Baby #4 is here, and it’s a…


Everyone, meet Abram.


Born 10/26/16

7 lbs 12 oz

20.5 inches

He is the sweetest, most snuggly little thing you will ever meet. I was planning to write a whole post about him and the birth, but the second I started typing three-quarters of my kids started crying, so I will be back at a later time to share more details. We are home from the hospital though and everyone is doing well, just busy adjusting to life with four boys six and under (which is no joke!). Anyway, here are a few more pics to tide you over in the meantime…





(Adam took about 50 sibling photos in the hospital, and this gem is the best of the lot. Looking forward to many more years of terrible family photos, haha.)

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  1. Congratulations! He’s such a handsome little fella. Looks like the big brothers are taking the news pretty well. If it starts to get overwhelming, I’ve got three teenage/pre-teen girls. Wanna trade?! Don’t worry….they only need you to do everything for them. And the best part….they are smarter than all of us. Just ask them!

  2. Congratulations! My first grand baby is due in four weeks and his name is Abram also! Not a name you hear very often.

      1. Somehow my messages got mixed up. Yours went to a new mother with her 1st baby. I wonder what she is thinking about comments made about the 4th baby. LOL. Ashley Abram is so gorgeous. I’m so happy for you. My 4 kids were born within 7 yrs. so I know ’embrace the chaos’. TY so much for sharing with us. I love your blogs and pictures. I hate to ask you to use any precious spare moments you have on your blogs but I/we are enamored with your family, your DYI’s and your new home updates. Just pix will be greatly appreciated. Take care of yourself and don’t over do it. The house is a work in progress and there is no longer any rush now that you are finally in it. Big ((( HUGS ))) to you girl.

        1. Adam, congratulations to you too. 4 sons, how fantastic. Hopefully one or more of them will inherit
          your woodworking skills. You do a fantastic job. If I lived closer I’d pay you to make me a new table. I’m really tempted to attempt it myself. If it doesn’t come out as planned it can always be a picnic table, right? I know you work very hard at your job and on the house. Be sure to take time to enjoy your kids everyday. Time really really does fly by too fast. I look back at pix of my kids and get wheepy wondering where the time went and why I didn’t enjoy it more. Just sayin. Hug your wife and kids every day. God commands it.

  3. I’ve been checking the blog periodically as your due date drew near…congratulations! We just had our fourth little surprise almost 2 months ago, also a boy. I LOVE the snuggly newborn stage! Have fun with your sweet boys!

  4. Congratulations! So happy for you. Thank you for sharing your treasure with us, may God bless each of you and help you in this time of transition.

  5. Aww Ashley, he’s gorgeous!! He looks absolutely sweet. I hope you’re doing well, and am looking forward to hearing your birth story. Now you’ve had the baby and you’re in the new house – all what seemed to be such faraway objectives before! Time to live awhile. :) Bless you and your sweet family.

  6. Bless you girl ! My daughter has 4 also. Wow.. so busy.
    Hers are now 5,5,7,8 and life is SO much more sane.
    He is beautiful … all 4 of them are . Thank you for sharing
    your life with us readers. Praying for your adjustment to
    be smooth.

  7. Congratulations! He is beautiful! My husband and I have four girls six and under. Life is so busy, but so good and so fun.

  8. Congratulations! He is so sweet! His brothers look pretty happy with him too! Nice looking kids! Hope everything went well and glad to hear you are at home. Enjoy!

  9. Congrats!! I have 4 boys and 3 girls! My kids are very close in age and I remember the younger years being so tiring for me but boy do I miss it! My youngest is 8 and I have a whole slew of teenagers and they are a lot of fun but my worry meter works overtime and I miss the days when things were simpler! Congrats again!!!

  10. Congratulations! Absolutely precious. FOUR boys under 6…yes I agree, you must be Superwoman! How in the world do you do it? Such a beautiful family with many many blessings!!

  11. Congratulations! Glad you’re both healthy! “4 is no joke”…..amen to that! We homeschool our 4, age 8 and under. It’s a job, but still the best job in the world!

  12. God bless you all! We have four sons, now all grown, and two grandsons – so far. My husband has always said he can tell a woman who is the mother of all boys – we don’t get worked up about things, and we can handle everything! I wouldn’t have minded adding a girl or two to our four, but God had other plans ;-)

  13. Yay! So happy for you! He is beautiful and four boys is such a wonderful blessing – lots of future help with all the DIY :) Congratulations to the whole family!
    xo – Katie Bower

  14. Congratulations! He’s beautiful (but you guys make beautiful babies so I’m not surprised!). Hope you are all doing well


  15. Congratulations to you, Adam and the big brothers!! Abram looks just like a mini Adam! Hope you are all healthy and happy. <3

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