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Vertical Christmas Banner

Remember the good old days of Domestic Imperfection where I would do a mediocre craft project and post about it, crappy pictures and all? I miss that. So today we’re going to get nostalgic and show you a super quick, super easy Christmas project, posted way too late in the season, using dark shadowy phone pictures. Get excited! 

So here is what we are making today – 

Vertical Christmas Banner
Joy to the World decor

This banner was actually 100% my husband’s idea. I told him I wanted to really decorate the bedroom for Christmas this year, and I needed something to hang above the bed. He said since our bedroom wall looks like a castle, we should do one of those vertical medieval-type banners. I tried to find an example photo online, but everything is copyrighted and I don’t want to get sued, so… 

Here is what you will need (or at least what I used, you could go a million different directions with this).


fabric banner supplies

I’ve been putting off making this for a long time, because I was dreading breaking out my sewing machine. A few days ago I finally decided to bite the bullet, so I hauled my butt up to the attic to grab it. While up there I found a roll of Stitch Witchery hemming tape that I bought forever ago and never used. I got excited, left the sewing machine upstairs, and busted out the iron. No sewing!

If you’ve never heard of hemming tape and don’t own a sewing machine/hate sewing, you are going to love this stuff. I had never used mine because it felt like a cheesy shortcut to doing it correctly, but for a simple Christmas project I figured what the heck.

hemming tape

Good news. This stuff is awesome. It’s super cheap, easy to use, and doesn’t look cheesy. I would totally make curtains with it.

You simply place the tape on the fabric, fold it over however you want, and iron.

no sew sewing

You do have to use a damp cloth under the iron. I tried to skip this step, but it works way better if the fabric/tape is (I’m going to do it, don’t hate me, haha) moist.

how to use hemming tape

I wanted the bottom of the banner to be pointed, so I folded it over origami style and threw some hemming tape in there.

simple vertical banner

Also, I held the iron in one place for way too long and shrunk it in an area, but it’s okay because my point was crooked before I ever burned it. The good news is that so far I have like seven minutes invested in the project.

The last step (and it turns out, the most difficult) was to stick my vinyl Christmas sticker on the fabric to complete the look. This sticker was not meant for fabric, and peeling of the clear plastic while not destroying the design may have caused a few obscenities.

vinyl christmas sticker

It all worked out in the end though, and it looks like I spent more time and money on it than I did.

Joy to the World

Simple, no-sew vertical holiday banner

So that’s that! Pretty simple, right? Mine is certainly not perfect, but I love it anyway. The bedroom already had the rest of the Christmas decor in it (I’ll show you next week), but this final touch made had a huge impact and really made it feel complete!

See the full Christmas bedroom tour here!

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  1. There are soooo many comments I could make, but I won’t…I will say I love the banner! Such an original idea for your room. It really looks great! O.k. just one comment because I can’t stop myself: Love the bedroom acrobats! LOL! Merry Christmas!!!

  2. Don’t leave us hanging…how did you and Adam get the banner and tension rod in the window? What was your solution???

  3. The video doesn’t show up on my desk top at all. But after your reply to my question I HAD to see it. I could see the video from my phone. Very impressed with your solution and Adams ability to so easily lift you up, without even a groan. Your dismount was impressive (cough-cough) as well.

  4. Beautiful! Great idea for a tall wall! A table runner could also be used. You two make a great team and could quality for the next Olympic pairs ice skating team. ;-)

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