“Hey Girl” Linky Party

Welcome to the “Hey Girl” link party! I’m excited…not only is this my first time to host a link party, I also get to soak up all y’alls man meme-ing ridiculousness for the better part of a week.


It was so easy for me to hey girl my kids, but I’ll admit that I had the hardest time hey girling Adam. Everything I came up was either 1) dumb or 2) completely inappropriate. Fortunately I found my hey girling stride and came up with a couple that I think are pretty darn good. Anyway, enjoy.

Hey Girl

A person posing for the camera

Hey Girl


Now it’s your turn! I’m super excited to see what you girls come up with.  Here is how the whole thing is going to work, it’s pretty straightforward. First, find a picture of your man, then hey girl it by adding whatever text you want…as long as it is preceded by “Hey Girl” then your good to go.

*If you’re a blogger, share your hey-girl-ified photos on your blog and invite your readers to come back here to link up too!

*If you’re not blogger, don’t worry! Create your hey girl photos, then upload them to pinterest, flickr or anywhere on the web, and come back here to add them to the party. (Here’s how to upload a pin. Once you upload it, copy the URL and paste it into the link party code.)

*If you don’t have a man then don’t leave just yet, this party is for you too! Just hey girl your dog, a piece of chocolate cake, your coffee mug, your favorite pair of jeans…whatever. Literally.

I’ll be featuring my favorite hey girl link-ups on a special Valentines Day post, and by linking up to this party you are giving me permission to feature your hey girlified photos. Just so you know.

This link-up is being cohosted by four other (hilarious) home bloggers, when you link up to the party it will also show up on each of these girls sites. If you’ve never heard of these blogs you should definitely check them out!

Kelly at View Along the Way, Bliss at Bliss Ranch, Chelsea at Two Twenty One, Michelle at Decor and the Dog

Alright, enough jibber jabber, let’s get this party started!

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  1. ‘You like these guns?’ Bahahahahahaha LOVE that one! Too funny!

    ….also I might be a little obsessed with your kitchen right now. The cabinet colors, the crisp white, THE FLOATING SHELF. All of it. If a kitchen could be dreamy, yours would be it!

    How’s the butcher block holding up around the sink?

  2. Ah ha ha ha ha ha. Best. Link. Party. Ever.!!! (Yeah, most of my first ones were inappropriate too, glad I was able to come up with something clean!).


  3. OMG Ashley. You killed it! Love these, and I did a for-real out-loud laugh when I saw “hold me.” There’s nothing like a solid pair of guns for knocking out some DIY projects. Thanks for participating in this ridiculous mess with me! :)

  4. I love the first one, and every one of your kids! So cute and the sayings are perfect. This is such a fun party, I joined through Bliss Ranch and am having a blast reading all the links. Thanks for hosting!
    Debbie :)

    1. He literacy says “hold me” about 3,000 times a day…he even says “hold me” while I’m holding him. It’s super annoying, but you’ve just reminded me to treasure it. He is pretty stinkin cute :)

  5. I am always looking for a good laugh. This fit the bill….I was just about in tears reading some these! I just shared my hubby /manly man’s pic :)

    1. I was a success! I wasn’t sure what to expect because it’s such a random/useless/ridiculous party, but it has had a great turnout and these linkups are AWESOME!

  6. Lol! That last one STILL has me giggling! Mine would say “hold you” over and over again. He hasn’t quite mastered pronouns yet :P Thanks for hosting—-best link party idea ever!

  7. I really like the third one that Sheila @BTP (#206) posted. Since our discussion around the time of the election, I’m sure you’d like it too.

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