October Ramblings

Ah, November…time is flying. October felt kinda crazy and totally rushed, I feel really behind actually.  I have like seven finished projects that are just waiting to be blogged about but I just can’t seem to find the time to sit down and finish a post. My house is a mess and my to-do list just keeps getting longer…. I need time to stop for a few days and let me catch up. Somehow I don’t see that happening! So let’s see, what have we done this month? Well, Levi turned one on the twentieth.  I wrote a post on his birthday so I won’t go into birthday details…but he’s just growing SO FAST. He started walking and talking and just feels like a little boy. His vocabulary includes things like “me, mama, dada, bird, bug, ball, bye, uh oh, ow…”. Lots of “B” words actually.  I swear I’ve heard a “bath” and “brother” at some point, but all those B words sound kinda similar coming from the lips of a one year old, so who knows. Him and Elijah play better all the time, and for the first time Elijah has stared calling Levi by his name (sometimes) and not just “brother”.  Although he says it totally wrong, he says “Ly-Vee”…it’s like half pig latin, half english (and 100% adorable).

So here is my monthly video (aka. ten minutes of watching my kids).  Despite only being ten minutes long, these videos take about four hours to upload to youtube, and while that is happening I pretty much can’t use my computer. We must have a terrible upload speed.

(If you want to see a video that actually contains me you can go check out my Q&A video from a few weeks ago.)

Anyway, I’m going to make this really rambly and just list off some of what we did this month.

*I helped plan and host my Sister-In-Law’s’s baby shower, and it actually turned out pretty well. Think I only took one picture the whole time… here it is, by beautiful blurry SIL cutting her cake.

She is due two days from now and I am super excited to have a niece. Expect to see some niece related projects in the near future :)

*In reference to the picture above… yes, I take terrible photos. Actually, I take amazing photos, my point and shoot takes terrible photos and is seriously hindering my photography skillz. I think my husband has taken note of my terrible photos …a few weeks ago I discovered him secretly shopping for a Canon Rebel T3i DSLR camera. That’s some serious love, because those things don’t come cheap. Were thinking Black Friday will hold some great camera deals are are going to hold out until then. I’m excited (for both of us)!

 *Adam finally did his spearfishing trip (it got canceled last month). Him and some friends chartered a boat and went 40 miles offshore to an oil rig and scuba dived/spearfished. For those of you that have no idea what spearfishing entails, here is a picture of his gun next to a 12 gauge shotgun, for comparison. (Not the same shotgun we sawed off). Both are huge, I think.

The spearfishing wasn’t crazy successful, but he did say that he saw tons of awesome stuff, including quite a few whale sharks and a manta ray the size of our living room. Pretty crazy. He said he had too much gear to worry about the video camera that he took, so I don’t have any pictures to share, sorry!

*Adam got a consult for lasik this month and will be getting surgery done next week. I’m excited for him, he can’t see anything. I’m also glad that I have good eyes, because having my eyeballs cut on doesn’t sound like any fun. It kinda makes my skin crawl just thinking about it, to be honest.

*I’m still loving my iphone, I don’t think I’ve touched my camera or flip since I got it last month (for family stuff). It’s just so easy, and it never runs out of space or battery (unlike my flip, which is always needing something.) Although I just made the monthly video and now realize that I need to hold my camera horizontal when filming, cause most of my videos have big black bars on the side. Oops! Also, I’m loving Instagram and being able to check e-mails when I’m not in front of my computer. And I deposited a check today by taking a picture of it and sending it to my bank…crazy!

*Even though this month was busy I don’t feel like I have that much interesting stuff to write about, so I’m going to share a random story for entertainment value. I told someone this story a few days ago, so it’s fresh in my mind. Anyway, to preface it I just have to say that Adam and I both look young (or at least we used to). We are 27 and 28, but up until I started lugging kids around everywhere I would get asked what grade I was in. I’m not sure if its my face or my scrawny teenage boy body, but when salesman knock on my door they ask if my parents are home. I’m not complaining, really. Anyway, so here’s the (very short) story….

Adam and I were on an airplane heading back from our honeymoon and were sitting in the exit row seat. The plane was getting ready to take off when the flight attendant came up and said “Excuse me, but I’m going to have to ask you to move, you have to be 13 or older to sit in the exit row seats.” THIRTEEN OR OLDER. I knew we looked young…but twelve or younger? Both of us? I don’t even remember what I said, I think something like “ummm….we’re on our honeymoon.” Anyway, that’s pretty much my story. I’ll finish it off with the ONLY picture we have of both of us on our honeymoon, since all we had was one disposable camera. Sad right? Anyway, how adorable is Adam? And by adorable I mean handsome and manly, of course.


 So here are some of my favorite pictures from this month. I know there’s a ton, it’s that handy dandy camera-on-the-phone thing!

Just in case you missed anything, here are links to the all my blog posts in October…

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Now I seriously have to go clean my house, it’s grossing me out. I think if I could just get my house clean I would feel way less behind. Unfortunately the following is true, so I think “clean” might be an achievable goal.

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  1. Hey Ashley – you’ve been busy! Happy 1st Birthday to your son, what a wonderful age. Your airplane story was funny too, oh well! Great photos and love the chalkboard photos, what a great keepsake!

    1. Don’t worry, that one is coming up! I’m still slowing gluing buttons on… I can’t do it when Levi is awake because he just eats them all, so it’s taking forever!

  2. CUTE PICS!! My husband upgraded my camera for me on our anniversary, I about keeled over. I had a rebel already, but it was 5 years old. I was like “uh…well…I got you this shirt? Happy Anniversary?”

    Hahaha so anyway…have fun with the new camera! (When you get it I mean. Remember it will take some time to learn it! Took me almost 4 years to switch to manual and start getting closer to the pics I wanted to take all along – probably you will learn faster than me!)

    1. Oh my gosh, lol…I’m sure he loves his shirt :) I know nothing about photography, but I’m hoping to take that Shoot Fly Shoot course from The Lettered Cottage and get a head start. No way I have the patience to try and figure it out myself!

  3. I always enjoy your posts, Ashley. I’m working on decluttering and organizing my home, which seems to be a full time job with three children, a husband and two dogs. Oh well, one of these days, right?

  4. I just LOVE those first birthday photos of your son with that chalkboard! What sweet memories… And the busy season is just ramping up, now, isn’t it? I’ve got my track shoes on… (not really, I just like to imagine that…)

  5. Ooh that’s the camera I want for Christmas! I’m crossing my fingers that we both get it :) I hope there are some good Black Friday deals! I get the young thing a lot – I’m 26 and work at a university and people ask me if I’m a student ALL the time. I don’t mind it thought especially since when I’m older it will be great if people think I’m 10 years younger!

    1. Oh my gosh, you have no idea how many times I repeated that line this month! I really don’t get how his brain works…super dirty poo diaper = no problem. Levi has a runny nose = FREAK OUT.

  6. I love catching up on your projects and family! So much fun, looking forward to trying for our own babies soon!! Also, I just started my own blog wouldn’t mind hearing what you think, I need feedback.

  7. And here’s another one…not sure why I saved these but didn’t READ them?! Ah well, I guess it seemed like a good idea at the time…
    Such great pix and stories. To think there are three of them now!
    PS you guys do look young, but that flight attendant was ridiculous!

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