Modsy Review – How to see your finished room before you even start

Want to try Modsy for yourself? Use code DOMESTIC20 to get 20% off a design package, and keep reading for a full Modsy review!

Today I have a sponsored post for a product that I know y’all are going to LOVE. I personally think it’s amazing and can’t wait to tell you all about it. So what is it? Well, it’s Modsy.

Modsy Review

Modsy is a personalized home design solution that utilizes 3D visualization technology to let you try on furniture before you buy it. You can see the space, try out products from hundreds of online retailers, and make an informed and confident decision about everything in it. It’s basically a dressing room for your house, but without the harsh lighting that makes every dimple and stretch mark look like the main attraction.

A few weeks ago Modsy contacted me to see if I’d like to review their service, and I jumped at the opportunity. I chose to experiment on my very unfinished and underfurnished master bedroom, and check out the design…

Modsy review

Y’all…I can’t even. It looks SO REAL. It’s my bedroom, exactly how I imagined it, but finished. There are no questions about what will look good, or questions about scale or color….Modsy takes out all the guesswork, risk, and analysis paralysis. It’s just so satisfying to see my finished room.

If you remember, a while ago I posted my inspiration pics for what I want this room to be, here is that image…

bedroom inspiration

That is something I created myself, it took me forever and is literally the very best I can do. It’s embarrassing to look at now and doesn’t really give you the feel for the room or give me any confidence in the furniture I was choosing. This, however, does…

How to design your dream bedroom

So let me tell you a little about the process.

First thing I did was take a design quiz (so that Modsy could better understand my style), and then I sent them a couple of room measurements and pictures of the space. Here are some of the pictures I sent… and as you can plainly see, they are terrible.

bedroom before

bedroom before modsy

Then I waited a few days while they made a digital rendering of my bedroom, and then I received these two designs –

Design One

Modsy - design one

Modsy - design one (2)

Modsy - Design One (3)


Design Two

Modsy - Design Two (1)

Modsy - Design Two (2)

Modsy - Design Two (3)

I was seriously SO blown away when I got these back, they are incredibly lifelike. I can’t show you in this post, but when you get your designs you can actually walk around in them, almost like a virtual reality. They even got the vault in my ceiling perfect. I had told them that the room was unfinished, so they would need to add a wood floor and ceiling, plus one day we were going to add a gas fireplace, likely brick. And then, BAM, there it was…straight out of my head an in 3D on my computer screen. So awesome.

I talked with the designer about what I liked in the rooms and that I wanted to change, and that’s when design three happened…

Modsy - Design Four (1)

Modsy - Design Four (2)

Modsy- Design Four (3)

I had them add in the media center that is currently in our living room (its a DIY, here is the post about it), a barn door over the bathroom, and a future laundry chair reading chair in the corner. I also really wanted something with a leather headboard and changed it to this bed from CB2.

Leather platform bed

Then, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and went in and fiddled with it myself. You do not have to have a designer do all the work, you are free to go in and try out as many different things as you want. I found the software very easy to use and I had a ton of fun trying out all sorts of different options. I kinda want to work there actually, haha. Anyway, design four…

Why Modsy is awesome

Are Modsy designs realistic?

Modsy review

I switched beds in this design (and a few other things), the previous headboard was so thick that it made the walkway teeny tiny, (so good to know before you buy!) and I added in this one instead –

wooden bed with leather cushions

This one fits the space much better (though for some reason I couldn’t get the leather cushions to show up on the model, but they’re the best part). I think my favorite part about this program is that when you put something in your space, it goes in to scale. That’s HUGE, because it doesn’t matter how pretty something is, if it doesn’t fit it’s not going to work.

Here is the room from the top down…

Modsy designs from the top down

Isn’t that amazing? I also like that you can purchase all the products right through Modsy, each design you do is saved with a list of everything in it. You can buy what you want, or nothing, or hunt down similar items secondhand. Below you will find links to everything in my final design, just scroll to the right and click on any items that you would like to know more about (and if you liked any items from one of the first three designs just drop me a comment and I will find you a link).

Alright, so this wouldn’t be a good Modsy review if it didn’t answer the burning question…how much does it cost? The price for a room is $69, which includes a 3D model of your room (with 360-degree room visualization), two custom designs and unlimited design revisions, complimentary personal shopping service, and a $20 credit toward merchandise. You can also use the code DOMESTIC20 to receive 20% off a Modsy design package, which brings the price down to about $55.

Click here to get started on your own Modsy design

I think $55 is a very reasonable price to pay for confidence in the furniture you are buying, and I will probably use Modsy to design my living room next. I’ve already bought a few items for it, but I need a couch and have my heart set on a leather sectional (or at least I think I do?). Those things are expensive though and I don’t want to mess it up, because whatever we buy we will probably live with for the next decade, love it or not.


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  1. Was th furniture selection offered reasonably priced??i would hate to get a final design plan and not be able to afford any of the furniture.

    1. Yes, Modsy has you fill out a questionnaire before starting the designs and they fill the room with furniture based on your budget. They use furniture from pretty much every online retailer, so you can include stuff from WalMart, Target, Wayfair, World Market, etc, all the way up to the expensive stuff.

  2. I love your final self tweaked design! It seriously looks amazing and like it really works for living. The two tall plants (so different! yet so zingy together!) are one of my favorite parts actually. I hope you get them. The price tag is super good on this service IMO. I don’t have a room to redo with more than a paint and elbow grease budget at the moment, but when I do (master bedroom… in like three years…) I am keeping this secret weapon in my back pocket.

  3. Wow! Modsy looks awesome! i have a question unrelated to this post. Where did you get your railing in your upstairs/ playroom? We are looking for a metal staircase banister and looking fora place to start.

    1. Oh man, that post has been on my to-do list for forever. We had a local welder/artisan make the railing. Are you local to the San Antonio area? If so I can send you all his contact info.

  4. I tried to sign up, but it won’t let me checkout.

    During checkout, the shopping cart crashes and logs me out.

    And now I can’t even get back to the login page. When I click on it, it tells me to make a new account, but when I try to do that, it says I already have an acocunt.

  5. That’s amazing! I’ve always wanted to have a unique design that looks as good as your pictures but ive always struggled with ideas and the know how.. Definitely going to check it out!

  6. This is great!! Would really use it if I lived in the States!

    And PLEASE buy yourself that bed. You neeeeeed to indulge in something that will make you rest better at night, with all of those boys and work… please prioritize it! :)

    1. You are right, I would love to just buy a bed and be done with it. The stone wall (while so pretty) sheds grit like crazy and it gets in the sheets. I need a headboard to get some separation! They are so expensive though, it’s hard for my frugal self to pull the trigger.

  7. Modsy seems to be very interesting! Home owners must be hugely benefited by this tool, which will help them visualize the design better before actually going for the renovation. Otherwise it usually takes many expensive trial and errors to get that perfect look.

  8. Thanks! This seems like something I’d like to try. Is it more for furniture placement? Or do you think they would be good for a living room predicament I have? I can’t figure out how to place my couch/TV in my great room that has a fire place and windows/doors/a staircase.

  9. Interesting, I’ll have to check it out. I remember trying out an inspiration app like this a few years ago and the tech definitely wasn’t up to speed then. It was hard to really tell if the furniture looked great because the graphics were so terrible. Looks like things are finally catching up.

  10. I just had a horrendous experience with Modsy! I paid to have them incorporate and existing chair and piano into my bedroom layout and the designs left out the chair completely. I asked for a revision and the new designs also left the chair out. I paid EXTRA for them to include it. Also, they didn’t even put a dresser in the bedroom, they put a nightstand in front of a closet door so it couldn’t be opened, and added a plant in front of a radiator even though I told them not to put anything in front of the heater. The new designs they sent were even worse than the first ones. They have grown too quickly and have hired people who have zero design skills. Also, they took 4 weeks longer than estimated to even send the designs. Total waste of money.

    1. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your experience! My designer was great and did exactly as I asked (and made great suggestions), plus a few friends and family hired them after my post and everyone has been pleased. Your experience sounds really disappointing though, let me reach out to my contact and see if there is anything they can do to make it right.

    2. Hi Lily – reaching out from the Modsy team. Thank you for the feedback – we are so sorry you had a negative experience and would love to be able to make it up to you. Please reach out to [email protected] and mention this blog post interaction so we can connect with you ASAP. We want you to leave happy and excited about your room designs.

  11. I could have never known this thing if I would not have stopped by your blog. Good to know some good integration of technology and interior design. Your bedroom looks so beautiful. Also, it was not that terrible before but now it looks more peaceful and relaxing. I am definitely trying modsy for mine too. Thanks, dear for sharing.

  12. Thank you for the amount of detail you shared in your experience. One can pay a little more for one-on-one access to the style advisor ($90). Do you think that someone like me who doesn’t have the best design sense would need that?

  13. Just having trouble uploading room photos for them. Have tried three times, customer service is very impersonal, not meant for smaller spaces.

  14. I had a very disappointing experience with Modsy. Completely not worth the money. The designs I received were just bad. Friends who looked at them
    with me said “Wow, that’s almost insulting.” It honestly was. It looked like the design was done by unpaid interns who put in 2 minutes on my space, max.

    On top of the terrible quality, I had put some effort into filling out their forms with direction on my furniture needs and style preferences, but that was almost entirely ignored. Overall my feeling was, I can’t believe I paid for this.

    I tried to at least take advantage of the rendering they’d made of my space, but the editing tool was too buggy to use. I tried 2 different browsers on 2 computers, but every time I moved a piece of furniture or tried to select a new item to add, the rendering turned into a black box and froze.

    My conclusion: this is not ready for prime time and they promise far more than they deliver. The amateurish design sent a clear message. This post makes me suspect they treat bloggers differently for positive mentions, because my experience was a waste of time and money.

  15. Thanks for your Modsy Review! Can you order multiple times, spaced out to accommodate budgeting constraints?? Is there a time limit or a one-time Bill Purchase requirement?? I hope I can shop as many times as I want over time and tweak the design if needed over time. Thanks for any input on this!

  16. Thanks for your Modsy Review! Can you order multiple times, spaced out to accommodate budgeting constraints?? I hope I can shop as many times as I want over time and tweak the design if needed between purchases. Thanks for any input on this!

  17. That sounds like a fun toy to play with! I like your room design. It’s going to be a beautiful, serene space one day! Are you planning to change the paint colour? The Modsy design looks like it’s a lighter colour.

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