Life and Pregnancy Update

Hey everyone! SO sorry I fell off the face of the earth right after dropping that pregnancy bomb, my computer died and has been in the repair shop. I tried to get it fixed through Apple, but they quoted me $500 to get it working again…which I just can’t/won’t do. Fortunately I found a local guy to get it working again for about $100…unfortunately it took me a month to get all this computer stuff figured out. But now everything is running smoothly again and I have my baby back. Oh how I missed her.

Anyway, a few things have happened since we last talked…

1) We had a GIANT hailstorm come through, and its looking like were going to replace the roof on BOTH houses (along with other things). We have USAA insurance on our current house and they have been awesome. I’ve never made an insurance claim on anything in my life, but I have to say that USAA has made it an almost a pleasant experience. Now we are trying to hire contractors to replace the roof, gutters, and broken windows, and unfortunately it’s going to push back listing the house by a bit. We haven’t heard anything back from the insurance on the new house, but hopefully it turns out as well and this one. Dealing with hail damage and fixing things that didn’t need fixing was definitely not on the list of things Adam and I wanted to do this month (there are plenty of other things on that list), but crap happens, and it might even turn out for the best in the long run.

metal roof with hail damage

2) We bought a new car! Adam finally replaced his two-seater truck with something he can put kids in, which I am oh-so-grateful for.  And when I say new car I don’t actually mean new, he replaced his 2003 truck with a 2003 suburban. We are now the proud owner of two large, brown, old cars…we’re pretty much the essence of cool. #lifegoals

2003 Suburban

3) Things keep chugging along at the new house. The painting is finished, the railing is going in, septic in almost finished, doors are in, and we finally have electricity and lights. I have so many blog posts to write about the new house that I don’t know how I will ever catch up (but I will!).

rustic open floor plan

4) We are still chugging away at the old house. It is absolutely crazy how many little things we never finished, and how many things that were finished now need to be spruced up. We’ve been painting, caulking, cleaning, replacing trim, and doing yard work for what seems like forever. It’s looking pretty good though, and now I’m starting the process of packing things into boxes and moving big furniture items to the new house.

A room filled with furniture and a window

Alright, so now that all those updates are out if the way, let’s talk pregnancy. I’m 19 weeks and due October 19th. This is where I am supposed to insert a cute pic of me and my bump, but I haven’t even taken one…all I have are two pics at family weddings. This one is from Adams brothers wedding in April, when I was 11 weeks.


And this one is from his sister’s wedding last weekend, at 19 weeks (after I was all sweaty and my hair had fallen out, but whatever.)

19 weeks

I’m feeling good, just tired… but that’s to be expected when you’re growing a person (and keeping three others alive, building a house, selling another, moving, working, etc. Our new life motto is “Embrace the chaos.”)

The boys love to talk about what they want to name the baby, and while Elijah’s selections change each time Levi’s stays very consistant….he wants to name the baby “Carrots”.

baby #4 at nine weeks

(Carrots at 9 weeks)

So the timing is….well…interesting. Let’s just say it isn’t my timing. We wanted more kids so we’re definitely excited, it’s just it’s probably the busiest time of our lives so far, and being pregnant and having a newborn during this time wasn’t exactly on my radar. It’s good though, I’m feeling kicks and movements all the time now and just can’t wait to meet this tiny little human.  So the timing, while kinda crazy, also feels a little meant to be. My first two boys are 19 months apart, then there’s a 3 1/2 your gap between number two and three. My third was due just a few days before number one’s fifth birthday, and this baby is due the day before number two’s fifth birthday. Which is basically a confusing way of saying I will have two sets of kids, pretty much to the day.

I took a video of us telling the kids I’m pregnant, and it is just so sweet. I could watch Levis excited little giggle on repeat and never get tired of it. We waited until the last possible moment to tell them (just in case), so this is us in the car on the way to an ultrasound…

And now, for the three most common questions I get asked…

Are you going to find out the gender? We’ve never found out the gender with any of our previous babies, and I really enjoyed the surprise. Earlier in this pregnancy (right after we told the boys) Adam and I decided we would find this one out at the 20 week ultrasound, since 1) the boys really want to know, 2) we are moving into a new house and it would be nice to know who is going where, and 3) I’ve always thought a gender reveal party sounded fun. Although, the closer I get to 20 weeks the more I’m second guessing our decision to find out…so who knows. We will probably decide in the ultrasound room.

Are you hoping for a girl? I get asked this question almost everyday and I fumble my way through it every. single. time. It’s such a loaded question. I would be absolutely thrilled to have four sons. Really, I’m not just saying that. I love my boys and I’m a good boy mama… I’m all for dirt, bugs, forts, wrestling, and fart jokes. What a privilege to be able to raise four young men to send out into the world. That being said, I have three sons and this is our last child, so yeah, I’d love a daughter. I think that pretty much goes without saying.

Will you be in the new house before the baby comes? Yes, we should definitely be moved into the new house….but it will be far, far, far from being finished. Will have working showers and toilets, but we likely won’t have all our cabinets or countertops, anything in our closets, definitely no flooring or things of that nature. Embrace the chaos.


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  1. Hey, first I’ve heard! Congratulations! You’ll be one busy lady with everything combined, but you might as well get it all over with at once…while you’re still young enough…right?! Then you can relax? in your big beautiful house!

  2. Congratulations! So exciting! I moved into our first house less than a month before my second was born (after months of failed attempts to buy a house and hiding my pregnancy from the bank!) so I somewhat understand the stress, “embrace the chaos” is a great motto! And I don’t think there ever is a “right time” anyway ;)

  3. OMG! I just wanna take you all home and squeeze you and hug you and keep you forever! You guys are just the sweetest family I ever ever knew! Ashley, you look Goddess-like! I wish to heck I had looked as gorgeous as you do, hair down and all.
    Man, I think doing what you are all doing is heroic. Storms (read about them online), pregnancy, kidlets, hubby (I still want to know if you can clone him!), houses…Awww I am busting with Hallmark movie sweetness right now looking at you guys! Massive hugs to you all, from Australia!

  4. Congratulations Ashley, I wish you all the best.
    I am a huge fan of your blog and for months I wanted to ask you why you use metal roofs on Texas. Isn’t crazy hot there? I am from Greece and architecture here is very different than yours. I understand that you don’t have time to explain but if any of your readers like to tell me I would appreciated it. Good luck with everything and keep being gorgeous!

    1. It IS crazy hot in Texas, and humid. Most homes here use metal roofing, at least in our rural area. We chose it for a few reasons, the first being that we love the look. The only other option that people use around here is asphalt shingle (or tile, but that is rare) and we just don’t like how it looks. Metal roofing also has a lifespan that is 2-3 times longer than a shingle roof and is less prone to problems. Metal is also better in hot climates because it reflects the heat (especially light colored ones like ours) and cools down much faster after the sun sets. Unfortunately they are not immune to baseball sized hail, but hey…what is?

  5. I’m glad to hear you’re well! I was wondering if you were feeling dreadful. What an exciting time of your life. I think “embrace the chaos” is a perfect motto. My first three were similar age gaps to yours, and I wanted to have two sets of children too, but after number three my ex put his foot down and said no more. So, three it was! (Cause both parents kind of need to be into it. Ya know.)
    What a colossal drag about the storm damage. Been there, done that. We had a 100 year storm the NIGHT BEFORE we moved into our new house. Mere hours before we were to turn over the key to the new owners, there was first sewer backup and then overland flooding, with the water pouring in over the foundation ledge seemingly right through the pores of the drywall. We had been storing all our boxes in the crawl space so there was a TON of damage. While we were down trying to bail out and bring up our boxes and save the piano etc, our friend knocked on the door and said they’d been to the new house (which was unoccupied), looked in the window and all they could see in there was the shine of water in the dark… The next morning we moved in horizontal rain and gale force winds, no moving company, just a utility trailer and a bunch of friends. When we got to the new house we were told we couldn’t move in so we had to put all our furniture and boxes into the detached garage and leave them there and go stay with our friend for 5 days. My youngest was 8 at the time, and we went for a drive on one of those days and he started crying. When we asked him what was the matter, he said he was worried because we were homeless….it was so pathetic and yet hard not to snort with laughter. We then had a terrible time with the insurance company – the overland flooding invalidated the sewage policy, and the sewage backup made us ineligible for the government overland flooding program. That was on the old house. The insurance on the new one was not going to cover it either, because they said the home was unoccupied, but we went to war on that and won, as the owner was checking on the house every 48 hours. It would have been their mess but we would have had to deal with it, so that was a relief. I’m glad you are having good luck with your insurance company. It was all super stressful, but in the end we survived and got both homes all fixed up, and you will too!
    Your family is beautiful, as always. I think Eli was a bit nonplussed when you first told him that news, lol. They’re so sweet. Enjoy and treasure these days and moments, because someday they will all be in the rear-view mirror. (Ah, but then come grandbabies!! They are THE BEST.)

  6. I’m so glad you’re back! Even though I get an email every time you post something, I kept checking your website to make sure I hadn’t missed anything ?

    1. Yes, if we find out I will definitely spill the beans! I’m telling you right now though…it’s a boy. I’m calling it early.

  7. We also have USAA and they really came through for us when I was in an auto accident. We would never switch even if the premiums with another company were cheaper.

    It is exciting to see everything coming along with your new house. I enjoy all of your posts and look forward to seeing the progress of your home.

    Last, but not least, you look quite lovely in your expectant state.

  8. Wow Sis-you are really making headway in the old house photos. I’m amazed by you but then again I’ve always thought you’re pretty amazing! I’ll give Adam and the boys some credit too because I’m sure they helped. So looking forward to helping you guys outside our own projects soon. When you said maybe it’s for the best I just want to compliment your positiveness in a mess!!

  9. Congratulations! Everything is life-changing and so exciting! And I’m going to adopt your “embrace the chaos” motto myself. I’ve got 1, 3 and 5 year olds and my husband has started traveling 50 percent of the time. Ahhhhh!!! We’ll move in a few years, most likely to a fixer upper, so I’m banking all your wonderful ideas and advice! — Your friend Kate over at

  10. Your new home looks awesome! I can definitely see the progress you have made. Outdoor renovations can be tough to get started on, especially if you haven’t found the right contractor for the job. Keep up the hard work, though, and everything will come together soon! Thanks for sharing and keeping us posted!

  11. I LOVE your response to the “are you hoping for a girl” question. What a wonderful take on it. I have friends that get asked that a lot, and I have even been asked myself with 1 boy! How fun for them to have brothers.

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