Adding Length to a Shower Curtain

It all started when I fell in love with the 
Mosaic Shower Curtain
 from World Market. I already had a perfectly good shower curtain from Target, but it was kiddie themed..and as much as I try I just don’t like kid stuff. So I ditched it. This one is beautiful (although it – and the entire bathroom – photograph terribly), but it has the same problem that 99% of shower curtains have. It is too dang short. It’s like my bathtub is wearing high water.

Too short shower curtain

If I hang it to where it covers everything it looks too small, and if I raise it to where I want it to be then it doesn’t even cover the tub. Not okay. So I found fabric that (kinda sorta) matched and set out to make my beautiful short curtain into a beautiful long one. I made my fabric about three times as wide as the curtain so that I could make ruffles. To make big ruffles all you do is loosely sew a thread the length of the fabric and then bunch the fabric up on that thread. I hope that makes sense, and if not the pictures should help…

making ruffles

Then I sewed it to the back of my curtain.

lengthening curtains

BAM, floor-length curtain.

add fabric to your shower curtain to make it longer

Except I didn’t like it all that much, so I added two lengths of brown ribbon along the seam, and it looked much better.

add fabric to your shower curtain to make it longer

How to make a shower curtain

Raising my curtain rod made my liner too short as well and I didn’t want to buy another longer one, so I ripped up some fabric, tied it on a loop, and made it long enough to cover the tub. It’s ghetto for sure, but no one can see it. Unless of course you’re taking a shower, but in that case I hopefully know me well enough not to be surprised by this.

Add length to your liner

While I’m snapping pictures of my bathroom I just had to take the time to tell you about a little something that you MUST buy if you have little kids. Yes it’s a toilet lid and seat, and it is amazing. I love it about as much as you can love something that goes on a toilet.

built in potty seat for toilet

It’s the Bemis child/adult built in potty seat and it is perfect. It’s not really a seat at all, it’s just a regular toilet lid that has a built-in toddler seat that attaches to the top with a magnet. We’ve had a separate seat, and it was disgusting to clean out, and the ones that sit on the toilet end up getting carried around the house. Anyway, I know that’s random in a shower curtain post, but I had to share in case I can save someone else the trouble of buying three different kid potties.

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  1. I love the ribbons added to the shower curtain. It really ties it all together and makes it look like it was made that way and not an after thought. Great job!

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