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My Leather Sectional from Article (aka, the keeper)

Disclaimer – I received 50% off my purchase from Article in exchange for writing a review. And I’m sure you get tired of hearing this, but all opinions are really, genuinely 100% my own.

CLICK HERE to read the first part of my Article furniture review.

Alright, so in the last post I left you hanging when I decided to return the Mello leather sectional from Article. The Mello was comfortable and well made, but the shape and style didn’t feel right in my house. Even though I was dreading the return process, I just couldn’t spend that much on a sectional and have it not be exactly what I wanted.

Returning furniture to Article

So I contacted Article and told them I wanted to exchange the Mello sectional for the Timber sectional. They replied and said that was no problem, and to go ahead and box the old one up. They would order the new one, issue me a refund for the price difference, and the delivery guy would pick up the sectional I was returning when they delivered the new one. That was it…no explaining myself or going back and forth endlessly with customer service. Awesome.

So Adam and I box up the Mello and take it to the garage, and drag all the pieces of our big brown corduroy couch sectional into the living room. About two weeks later the new couch arrives. The delivery man is the same as first time, a super friendly local guy in his personal vehicle and a covered trailer. He always texts the day before delivery to set a time and make sure I’m available, and then again the next day with a 30-minute warning.

So when the new couch arrives they pull the box out of the trailer and into my living room, and I’m a little nervous for them to open it, because I HAVE to love it. I refuse to be the woman who returns two couches. So they move my giant sectional out to the garage, again, and then pull out the Timber….which pretty much consists of a boatload of cushions. My boys immediately dive in to jump on them and I begin to wonder if I made the wrong choice, trading the solid one-piece sectional for this pile of pillows. But as they sectional starts to go together I feel so much better. It looks like it belongs. I love it.

Timber sectional from Article

So the delivery men leave, and now it’s just me and my beautiful, perfect new leather sectional…and my four young sons. Aka, destroyers of all things clean and nice.

So I sat the three older boys down at the kitchen island for my mom lecture.

“Okay boys, here are the rules for the new couch – no jumping on it, no taking the cushions off, no sitting on the tops of the cushion backs, and no food or drinks in the living room or anywhere near the couch. Got it? If I catch y’all breaking the rules you’re going to be running laps, okay?”

Then I said the thing that will forever be known as one of my biggest mom wins. I leaned over the island and looked at them right in their big blue eyes and said “Listen, this couch cost more than our cars, so I need y’all to take care of it. Can you do that for me?”

I knew the second it came out of my mouth that I had them. I saw their big blue eyes get even bigger, and slowly all three turned to look at the couch with newfound appreciation…like it was made of gold, and somehow also glass. As they walked away I saw them slide their fingers gently over the leather, like they were touching the freaking Mona Lisa.

We’ve had the sectional for about a month now, and I’ve never seen my boys treat something so well. I let them abuse our previous couches because they were old and ragged and I just didn’t care, so the transition had me a little worried. I haven’t had to make them run a single lap though. Once I saw boy number #2 about to climb onto the couch with a banana, and boy #1 said “Levi, don’t eat on the couch….it cost more than our car, remember?”


And just for the record, I wasn’t lying to them. The couch is nice, yes, but what the boys don’t realize is that we drive crappy cars. My minivan is 15 years old with 180,000 miles, but it’s a Honda and refuses to quit. I’d upgrade, but it’s only worth about $2,500 and works perfectly. Also, I look cool driving it, so there’s always that to consider.

ANYWAY, let’s get on with the review, shall we? Because saying the sectional is pretty and I love it is actually a pretty terrible review. So here we go.

Timber Leather Sectional Review


Leather sectional from Article

My family and I think this sectional is extremely comfortable. The cushions are firm but soft and I wouldn’t change them at all. The proportions are just right, it’s deep without being too deep and everything is the perfect height. The seat is 19 inches from the ground (the Mello was 16 and felt a little low to me) and the back is 32 inches (Mello was 26) and both are right where they should be. Both the Timber and the Mello are super comfortable, my husband says the Mello was slightly more comfortable than this one, and I think the opposite. Both are great though and you can’t go wrong. This is our first piece leather furniture and I definitely prefer it over fabric, though sometimes it feels a bit cold and I sit on a blanket instead of directly on the leather.


Article furniture quality

Article leather furniture

This is by far the nicest piece of furniture I have ever owned, and the quality seems great. The leather full grain aniline and feels thick and wonderful, the whole thing seems very well made. The place where the two pieces connect has great, easy to attach fasteners that hold everything in place. Our old sectional was constantly coming apart and almost impossible to attach, but we won’t ever have that problem with this one. That being said there are some things you should know beforehand or you might be surprised when your sofa arrives.

Here is the sectional with all the cushions removed…

Article furniture assembly

It has fabric underneath, and where cushions meet the is a triangle of extra leather (so you don’t see fabric where the cushions meet).

Article furniture review

Also, the cushions are not solid leather either. Here is the sectional with all the cushions on backwards –

Article leather cushions not 100% leather

From my limited knowledge of things, there are probably three reasons for this. The first is that it cuts costs… good leather is expensive. Second, it lets the cushions breathe, which keeps it from having that balloon effect when you sit on it. And three, leather against leather would be slick, adding fabric helps the cushions to stay in place (and they stay in place very well).

Honest Article furniture review

When you flip them all over you would never know it’s not 100% leather.

Where to buy a leather sectional

MCM sectional

It would be nice to be able to flip the cushions over if something happens to one or rotate them so they don’t go flat, but that would raise the price significantly. You can order replacement cushions though, so at least there is that option.

MCM leather sofa

Also, it is very sturdy despite its legginess, and that wooden mid-century modern legs are some of my favorite details.


Oh, price. This part is a little tricky because everyone has a different idea of what expensive is. For me, a $3,800 sectional is crazy expensive. Keep in mind that I drive a $2,500.00 car though, so my price meter is probably a little off. I shopped for leather sectionals for a long time before snagging this sponsored review, and I can’t tell you how many times I would see one I liked and then find out it was $6,000 – $8,000. So $3,800 is solidly in the mid-range level for price, but the quality feels top notch. Also, you can’t beat the customer service provided by Article, which I can vouch for after making a return.

modern leather sectional for a great price

The Timber comes in three colors, and I surprised myself and ordered the middle color. (BTW, the Timber also comes in a regular sofa, if a sectional isn’t your thing.)

Article leather colors

I thought that the lightest color was what I wanted, but after looking around my house and realizing how much orange we have going in (orangy wood beams, ceiling, doors, future wood floors) I thought that the middle color would stand out a bit more and give it more of a layered look. Maybe I’m wrong and the lighter one was right on the money, but we will never know.

best leather sectional

If I had one complaint about the couch, it’s that it is a little small for our living room. I wish there was the option to buy an additional seat to add into the middle, because I would do that ASAP.  With the extra space Adam is getting himself all excited about a recliner though, so I’m thinking a recliner, a fun colored loveseat, and some end tables might be in our future. We will see.

Overall, I’m very happy and would 100% recommend buying from Article. In fact, I already bought a runner for the mudroom from them (which is great quality) and am seriously eyeing their Sven velvet loveseat. Buying anything online without being able to see it first is scary (especially furniture that you will have for a decade or more), but customer service and their whole return process was so great that the reward definitely outweighs the risk.

Article Mello vs. Timber

So what do you think, do you prefer the Mello or the Timber? Would you ever buy furniture online, sight unseen?


Choosing a leather sectional for your space

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  1. Great review! I do prefer the Timber in your space style wise for sure. I’d agree that the scale is pretty small for that room – excited to see what other prices you pick out to fill it out! :)

  2. The Timber looks SO much better. No, I don’t think I could buy
    online. I have enough trouble with simple online purchases.
    However, the easy return is a plus !

  3. Yes I would buy from Article specifically. I’ve seen so many positive reviews about quality and easy returns.

    Two years ago i saved and saved to buy my dream couch with cash. I shopped all over and settled on a local furniture company that allowed me to select a custom fabric from their design books. I did my homework i thought. It didnt even take me a week to realize the fabric was terrible and should never have been offered as upholstery and the fabric warranty i purchased is basically worthless. I spent so much money and am not happy with the quality or return/customer service. Sorry… long story. But after hearing about such good customer service, yes I would definitely try Article!

  4. A great Canadian company started in Vancouver where I live, so proud. They have done very well for themselves and created great products and over and over I read about the wonderful customer service. My next couch is going to be an Article. Thanks for posting such a great review.

  5. Hugely better! The first was very squat …. even if it had a better footprint for your great room. I’m with your husband … lots of lovely room for a recliner!

  6. Love the switch out. It looks great! I also am dying over your story about telling your boys. I can picture the scene and love the detail of how you won them over to actually listen. Definite mom win!

  7. Love the timber! I purchase many things online but I’m not brave enough to to order a couch, too many variables you can’t tell by a photo like comfort, feel of fabric, color,etc. and then returning it! Not for me:)

  8. The Timber looks so much better! Glad your family likes it too!

    I’ve bought a lot of furniture online, simply because it’s the easiest way if one doesn’t own a car. My experience was… mixed, in a way. Some items are great, but most are not so. Also a lot of furniture arrived slightly damaged.

  9. The new couch brings warmth to the room and the medium color is perfect. As I’m going through the same thing, I know it takes time to make a house feel and look just right, especially on a budget! I appreciate that your choices are thoughtful and personalized for your family. You’ve created a beautiful home to be proud of!

  10. I definitely prefer the timber and also would say it’s a little small for your space. I have a leather sofa from Costco and a recliner so we could totally swap sofas????! I hate how recliners look but man ,they are so comfortable!

  11. I’m so glad you posted the final results after you returned the Mello. The Timber looks fantastic! Oh, and I love the color you chose; it’s perfect. Thanks for providing so many great details about your experience. I buy most of our furniture online (we live in a very rural area) and am looking forward to using Article in the future.

  12. I think you will be very happy. I bought my first good leather sectional 15 years ago when my youngest child was 3. It looks similar to what you bought in quality._ no leather underneath, cushions, etc. Semianeline, all real topgran leather. One of theBest choices I ever made. It has held up to 3 kids, 2 dogs, 2 cats for 15 years. It still is super comfy if slightly scuffy. It will still shoe polish up nicely though. I’m going to give it to my oldest if I can find something else I like. I’m cheap and it’s killing me how much more expensive leather has gotten. I know its worth it but i ‘ve been shopping for 6 months and have come to the conclusion I’m goi g to be spending pretty close to what you spent.

    Oh, I always llet my kids eat on the couch and never ever had a problem. My paranoia was sharp stuff. No one was allowed to use scissors while sitting on the couch. I have no issues except a tiny nibble on the side/rear where the rabbit took a taste. But it is against the wall and doesn’t show. I am optimistic this new couch will last even longer now that the kids are grown and the dogs are old.

  13. It ‘s dispensing very Classy and vintage look because of Timber and Leather, Imagine how it would look if we add some technological advancement in this home and make it modern as well.

  14. You definitely made the right decision. I also agree with what another person said about buying more of the Mello … I’m still trying to decide between the Cigar (sofa Mello), the Timber or the Sven in the lighter camel color… Did you find the Mello to be too deep at 27 in ? I read the Timber is 23in not sure that’s deep enough . What did you think about their depth..
    Great job on the review

  15. We’ve been thinking about buying some Article furniture for our new house. Super helpful review. Thank you so much for sharing.

    That said – you have great taste in couches! That Mello is cute! But, I think you made the right choice. Your room is really open feeling and the Timber fits great! The Mello is too blocky and solid looking, so it kind of breaks up the visual flow of your room. The Timber just fits right in. It looks fantastic! Great choice.

    Thanks again for the review!!

  16. These two Article review posts were super helpful, thank you! I was wondering how the couch has aged. The biggest negative that you see online about Article is that the cushions give out early and don’t age well. I was wondering if they have held up ok since you first got the couch to now? We are seriously considering the timber (in the non-sectional variety) and that is my only remaining concern.

    1. So far so good with the cushions! All of them look as good as new, so far. My kids tend to sit and lean on the armrest ones a lot, so I foresee those wearing out first. I do wish that you could flip, rotate, or switch the armrest ones in some way to even out the wear, but that’s not a possibility. That’s probably my only complaint.

  17. Love your article and about telling the boys it costs more than your cars – my husband and I both laughed out loud!! I have been wanting a Sven velvet sofa for a while now and I have only heard good things about it. However, I need a sectional and I am really hoping they will come out with a Sven sectional with add ons to make it as big as you want like you were saying. I definitely think even more people would buy. Thanks again for your review. It just makes me want one even more now!!

  18. I’m wanting this sectional for my next house I’m just wondering how ‘long’ both sides are? Are they the exact length and just meet in the triangle section? If that makes sense?? It does look beautiful though, good color choice also.

  19. Hi Ashley! I have been looking at the Article leather sofas but some of the reviews I’ve read state the cushions wear quickly and start to look wrinkled and lumpy. How has yours held up so far? Thanks!

  20. How is the Timber holding up one year later? Thinking about getting it in the Tan and Honey Oak but concerned about scratching as we have a big dog.

  21. Any update on how the sofa is wearing after a year or so? I have concern about the armrest pillows and whether or not they stand up or start to look flattened, collapsed etc. I would appreciate any update you can provide! Thanks for the great initial review!

  22. I’m considering the Timber for our next couch. How has it held up over the past year? Does it still look and feel as nice as when you bought it?

  23. I love the Timber choice as well. Being that it’s so short and sits right on the floor, the Mello sort of looked like it was missing its legs! I think furniture with legs makes a room look much more airy.

  24. I read this blog about a year ago- now I find myself re-reading as I am seriously considering the Timber. I have noticed a few couches from article that are leather on Instagram that look as if the cushions are sagging…wondering how your cushions have held up? Thanks!

  25. Thank you for the review. You sold me on Article – I just need to decide between Timber or Sven and velvet or leather (I have 2 dogs that don’t care how much my car is worth). Also hoping for any Labor Day specials??????

  26. We got the Echo (gray) sofa three years ago from Article. While it’s the most expensive furniture I’ve ever bought, it’s also about the nicest piece in the house and I have some hand-crafted, custom pieces that cost nearly as much. I shopped for two years to find a couch for our new house that was full-grain. Article was one of the ONLY places that offered it and still had it within reach for us money-wise. I even called and talked to someone to make sure it was truly FULL GRAIN leather, not some split or manufactured mess. (We’ve been through that, never again.) It still looks great, after three years and is the perfect piece for our mid-century/modern farmhouse interior. I made some pillows from fabric swatches to go with it and they really pop on top of that gray leather. Glad you like your final pick, you made the right choice!

  27. Thank you so much for your terrific review – it’s been so helpful in deciding to go with Article’s Timber sectional.

  28. Question! How is the Timber holding up long-term? We are thinking of purchasing from Article (fabric not leather) but have seen some troubling reviews about the longevity of the pieces ..

  29. We just got the Timber ourselves and we are like you were with your first one. This is so small. Yeah, it is 90 inches wide and we think it is small. I think the low back has something to do with it, and my old couch as a single guy was a smaller sectional but was overall very big. We got the Charme Tan color too and it is a weird color. Looks decent in low light but with a lot of light, especially with “soft” or warm color temperature bulbs, it looks almost albino, something all the pictures, even the customer ones, didn’t really show. We don’t love it. The one sofa we did love was the Crate and Barrel 98″ Gather sofa. The leather is absolutely amazing and it is built really well. Problem is it is $4400. We can get a 15% discount but dang it’s still a lot. We figured 90″ would be just fine but that plus the weird color will probably make us return this thing, and that bums me out.

  30. I know this was written a few years ago so hopefully you see this. I am obsessed with the Mello sectional- and I am SO scared to commit. Like you, $3,800 is a lot for me to spend on a couch. Especially since I have two little boys and a big dog. Did you find that the back was too low on the Mello? I know the SEAT was too low for you but for me it is the same height as my current sofa so I think that would be fine, but the back is the only thing holding me back. Is it awkwardly sized? My ceilings in my living room are low so in theory it would look ok to me. But in terms of comfort, do you feel unsupported with your back on the couch? Like if you were watching TV? I know this is so specific but…. $3,800!!!

    1. This was a long time ago and we only had it in our house for a very short period of time…but from what I can remember, yes, the back was too low. The couch was very comfortable and so pretty and I wanted to love it, but I remember feeling like I couldn’t relax on it in a sitting position without putting my arms on top of the back to support myself.

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