2012 Resolutions and “Loose Goals” for 2013

Last January I posted my “Less Mess” resolution and made it my goal to clean up my messiest spaces. I even threw etiquette to the wind and showed you pictures of my messes in all their glory. Well 2012 has come and gone and I should be living in an organized paradise. Should be, being the key word. Lets see how I did…

The Pantry, then


 The Pantry, February

Organized Pantry

The Pantry, now

Organized Pantry

I organized this back in February and I am happy to report that it still looks great. Unlike other areas of my house, once I organize this it is incredibly easy to keep that way. Ahh, it’s so nice and so functional.

The Junk Drawers, then


The Junk Drawers, now

Junk Drawers

I went through these suckers back in January and found some crazy random stuff. They look better than they did, but they didn’t stay neat and perfect. Thats okay I really like having a place I can scoop all my countertop clutter into and not feel guilty.

And that is where I stopped. Yup, I organized through February and then totally dropped the ball. In public. Lets take a look at the rest of the spaces that were on my list…

The Linen Closet, then


The Linen Closet, now

Not Organized Linen Closet

It’s actually a little better, but certainly not organized bliss. And it’s still pink… the last stronghold, some would say.

Shelf that collects everything in our bedroom, then


Shelf that collects everything in our bedroom, now


Just as bad, just as ugly. I never did find a piece to replace that cheapo shelf with and I certainly didn’t organize the shelf we have.

The Craft Closet, then

craft closet

The Craft Closet, last week


The Craft Closet, today

Craft Closet waiting to be organized

Up until last week the only thing I had done with this closet was remove the doors, which instead of motivating me to organize it only allowed the mess to come spilling out into the rest of the bedroom. So this was actually going to be the most disgusting failure of them all, until  I realized I was going to have to write this post up and fess up to the fact that I’m a slob. I’m still fessing up, but I did spend a nap time slightly organizing it last week in hopes that y’all would be mildly impressed.

So as you can see, I big time failed at keeping up with my 2012 resolution. So this year…no resolutions. Instead I have some “loose goals” for 2013, and if I don’t get around to them that will be totally okay. I do have a lot (like A LOT) of things I want to get done around the house this year (including organizing these spaces) but if I don’t them I’m not going to feel bad about it. My list for 2013 is so big that it will take a few years to finish anyway. I’m not going to post every tiny thing on my list, but here are some of the highlights…


*finish the kitchen already

*ditch out current entertainment center and DIY a new one with actual storage

*remodel the master bedroom – floors, walls, furniture, decor…the whole shebang

*same with the boy’s room – complete overhaul

*work on the backyard and make it useful – playset and garden, maybe even get some grass

*organize the garage and craft closet, for real

*get a real file cabinet and organize all our paperwork

*get the front porch decorated and functional

*finish the hallway gallery wall. I started this about six months ago and it has been sitting neglected ever since – it’s time to finish


I think its safe to say that I won’t have any trouble staying busy this year :)  I’m super excited to get started on the two room overhauls, those are the most fun of all. I already know exactly what I’m going to do with both of them.

Anyway, that’s my recap….how did y’all do with your 2012 resolutions? Did you get everything done that you wanted to or did you fail miserably like I did?



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  1. You are brave, I strongly considered taking a before picture of my craft closet, quickly changed my mind when I realized I would no longer be able to hide the fact that I am a craft hoarder!

    1. blogging has made me a craft horder also. I see something and think “I could use that on…something”. Then, it sits for a few years before I find some awesome purpose for it.

      Also, I totally support you in posting horrible messy pictures! Just do it…post all those holey underwear before Virginia makes you throw them out :)

  2. Wow, you have really tackled some clutter :) I love getting all clean and organized. My latest project is my craft supplies. Then, I want to do the walk in storage. It’s not really messy, it’s just too full! I have to juggle things around every time I want something. I’ll be attacking that when I get back from vacation. I am actually looking forward to ripping it apart! You made a pretty impressive to do list girl. Good thing you have all year ;)

    Happy New Year ~ Shannon

  3. I didn’t accomplish all I wanted, but I did make some improvements in my life, my relationships and my house. And really that is the goal – to keep moving forward and not stay stuck. It can be a little disappointing to look back at the year to realize what you didn’t do, but if you focus on what you did get done, it makes it better! :)

  4. Hey! You did NOT fail miserably! So your craft cupboard’s a mess. Whose isn’t, at least if it’s being used? You have two lovely, BUSY boys and got lots of amazing projects done. Start the year off right by giving yourself a pat on the back. :)

    Cheers! Jan Elizabeth

    1. Thanks Jan :) Lol, those busy boys…they’re most of the reason that everything was pulled out of the closet. For the record, I’m okay with failing…I just did lots of other more fun projects instead!

  5. I posted all of my ‘befores’ via social media yesterday. Today I’m printing them out – in full color & large scale – to hang on my office wall. That way I have to walk past them all the time & it will help remind me what I am supposed to be working on. Btw, when I saw the little catchall shelf in your bedroom I thought “she should just put awesome doors on it”. So, you should put awesome doors on that shelf. Maybe paint it, maybe not. But def either build some doors or find some at the ReStore already built & pretty that puppy up. Then you won’t care what it looks like inside! ~ [email protected]

    1. I missed your befores but am going to have to go check them out…I love a good before :) I would totally have fixed up that shelf already, except that its the cheapest shelf ever made – it’s pretty much made out of cardboard. I bought it new when we were first married because I needed some furniture and couldn’t spend much money. Can you believe it…new! And it was still almost $100! If I would have known then what I know now…

  6. I always appreciate an honest post. Thanks for remindingus that no one is perfect. I like the idea of setting goals rather than a resolution. Best of luck to you in 2013!

  7. You should feel good about the craft closet, I have a whole room that looks worst then yours. I have a health problem so a lot of the work falls on my husbands shoulders, but that is our project for 2013. Wish us luck. Love your blog.

  8. This is why you are successful at blogging. You just get real with all of us who didn’t grow up just knowing how to organize. Or those of us who’s parents lived in houses who were so organized, that the organization was more important that family. You just GET REAL. We love that.

    I made a new list this year. Since New Years Resolutions are made to be broken I’ve decided to re-write my list:

    I do not want t lose 75 lbs this year.
    I do not want to get more organized.
    I do not want to finish…………project
    Ect, and so on….

    Anyway, you get the idea. My husband is just laughing because he knows if anyone is good a breaking a New Years Resolution it would indeed be me! LOL

    Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for ‘Keeping it real!” And just keep being you.

    Blessings from the Lord our God from our home to yours.

  9. I love the pictures of the craft closet! So honest. Haha! I have a “craft corner” in my kitchen next to our table and inevitably everything ends up spilling over onto it. Then I have to push it all to one side so we can eat a family meal together. My corner is also full of random craft supplies I might need one day! Lol

  10. I wouldn’t call you a failure by any stretch of the imagination. Your 2013 list is enough to overwhelm me! The pictures you’ve shown of your home are always so beautiful it’s actually nice to learn you have a few places that aren’t, makes me feel better when I look into my tiny closet.

    1. I have more than I few places that aren’t pretty….I actually had a longer versions of this post where I showed you all my new messy places that have popped up this year. But I figured y’all got the picture :) I’m okay with failing at my 2012 stuff…I’m just going to skip ahead to my 2013 ‘loose goals’, those look like way more fun!

  11. I’m with you…no resolutions last year or this year. You should see my sewing/laundry room after all my Christmas sewing & crafting! I just organize whenever the mood strikes me or when I no longer can find stuff, cause if I plan I won’t do it (I’m kind of a rebel that way LOL!…even at my “Nama” age!) Don’t be too much of a slave to your house, enjoy whatever makes you happy instead!! Way more fun!

    1. Working on my house makes me happy! Well decorating and remodeling…not so much the cleaning or organizing. I obviously just skip those, lol.

  12. So nice to see “real life” on a blog post. So often bloggers appear to be perfect in everything they do. The perfect husband, marriage, kids, organizational skills, decorating skills, cooking skills and life. We know it can’t possibly be true but it sure can make one feel guilty for not being able to achieve it even if it isn’t real. Thanks for the honesty in showing us that even bloggers have flaws.

    1. You are very welcome. I visit the same “perfect” blogs and leave feeling inspired…and crappy. I don’t ever want people to leave my blog feeling crappy. I definitely have flaws and I show my decorating ones….and that’s the thing I’m good at, lol.

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