Levi’s One! (A Year Of Pictures)

Today is my little Levi’s first birthday. I can’t decide if I’m really excited about it, or completely sad. I want him to be my sweet little baby forever, but at the same time each day he becomes more fun and lets me see a little more of his adorable personality. Also, the older he gets the more him and Elijah play, and that is certainly a good thing! Most of y’all know that I take monthly pictures of him, so I thought I’d put them all in one post for his birthday.

(And apparently I should have checked his previous pictures for outfit duplicity, since seven and nine months turned out to basically be the same picture. I even parted his hair the same ridiculous way..oops!)

Here he is on the day he was born… and oh my gosh, is he not the sweetest, most adorable, hairiest little thing you’ve ever seen? (He was 7lbs 110z and 18.5 inches, here is his birth story if you’re interested.)

Newborn Levi

And here he is today! There are two twelve months pics because I can never choose between the pictures that are good, but he is grumpy, or the pic that aren’t so good, but he’s happy. I usually go with happy, but today I’m going to be a rule breaker.

 Just for fun, here is ten random things about him…

1. His first word was Mama, second one was “bird”….and the third one was “ME!!!!”.

2. The kid loves baths and showers. Loves them. If he hears you start the water he crawls into the bathroom just as fast as his he can while yelling “MEEEE!!!”. He will even throw his little leg over the edge of the tub and hurl himself over if you don’t grab him fast enough.

3. He sweats really easily. I’ll be holding him, feeling perfectly fine, look down and beads of sweat will be dripping down his face. I’m sure having super thick hair doesn’t help the situation. It’s a good thing he loves baths so much.

4. He’s still breastfeeding. Not sure how much longer we’re going to go…he’s getting kinda pushy about it and I really miss wearing dresses.

5. He’s not walking, but he is taking steps. He will only do it if he is a few feet away from someone, which is good because after the fifth step or so he just hurls himself at you. Face first, so you’d better be ready. (I wrote this about 6 days ago, and as of today he is walking…all around the house, really really slowly. It happens fast doesn’t it?)

6. He thinks Elijah is hilarious. He will laugh and giggle at Elijah doing the dumbest stuff, which of course encourages Elijah to do it even more, which brings on more giggles…and so on and so forth.

7. He will eat anything you give him. Seriously, I can’t think of a single thing he has ever turned down.

8. I just started putting a little pillow in his crib, and he loves it. He dive bombs it, bear hugs it, and cuddles it all night long. Adorable.

9. He loves to wrestle. Adam and the boys wrestle every night and Levi gets right in there. He will slap you and climb on you and drag Elijah down to the ground. He’s actually really strong…Elijah better watch out. Being nice to Levi would be in his best interest.

10. I can’t really think of a tenth right now, but nine seems like a weird place to stop. All I can think of is that he has three bigger teeth breaking through (he already has eight) and he’s hating life and super grumpy. He is extra snugly though, and I do love baby (toddler? eek!) snuggles.

Anyway, happy birthday to my little man! Next week we move away from candlesanswers, and birthdays and get back to the grindstone :)

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  1. Levi is adorable, hope you had a wonderful day celebrating. I love the frame idea for each months photos, wish I had thought of that when mine were little.

  2. Aww… Happy 1st Birthday Levi! Wow… time really has flown by! He’s adorable as always though! Hope the teething goes well… big teeth are no easy feat!

  3. I cant believe he is 1! The difference between 7 and 8 months was huge. A bit of a warning about the breastfeeding, my youngest boy was a pushy feeder. We stopped nursing the night before his third birthday. You may be in it for a long haul. ;)

    1. Oh my goodness, I’m all for extended breastfeeding but I really do want to be done soon! Elijah stopped on his own at 11.5 months, so this is new territory for me.

  4. Aww!! That just made my day :) I love the image of him throwing himself over the edge of the tub – too funny! Though def something to keep an eye on; you must be hyper-aware of the sounds of water in the house.

    I say one-year-olds are still babies, and two-year-olds are toddlers. You might be ready by then.

    It’s said that people learn more in their first year of life than at any other time. When you think about it, they go from lying there, fairly helpless, to being able to walk and talk. What a journey!

    Your little Levi is precious, and whatever you call him, he will always be your baby.

    Cheers, Jan

    1. Thanks Jan :) My niece was born this weekend and holding her while sitting next to my one year old…amazing! From a tiny helpless baby to a walking talking little person with a personality. But still my baby!
      And that tub thing is hilarious AND makes me a nervous wreck!

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