Valentines Day “Hey Girl” Features

Is it just me, or was this “Hey Girl” link party a huge success? I never expected so many link ups…almost 200 so far! I’ve read every single one and I can honestly say that I now know exactly what women want. If y’all would just send your husbands over to read through all these links then they will discover exactly what I did, that women are simple creatures. All we really want are three tiny little things…

1) We want to wear pajamas – baggy, paint covered, mismatched, horrible pajamas – for days on end and have our men think we look sexy and beautiful. Why get dressed when you’ve not going anywhere AND you look so darn great in his old Sponge Bob boxers?

2) We want him to watch all of the kids and run errands/cook/clean while we relax/watch TV/get a massage/drink wine. Oh and we want him to be really excited about it, of course. I don’t know why he wouldn’t be, sounds awesome.

3) We want to start projects and then have him finish them when we get tired/bored…and it would be great if he would take pictures for our blogs along the way.

See? And men think we’re some big mystery…silly men.

(Oh, and I also learned I evidently need to be watching some show called Downton Abby, cause that’s what most of you want to do while your husbands finish your projects and watch the kids.)

I came up with four hey girls and I was sure that the “poop in the tub” one was going to steal the show….

Hey Girl

I was very wrong though, you guys fell hard for little Levi and his incessant need to snuggle.


This kid literally asks to be held hundreds – maybe even thousands – of times a day. He even says “hold me” while I’m holding him. I’m trying to enjoy all his adorable neediness while it lasts, but he’s not making it easy. Gosh he is cute though.

So, without further adieu  let me show you a few of my favorites from the party. BTW, it is going to remain open until Sunday, so if you haven’t hey girled your man yet you still have time!

So here we go…

Julia at Cuckoo 4 Design

HairdoI awkwardly snort-giggled at this one for a while. If this picture had no text at all and was linked up completely plain I still would have featured it…it is just that good.

Rachel at Grasping for Objectivity

Noah-Memes-on-Bathing_thumb1Haha, you do what you gotta do to get that bath kid.

Anneke at This, That & Life

Hey-Girl-MINE-2013Oh man, this girl doesn’t even have to ask her man to take blog photos of herself working!

 Michelle at Decor And The Dog

ike pancake_thumb[2]I didn’t awkwardly snort-giggle at this one, I just think that dog is the cutest, sweetest, most thoughtful dog that ever existed. I mean look at him…he wants that pancake SO BAD, but he wants his girl to have it more. That’s love right there people.

Stephanie at Sandpaper & Glue

matthew3LOVE the last sentence…that’s one smart man!

 Amy at Buffalo Roam

Hey girl This is one of my favorites and it takes the top spot for Adam. It’s the look in his eye…this baby has a plan, lol.

Cassie at Primitive & Proper

heygirl3Isn’t it the worst when you dog drags its butt across your rug? We call it “boot scootin” around here, but giving it a cute name doesn’t make it any less gross. This dog is so complementary though, you almost want to tell him to boot scoot his little heart out.

Virginia at LiveLoveDIY

hey girl 3…because wearing correctly sized sweatpants just isn’t comfy enough.

Sarah at Hedengrens

Hey_Girl_recI know that when Adam gets home and the trash is overflowing, the first thing he wants to do is take a picture with it, haha.

Nichole at The Belle and The Beard

IMG_2784Okay this one is my absolute favorite. I read this one late at night, all by myself,  and laughed till my stomach hurt. I can relate to this, and it’s so NOT funny that it is hilarious. Props to you Nichole, props to you.

Nichole at The Belle and The Beard

IMG_3456This one is also from Nichole (she was on a roll!) and made me laugh. I happen to be a GREAT navigator, it’s Adam that is weird for wanting me to tell him to go “northwest” rather than to “take a right at the IHOP”.

Erin at Cali-Land Chic

GorgeousThat’s a supportive blogger husband right there, I bet he even remembered to watermark them.

Jessly at Jess{ly} in Cleveland

img_4173If your going to edit the photos, you might as well and go ahead and write a guest post, right? This guy is obviously working really hard on his roundup post titled “25 budget friendly ways to sweep your girl off her feet for Valentines Day.”

Beth at Unskinny Boppy

Hey-girl1My dear husband has actually said this exact thing many many times. I remember him and I standing in the clipper section at the PX (Army Wal-Mart) doing math. “If we buy THIS set then it should pay for itself in about 4 haircuts…”.  That was seven years ago and I am still cutting his hair (and now two toddlers as well!).

Katy at The Open Door

heygirldoctorHaha, “how you like them apples”….classic.

Leslie at Les is More


Haha, we’re only making our men get rid of their high school tee shirts because they look ragged and disgusting…it’s certainly not because they have gotten way too tight. Well, maybe in the arms a little, but that’s it….right girls?

So Happy Valentines Day to the men in our lives, and thank you for being such good sports!


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  1. Those are really hilarious – actually I cracked up at the poop in the tub one! Such an intense look. But there’s no denying Levi is adorable, if neeeEEEeeedy…

    Happy V Day!

  2. These are great. I love the pups so much I want to go back and redo mine and then use them for Christmas cards. I’m still chuckling over Levi wanting to be held as he’s held. You know some day that’s going to come back to bite you in the form of a Type-A girlfriend cursing you for coddling him right??? ~ Dee

  3. OMG! These are hilarious!! I haven’t checked my email in ages so I didn’t know this was going on but I kept seeing these weird “hey girl” pics at the linky parties. Now I totally get it and they are so funny! I love Nichole’s “I love getting lost with you”!!

  4. I got to re-live a bit of the fun, great features. But really, do we get rid of their old t shirts or recycle them into rags or painting shirts of our own?


  5. This has nothing to do with the “Hey girl” posts (which are fun to read) but I HAD to share that you were featured on Infarrantly Creative blog today!! Soooo exciting!!!

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