Meet Levi

Our little team green baby has arrived…. welcome to the world little Levi!

A baby lying on a bed

He came on Thursday, October 20th (at 39weeks and 5 days) and weighs in at a whopping (for me) 7lbs 11oz.  Oh, and a very short 18.5 inches.
He is totally adorable and looks nothing like my other son  (who was also totally adorable).  Look at all that thick black hair – quite a surprise!

His labor was a dream, I couldn’t have asked for a better one. I have to admit that I was expecting another doozy of a labor after Elijah’s birth, which was still fresh in my mind as it was only 19 short months ago.
Not so…thank goodness!

Here is a quick synopsis – (okay, it’s not that quick…)
Adam and I woke up (haha, I meant “were awakened by a cranky toddler”) at 6:30 on Thursday morning. I got up and immediately noticed that I was losing my mucus plug. It makes me cringe typing out that word to post on my blog cause it sounds so gross and inappropriate, but I don’t know how to make it sound pleasant -so yeah, mucus plug. Ick. Anyway, about 8am I started having contractions. I’d been having them for weeks, but these were different. These started in my back and HURT. The timing on starting labor could’t have been more perfect. I had been so worried because we are about 1 1/2 – 2 hours away from the hospital, and share one car, and had to drop the toddler off at my parents….blah, blah, blah, lot’s of stuff that could have been stressful. But this was perfect. Adam had school that day and didn’t go in until noon, so he was home. I already had a doctors appointment at 11:30 that day and had all my bags packed and ready to go just in case. I had already planned with my mom to drop Elijah off at her house. I had even washed the dog the night before. AND had gotten a full nights sleep.
I told the husband that I wanted him to skip school to come with me to my appointment, so we all got dressed and headed to my parents house. When we got there at about 10:30 my contractions were seven minutes apart (and getting more painful). I called my midwife and told them I was in labor and didn’t want to come in yet – they were just going to tell me I was in early labor and send me home. They said just to come in when I was ready. Here I am at my parents house, in labor…

A person posing for the camera

About 1:30 my contractions were 5 minutes apart and we decided to leave. We got to the midwife’s office, she checked me and said I was at a four. Four! I was so glad to hear that, with Elijah it took me 30 hours of labor to get to a four. (More on that later). We walked across to the hospital and got all checked in (around 3:00) and my contractions were about three minutes apart. They were all in my back too, because the baby was transverse. Fun stuff. I knew I wanted an epidural, but I wanted to make sure things were progressing along really well before I got one. At 4:30 I could take it anymore. I was checked again and at a six so I decided it was time for some pain relief. I asked for a mild epidural, one where I could still feel my contractions, but they wouldn’t be painful. The anesthesiologist was awesome and did just that. It was great…I felt like a million bucks, lol. At that point Adam and I settled in for a long night and decided to watch some TV shows online…The Office, Up All Night, Modern Family, The Middle…
Really, I’m not kidding, I was expecting a long labor.
About 7:30 (I think?), My midwife came back and checked me again. I was an eight, so she decided to break my water. She broke it and immediately I felt weird. I told her something was wrong…she checked me again and said “oh, you went right to a ten…time to push!”
Three sets of pushes later and the kid came flying out. Seriously, it was so easy.
Adam even got to deliver him, which was very cool. And of course, we didn’t know the gender…I was expecting a boy though, and was right again!

I still cannot get over his hair….

A baby sitting on a bed
Now for a quick synopsis on Elijah’s birth, so you know where I’m coming from.
Here I am at 41 weeks with Elijah (who was also a surprise)…
With this pregnancy my husband was military and we lived up at Fort Drum in northern New York. I was creeping up on 42 weeks and the doctors were talking induction, which I desperately wanted to avoid. My birth plan was for a natural Bradley birth…I knew pitocin would make that nearly impossible. My induction was scheduled for Monday, at 42 weeks. The Saturday before was deemed (by me) “get this kid the heck out of me” day. My husband and I did everything any old wives tale said could bring on an overdue baby. Nothing worked, and Saturday night we were in our pajamas, ready for bed, watching a movie. It was a little after 9pm, and I felt totally normal. Then I heard a pop, felt a gush, and leaned over and told Adam that I thought my water just broke. Contractions started immediately. I went and took a shower,  got dressed, and we headed to the hospital -which was about two minutes away. I remember being so happy that I wasn’t going to have to be induced, but also thinking how tired I already was from the day.
We got all checked in at the hospital, contractions were about 5 minutes apart and pretty strong. The nurses checked me and I was at a one. A ONE. This was about 11:45 that night. They offered me some sleeping pills, saying I should get some rest before heavy labor set in. I really wanted some sleep, so I took them and managed to get a little. My husband, however, got a full nights rest…
A little girl lying on a bed
(haha, he’s gonna love that I posted that..)
The next morning contractions had slowed down – I was checked and was at a two. We ordered some breakfast. Walked the halls. Labored away. I don’t remember times anymore, but at hour 28 of labor I was checked and was at a 2.5. Blah, I was so frustrated. They said it was time for pitocin, which I really didn’t want, but I also didn’t want to be in labor for a week or end up with a C-section for not progressing. Plus, I had friends that had picocin and a drug free birth, so I figured I could too. They gave me the pitocin…then cranked up WAY up. I labored for two hours like that. It was horrible. Terrible. The most awful, painful, worst two hours ever. I still have nightmares about it. At hour 30 I was checked again and at a three. A flippin three. I asked for an epidural. I say asked, like I was polite about it…haha.
I got the epidural (enter the hallelujah chorus) and immediately fell asleep. About an hour later I woke up and told Adam I felt funny. He got a nurse, she checked me and said I was at a ten and ready to push. That’s right, it took me 30 hours to get to a three, then and hour to get from there to a ten. Craziness. I pushed for about an hour and a half and he came out a little blue, cord wrapped around him, hands up at his face and with the most wicked awful cone head you’ve ever seen. He weighed 6lbs 5oz and was 19 3/4 inches long. I tore all over the place and had a ton of stitches. Recovery was really hard, it took me over a month to feel as good as I did the day I had Levi.
 He was totally worth it.
A baby
I feel so blessed to have been given two perfectly healthy little boys. I find it amazing that people can go through pregnancy and not be completely and totally amazed by our God. He created and grew these children inside if me. I had nothing to do with it…I couldn’t grow a liver or a heart if my life depended on it. There was also nothing I could do to stop it, I am simply His vessel. I pray that I can raise these boys to be honorable, hard working, compassionate men who love their families, neighbors, and most of all their God. I know I couldn’t do it on my own. Luckily, I don’t have to.
I know this has been a long post, if you made it this far you either know me in real life or have way too much time on your hands, lol.  Actually, this isn’t quite the end…what kind of new mom would I be if I didn’t bombard you with a few more pictures?
Here we are a few minutes after birth…
A man sitting in a room

My two little men, who don’t even look related….

A person holding a baby
Elijah getting to know Levi…
A group of young children sitting next to a baby

Sweet kisses (Even though he had to be bribed into taking this picture)…

Little Levi at home.
A baby lying on a bed
Big brother is very curious…
A person holding a baby
and proud!
(and suddenly looking way to old to just be sporting just a diaper)
A little girl holding a baby
Here they are, taking a break from exhausting me..
kids close in age
And so begins the craziness of two under two!

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  1. Oh my goodness! He is just so precious! I can't get over Levi's dark hair! It's crazy!! Hope Elijah is adjusting well!! Hope ALL of you are doing good!!! Congrats!!

  2. Well they are adorable Ashley! You've got me a little bit nervous about how much births can vary. I can't imagine you raising anything but good, well adjusted and mannered children. I am glad everyone is healthy and doing well and I love that Elijah and Levi look nothing alike. I think the two of them being under two will be fun!

  3. Congrats! I just had my baby on Sunday (I also posted my birth story). I was shocked at how easy it was too. I woke up at 5am with contractions and left for the hospital around 8am. I got there around 9am (after being stopped by a train, stressful lol) and was 8cm (which I didn't believe because I wasn't in that much pain at all). Then one hour and a half later and I was ready to push. My son arrived after I think 5 pushes. It was crazy!!

    And I love the name Levi!!

  4. Congratulations to you and Adam! It is amazing how different they look. Then again, look at Cody and Justin. I know you and Adam will raise two wonderful boys.

  5. Congrats! I'm happy to hear everything went so well. I read the whole story, not b/c I have so much time on my hands but b/c it reminds me so much of my 2 labors. I didn't do mine natural at all for my first. But they did give me patosin to speed up the labor, finally an epidoral and I progressed slowly (my labor was more like 16 hrs or so though) and then I pushed for about an hr and 1/2. With my 2nd (a year a day later) my water broke and so I went in to the hospital I progressed very quickly and after 2 pushes the little guy was out (7 hours total). Reovery was amazing compared to the first. I was like you w/ the fist, so sore, ripped and miserable. Hopefully we both have future labors like our 2nd, so nice! Anyways, congrats, and it'll eventually get easier.

  6. I just found your blog by seeing your star posted somewhere. I got through this story because I love babies and baby stories! All my 3 children came quickly. The youngest, 18 years ago, I left the hospital with pains starting at about 6:15am and she was born by 7:30am!! No epidurals given here at our hospital… all three were natural. Everyone kept telling me I was so lucky to go fast but I was told by nurses that the quicker they are, the more it hurts because you have to stretch open too fast.
    My daughter was born with a full head of hair just like your Levi. Both your boys are precious… enjoy them, the time goes much too quickly!!

  7. Congratulations! Your family is just adorable. I'm so glad that this delivery went so much better for you. I saw your post over at (appropriately) “A Mommy's Solutions to Staying Sane”.

  8. hey girl :)
    I'm featuring birth stories on my blog in february while I prepare for my little one to arrive. if you'd like to share this with my readers… i'd be elated :)

    email me if you want more details!

    (found this post through the “you might also enjoy…”)

  9. Oh my gosh, those kids are adorble. How I would love to take their pictures. I hope you will stop by my NEW blog and join me. It's all about farm life, decorating, cooking, and much more.

  10. Found your blog through pinterest regarding the paid off mortgage post, but I wondered over to your “about me” area and had to read your birth stories. I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with our 3rd. I have two boys- Owen (4) and Elijah (13 months). I will also for the first time ever, have two under two and I’m getting nervous!!!! It’s funny how I look at my youngest and think he still looks like a baby but I know when I see him next to the new baby he will look so grown up (like in your diaper photo)
    Thanks for your blog! It’s been fun reading!

  11. wow, I always admire USA way of life. people r so creative, open , doing all works themselves. Availability of things required for DIY in available in bulk which are missing here. Some time I feel why I am not born in USA .. hahaha. you peple are full of energy, creativity and self reliant. Ashley you r a wonder full family. Wish you best of luck.

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