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Rustic Glam Wall Clock

Simple way to dress up any clock, making it bigger and more rustic
For years now Adam and I have had this ridiculous bedtime routine. We put the kids to bed, and after that we pretty much just veg on the couch, snack, talk, and binge watching whatever we are currently binge watching on Netflix.

Then comes that time where it’s starting to get late, and Adam asks me “what time is it?” He’s super responsible at bedtime and goes to sleep at a completely reasonable time….me on the other hand, not so much. When I’m not 38 weeks pregnant and exhausted I usually start going through pictures and writing blog posts when he goes to sleep.

Anyway, after he asks that inevitable question we both look around the room, as if expecting the time to flash before our eyes. But we can’t see the oven clock from the couch, and neither one of us is volunteering to get up and go look at it.

me: “I have no idea what time it is”

Adam: “Well, check on your phone”

me: “I don’t know where my phone is”

Adam: “WHY do you never have your phone”

me: “I don’t know…just check on your phone”

Adam: “crap, I swear it was right here next to me…”

me: “Hmmm, interesting. Well when you find your phone can you call mine?”

Adam: “Yes, but I still need to know if have to go to bed…grab that laptop.”

So I grab the laptop, open it, wait for it to load, check the time. “It’s 10:08, so we can finish this episode.”

Adam and I are not lazy people…except when it comes being productive after the kids go to bed or buying a wall clock, evidently. That’s just too much to ask.

So when Better Homes and Gardens informed me that this months challenge theme was “rustic charm” I decided it was time to finally bite the bullet and buy a clock already. Fortunately BHG at Walmart has a ton of wall clock options (this isn’t even all of them)….

Better Homes and Gardens Wall Clocks

1 /2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 11 / 12

My favorite by far was the distressed gold mirror clock for $35 (the most expensive one, of course).

BHG Mirror Clock

Although this clock is great on its own, I wanted it to be bigger and more rustic. Fortunately this was a pretty easy (and free) problem to solve. I started at the stack of scrap wood in our garage…

messy garage

(okay, so maybe we’re also lazy when it comes to cleaning the garage.)

I pulled out an armload of cedar planks and set them up in the yard to get painted. Then I told the boys that if they cleaned up ALL of their toys and puzzles (oh my gosh, the puzzles! WHY do they have to do them all at the same time?) I would let them paint the planks for me.


They’re so innocent…they have no idea that I’m rewarding a chore with a chore. It’s like at dinner when I tell them that if they eat all their broccoli I will give them a handful of blueberries. These are the times when I feel like I can actually succeed at this whole mom thing.

Their painting was a sloppy mess, but it didn’t matter since I was distressing the planks anyway. I just used the orbital and went over them lightly.

distressed white planks

Then I grabbed a scrap piece of plywood and started glueing the planks to it, putting glue on the back and both edges. If you don’t have a messy garage full of scrap wood to use, you could do the same thing with free pallet wood using this tutorial.

plank canvas

Next I clamped it all together and weighted it down so everything could dry. Ignore the plywood circle, that’s just me messing things up before I get them right.


I waited a full day for it to dry, cut out the biggest circle I could with a jigsaw, and mounted it into studs on the wall.

plank clock base

Then I mounted the clock onto its new plank base, just like I would have done on the wall.

Large rustic clock

I think it looks great, the perfect mix of rustic and glam.

mirror clock

Rustic Glam Clock

I have to admit though, after so many years of the whole “what time is it?” bedtime debacle, it’s really weird for husband to be like “alright, it’s 10:30…time for bed.” Plus, now I can REALLY never find my phone.

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*Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Love it! I love that you bought something and still managed to put a personal rustic twist on it. Goes perfectly with your home!!
    I don’t know want it is but I can’t stand ticking clocks like that. They make me nervous or something. I remember sleepovers at my Gramma’s house when I was little and she had a grandfather clock that would chime during the night and it would keep me up (don’t tell her she’d feel so bad. hahaha). Maybe it’s a childhood scar I’ll never get over, but either way, my hubs just found his wall clock from grad school and I was like, “Yeah no sorry we aren’t hanging that up!” :)

    1. Ha, thats funny about the ticking clocks. Growing up we always had a grandfather clock, and it would loudly chime every fifteen minutes and ding once for each hour (so 12 for noon and midnight). I never even noticed it, but when friends would spend the night they would have trouble sleeping because if it. So I love ticking clocks…though I can’t hear this one. Too bad :)

  2. Your evenings sound a lot like ours! I like how the clock fits in with your plank theme. Definitely rustic-glam :)

  3. Clock looks great! Love the fact that you let your boys do painting and woodwork, etc.! My favorite is the one with the gears…wonder if they have it at our Wally? BTW my comment didn’t show up on your land post for some reason…so, anyway, looks like a lot of hard work but fun (you guys are young) and we used to do that kind of thing too, back in the day :) Your little cuties will have a blast! 38 wks, should be any day now? Yay!!

    1. Oh Ellie…tell me again how young I am! I know it’s true, but right now everything hurts and I’m exhausted…I feel about 100. I went to the doctor today and he said I’m sealed up tight and should expect to be overdue. Fun fun! Trying to enjoy this last week (or two), but it’s proving difficult.

      Also, I’ve seen that gear clock at both Walmarts I’ve been to in the last month, hopefully they have it at yours!

  4. Love the new clock but I have to tell you that when I looked at the picture of the clock you bought still in the box I thought it had a wildlife background. Then when you pictured the final product all glam and rustic like I thought “that’s not the same clock….the other one had grass and stuff in the background.” Oye. LOL

  5. They’re so innocent…they have no idea that I’m rewarding a chore with a chore. AHAHA this is my favorite Auntie trick. I got my sister’s kids to clean their playroom by promising they could play ‘sock go fish,’ which is secretly just pairing socks.

  6. Wow, that clock is amazing! I especially love that first picture with the beautiful grass reflection!! And of course you made it even better with the wooden background. So inspirational!

  7. This is a great idea for making a clock have a bigger presence without going completely DIY. Large wall clocks are sooo expensive. By the way, I love the picture where you can see your camera in the reflection. That happens to me all the time! What’s a blogger to do?

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