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10 Ways to Decorate Above your Bed

Lately I’ve been spending time mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and Houzz (what else can you really do when breastfeeding at 3 a.m.?), gathering ideas for something to hang above the bed in our master bedroom. There are lots of great options out there, so I thought I’d put together a post showcasing a few of them.

10 ways to decorate above your bed

1. Art

This one is pretty obvious, and there are so many different ways to display it above your bed. You can do anything from a single big piece to an entire gallery wall.

joanna-goddard-master-bedroom-house-makeover-emily-hendersonvia A Cup of Jo
double art above bedvia 6th Street Design School
triple artvia House of Turquoise
minimalist-yet-welcoming-guest-bedroomvia Decorative Bedroom
layered art above bedVia Millennium
neutral master bedroomvia House Beautiful
Liess Homevia Lauren Leiss

2. Mirrors

Another super common solution with a ton of different options.

Captains-mirror.-Captains-mirror-Bedroom.-Bedroom-with-grasscloth-and-captains-mirror-above-bed.-captainsmirror-Bedroom-Grasscloth-Coastal-CoastalInteriors-via Home Bunch
CGIAnsleyParkBungalow3via Courtney Giles
rectangular mirrorvia Organize & Decorate Everything
what to hang above bed via Domestic Imperfection

3. Plates

I like the plate idea not only because you can personalize the look so much, but because you could do it so cheaply.

white plates above bedvia Houzz
colorful plates over bedvia Eat. Sleep. Decorate

4. Textiles

Hang a blanket, rug, or fabric behind the headboard.

drape over bedvia Dwellings by Devore
fabric behind the bedvia BHG
textilesvia Phorm Design Life

5. Shelf

I like this idea for when nightstand storage isn’t really an option….though you may not want to do this if you live in earthquake territory.

shelf above bedvia Design Speak
coastal bedroomvia Beach Bliss Living

6. Feature wall

This is a fun solution, make the wall behind the bed really interesting and forget about decor.

tin tiles feature wallvia Houzz
handwritten statement wallvia A Beautiful Mess
Stenciled Brick accent wallvia Cutting Edge Stencils

7. Nothing

Not every space needs to be decorated!

nothing above bedvia Traditional Home
no decor above bedvia New England Home

8. Decorate above the nightstands and leave it empty over the bed.

decorate over nightstands instead of over bedvia Splendid Sass
decorate above the nightstandvia Name 5 Things
black and white bedroomvia Lonny

9. Put you bed in front of a window

Sometimes you just don’t have the option, the only place to put the bed is right in front of a window. These pictures show that it doesn’t have to awkward… in fact, it’s quite the opposite.

put your bed in front of a windowvia BHG
cottage bedroomvia The Lettered Cottage

10. Something unexpected

There are no rules, throw whatever the heck you want up there.

dreamcatcher above bedvia Primitive and Proper
oars above bedvia Meadow Lake Road
IMG_9029-682x1024via Simple Stylings
antlers over bedvia Do Pretty

So what am I going to pick? Not sure, to be honest. I like mirrors (either a big round one above the bed or some sort above each nightstand), but I also can’t get this jellyfish out of my head….


I found it on Great Big Canvas months ago and was thinking about getting it for above the couch, but the colors are way more perfect for the bedroom. I may get it and see how it looks, if it doesn’t work above the bed it will work pretty much anywhere else in the house. I just love that dang jellyfish.


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  1. That’s an awesome jellyfish, you should totally buy it. I also love that buffalo in your “art” section, he looks really determined or something :) I have a diy sunburst mirror over my bed, but I also have two small pieces of diy art over the nightstands, so I covered two of your options in one go ;) http://www.makedoanddiy.com/2015/03/diy-starburst-miirror-out-of-paper.html
    I do really love that plate wall as well though, like you say, so inexpensive but such a huge impact, especially if you painted some like they did.

  2. Love the jellyfish! I also think black & white or sepia super-close-up pics of your boys, framed in matching square frames, would be great up there :)

  3. Hi Ashley,
    I have also been trying to figure out what to put above my bed and woke up on a mission to finally figure it out. While drinking my coffee, searching Pinterest I came across your wonderful site and this great post! Thanks to you (and your sweet baby :)) I now have the perfect idea of just how to decorate over my bed! Thanks for your research. Love your site!
    Mar C

  4. The jellyfish is great. I love how it looks, how it’s textured, and how it’s circular yet not symmetrical in the picture. I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  5. I LOVE that jellyfish so stinkin’ much!!!! Also, Kelly would be very proud that the plate wall made it. We have an art canvas and I love what is on it, but we might move the bed in front of the windows….so who knows. I may steal your jellyfish if my husband lets me ocean-ize another room, lol.

  6. Love the jellyfish! I also think black & white or sepia super-close-up pics of your boys, framed in matching square frames, would be great up there :)

  7. The jellyfish is my pick! I do like the mirrors behind the night tables. I have 4 pics over my bed, evenly spaced!
    But that jellyfish really makes a statement!

  8. You completed some wonderful projects in 2015. Doesn’t it feel good to see how much you accomplished? Your checkered kitchen ceiling is fabulous! Look forward to seeing your posts in 2016.Garage

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