that’s what the font I was copying had). Then I got curious as to why some had two slashes and some had one. I wikipediaed it and this is what it said “A dollar sign with two vertical lines is a monogram of U.S., used on money bags issued by the United States Mint.” Go figure, one slash would have been correct for nearly anything EXCEPT the one thing I was using it for.

bag of money costume

Next I made the drawstring top. To do this I just cut a small hone on either side if the seam inside the hem. Then I threaded some rope through, in one hole and out the other. The easiest way to do this is to attach the rope to something like a pencil to push it through.

DIY baby costume

To make the money I used some scraps of green felt and drew on them with a sharpie. (Don’t you laugh at my money!)

felt money

Then I hot glued those suckers to the inside if the pillowcase and I was done!

bag of money costume

I wan’t quite sure how I was going to stuff Levi into it though. Originally I was planning to cut armholes, but he turned out to be too tall…so I tried to make him wear it like a tube top.

mother and baby costume

He was not a fan.

So I cut armholes AND legholes, that way my bag of money can walk around. (This costume would work much better on a younger baby…or perhaps a king size pillowcase.)

Here is a fuzzy yet adorable pic of him wearing it tonight.

robber's money bag

As for my costume, don’t really feel the need to go into detail…. it’s just black clothing and a cut up t-shirt for the mask. Since you saw me  and Levi it’s only fair that you see Adam and Elijah….my pilots. I ordered Elijah a cool pilot hat but it didn’t come in on time, so his costume depends on Adams for it’s identity, kinda like mine depends on Levis.

family costumes

 I had the best intentions of posting this before Halloween so that y’all might actually get some use out of it, but things got crazy and it didn’t happen. Such is life. But Harvest Fest was fun and there were plenty of awesome costumes there that made us look  like road trash, lol. We did manage to escape with Elijah only eating one piece of candy, a cookie and a hot dog…and zero fits. Success!



do-it-yourself robber and money bag costume

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  1. The very easiest way to pull any string, rope, ribbon, hoodie-string- that-came-out-in-the-wash, drawstring type thing though is attaching a safety pin to one end. Levi’s costume turned out very cute.

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