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Empty Frame Christmas Ornament Art….or something like that

Alright, today we have Christmas craft number two! I really enjoyed spending time with my glue gun for craft number one, so we (that would be me and the glue gun) decided to keep a good thing going and we made these things (I honestly have no idea what to call them)…

Empty frame Christmas ornament decor

Materials –


I started out by collecting some old frames that didn’t have any glass in them (saved those for tomorrows project!).

plain old frames

Then they got a coat of red spray paint, because red = Christmas.

Next, I gathered my supplies, which consisted of ribbon, hot glue, and a bunch of miniature ornaments.

Empty frame Christmas craft supplies

Then I let the glue gun do its thing.

Empty frame craftiness

I wanted to hang these from the pass-through between the kitchen and the living room, which meant that you would clearly be able to see both sides. And one side was ugly. So I glued some rope along the inside lip to cover the less appealing parts and add a little Texas flair.

DIY Christmas decor

And up they went!

Empty frame Christmas decor

This is what the area looks like from the living room…

Christmas decor for a bar area

and here it is from the kitchen

Christmas kitchen

I have to say, it was nearly impossible to get a decent pictures of these things. Something about them being see through made them a pain to photograph. I must have taken 100 pictures of them. The things I do…

ornaments in a frame

You could also display these on a wall, window, or shelf. Oh, or on a Christmas mantel…I don’t have a mantle (booo), but these would look great on one.

DIY christmas art

So there you have it, empty frame Christmas ornament decor thingamajig’s. So simple and pretty…especially that Christmas light one in the ornate frame. Yeah, I’m playing favorites.

what to do with empty frames

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  1. I love these! What a good use for the cool snowflake lights I got but only have 5 snowflakes on the string. Those have been a head scratcher.

    I’m going to hang mine in my window. I have a big, 70s picture window that needs big decorations to have the right scale but I don’t like to block out the bit of sunlight we get this time of year. Aces!

  2. super cute!! great job, as always!! :) i don’t have a real mantel either. i’ve improvised by decorating my fake fireplace/entertainment center piece with stockings and such, though i can’t put much up since anything big/tall would block the tv. but i’m happy with it anyway :) happy holidays to you and yours!!

  3. Those are so CUTE! I am enjoying your decorative holiday series! Your unique Ashley humor and get-er-done style is what I love about your blog. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. I’m totally stealing this idea next year! They look great :) I don’t have a mantel either, so last year I did this I hung my homemade stockings (actually xmas cones, really) on the grill of the heater. Don’t worry, it’s summer here, so no chance of it all going up in flames!

    1. Don’t worry, it’s a disaster just like everyone else with small children. Here is one of my pictures before editing, I just push all the crap out of the frame.

      before cropping

  5. Cute idea! Ashley. Great way to decorate the pass-through! I love the Christmas light one too. Have you thought of making them functional like (light up)? just a thought I had….maybe not possible but they are still awesome!


    1. I love the idea of making them work and hanging them in a window or something! Not sure how to execute it…sounds a little more complicated that hot glue and ribbon, which is really my strong suit :)

  6. What a great project – they look super cute! I like the above reader’s idea to make the lights work, too. I’m sure that could be done, especially if they were against a wall or window. (The cord would be too in-the-way in your pass-through.) This year I went out and grabbed a very branchy twig from the yard and hung it from the ceiling, then hung a bunch of ornaments from it with white ribbons. I hung it above the TV and it’s very effective, and has the benefit of not blocking the TV. (We also don’t have a mantel, double-boo!)
    I’m enjoying your craft posts! :)

  7. These are so cute, I could hang a large one in my front window. I never know what to put in it because it’s hard to get anything to stick to the glass, but I could hang these. :-)

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