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Master Bedroom Progress and the Nicest Draperies I’ve Ever Owned

Progress has been happening in the master bedroom! We haven’t done any big projects (there still isn’t a ceiling or a floor) it’s mostly just been me shopping and dreaming, and its been fun. Last month I posted the plans for the room and showed you these before pictures –

true state of master bedroom

master bedroom

This is the design mock-up I came up with (it’s not great, but you get the picture) –

olioboard master bedroom

And here are some of the updates I made –

nicest draperies

There is still plenty to do, but it is certainly a huge improvement. The biggest upgrade is the window coverings…nothing makes an empty house feel more like a home than curtains and plants. My husband has been calling our bedroom “the greenhouse” since we moved in, it’s covered in windows and bright all the time. Because of his schedule he sometimes sleeps during the day (plus the baby sleeps in here) and window coverings were long overdue.

Barn and Willow Draperies

The draperies and roman shades are from Barn & Willow, and they are by leaps and bounds the nicest I have ever owned. They are an off-white linen, which I choose from an array of very neutral and adult colors that they offer.

Barn and Willow

Mine are the bottom center color, and if you want to see them all you can order free samples through this link.

For the limestone wall that our bed is on, I went with roman shades.  I wanted to be able to block the light without covering the windows features or drilling holes that I’ll regret.

roman shade

The linen is pretty much an exact match for the limestone and looks like it was meant to be there all along.

I went back and forth about the window coverings for the french doors. I originally planned on getting roman shades for those as well, but then decided that room really needed some soft elements and went with full-length draperies instead. It was the right move, they look amazing and are very functional.

Master Bedroom Draperies

I chose to have them privacy lined (you can also do sheers and blackout) and it lets some light in but blocks out a majority of it. Blackout probably would make more sense for most bedrooms, but since ours has four windows nearby that won’t/can’t get coverings, blackout curtains would have been an exercise in futility.

privacy lined curtains

Everything from Barn & Willow is custom made, and they even have an auto-sizing calculator to help you with measurements. I wanted mine to look full even when they’re shut and ordered them in double width, so each panel is twice as wide as the door it’s covering. They are hung with drapery hooks and rings (the curtain rod is from Target and the rings are from Amazon), and I also added an acrylic drapery wand to make opening and closer easier and keep our dirty hands off the clean white drapes.

drapery rings and hooks

roman shades

The nightstands are actually console tables that I found at a place called Nadeau. They have locations nationwide but don’t sell online, and I got them for $127 each. I really wanted  something with spindle legs that could also function as a writing desk, and I couldn’t believe it when I came across these solid wood ones for such a reasonable price. They originally were a bright turquoise but we painted them white (which was hard for my color loving self).

linen shades and limestone wall

I added a wicker chair from World Market to my side and it is a great place to write. I’m actually writing this post from it right now, and after six years of blogging from the armrest of my couch I’m feeling mighty professional. The lamps are from Walmart and the sheets are from Pottery Barn (though this pattern is discontinued, I bought them on super clearance last year).

master bedroom plants

The basket is from Serena & Lily, an online store that sells luxury home products. Late last year they sent me this basket to use somewhere in my house, and I plan to use it to hold toys in the boys playroom. The playroom isn’t a playroom yet though, so until then it’s a bedroom fern holder.

bedroom plants

We also added windows sills (they still need to be grouted in place) that are old rustic Elm. We really wanted to use limestone slabs as window sills, but the quote came back at $450 for two of them, not installed. So instead we did wood, for free. $450…good grief. In the picture above the planter is from Crate & Barrel, the wire basket is from Target, and the bison pillow is from Etsy. The fiddle leaf fig I actually bought online from Home Depot online, after I couldn’t find one in person anywhere. It arrived in a few days in perfect condition and has already grown a few new leaves. Crossing my fingers that I don’t kill it.

bedroom nightstand

So that’s the tour.  I love the way it’s coming along and can’t wait for the next step (hopefully the wood ceiling, having a drop cloth ceiling is getting ridiculous). Also, if you’d like to order from Barn & Willow you can use the code BW&DOMESTICIMPERFECTION for an extra 10% off.

master bedroom

master bedroom decorations

dream master bedroom

*Barn & Willow gave me a deep discount on their products in exchange for a review and spreading the word about their company. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. We no longer have curtain of any kind due to a massive purge post bedbug infestation. Just pull shades. Gosh, this post makes me miss my curtains.

  2. Everything is looking beautiful and “grown up” ? I ordered a fiddle leaf fig from Home Depot also and mine has done great! Mine is in a west shaded window and it seems to love it there! I probably give it a cup or so of water every other week.
    We have a Nadeau here in Nashville and I’ve never been. Now I’ll have to!

  3. The curtains are so nice, we just got the privacy lined curtains in our room and it made such a difference! But it still lets in some light (which I love). Your end tables are beautiful! Such a great idea for dual purpose for them. Happy writing in your space!

  4. What a lovely, serene space. I’m crazy about that basket! It looks perfect there, too bad it can’t stay. Such a nice place to write, too. Have the kids figured out where you disappear to yet? Lol

  5. This is looking gorgeous! Nice texture on the coverlet and I love the temporary fern holding basket, actually. I wish I weren’t so sensitive to light at night but in the last few years I’ve begun to need a pitch black room to get my best night’s sleep. Blackout liner is not as drapey as one might wish.

  6. The basket is way too nice for a kids room. Boys would squash it all to heck. It’s perfect where it is. Find something else for the kids.

  7. Hi Ashley,
    Love the look in your master bedroom! It looks so serene.
    May I ask what style Roman shade you chose?
    Thank you :)

  8. Beautiful! What are the brand of your exterior glass doors? Are they fiberglass stained to look wood or real wood? Love all your picks!

  9. Your stone wall with the wood atop the windows is spectacular! I love the spindly leg desks / nightstands, and you are definitely right about the softness of the drapes. It looks perfect. We are twelve year into renovating an 1880s Victorian in Massachusetts… and I’ve yet to decorate or furnish. But like you, everything is functional. And we have an amazing kitchen. We did set a deadline of this year for finishing and we’ve been making headway by leaps and bounds. As has the balance in our savings account :)

  10. The curtains are so nice, we just got the privacy lined curtains in our room and it made such a difference! But it still lets in some light (which I love). Your end tables are beautiful! Such a great idea for dual purpose for them. Happy writing in your space!

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