Boys + Bluebonnets = Four (obviously)

If you live in the Texas hill country, springtime bluebonnet pictures are a must. They’re practically a requirement to live here…I’ve heard rumors that if you don’t take at least one bluebonnet picture each year they kick you out of the state. Each spring for the 6-8 weeks the bluebonnets are out you can find cars pulled over on the side of the highway and the occupants are out taking pictures in the flowers. Family pictures, kid pictures, senior pictures, dog pictures, and pictures of middle-aged men and their sports cars… everyone gets in on the fun.

The streets of our new neighborhood are lined with bluebonnets, and every time I drive through it to check on the progress of the new house I have the urge to pull over and do a photoshoot with my boys. It’s either because I think my boys are adorable and growing up way too fast, or from my subconscious desire to not get banished from the state… I can’t be sure. Either way, I gave in.

So first we have Elijah, who is six (and smiles so big that he can’t keep his eyes open).


Then Levi, who is 4 (and a half! Don’t ever let him catch you forgetting the half.)


And Judah, who is 13 months (adorable, snugly, amazing months.)


The photo shoot turned out to be more of a blooper reel, but I did accomplish my mission… to get pictures of all three of my boys in their “Big Brother” t-shirts!

baby announcement picture

Yup…number four will be here in October! Surprise!

baby #4

baby #4 is on the way!

pregnancy announcement blooper

pregnancy announcement (fourth kid)

my three sons

three’s a crowd....but fours a party

the littlest big brother

More details in the next post, promise!

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  1. Oh it’s ok, we don’t need any more details. ;) JK. We have 3 of similar ages to yours and we’re having our surprise in September! Fun times ahead! Congratulations and I hope your house is mostly done by then!

    1. Haha, well not those details! Sounds like you know how it works anyway ;)
      Congrats to you on number four as well! You can share my new motto is you want…”Embrace the chaos”. There’s no fighting it this point, lol.
      Thank you about the house, I am really REALLY hoping we are at least somewhat settled by the time the baby comes, but we will see.

  2. Congratulations! And the pictures are adorable! Fellow Texan approved…though I have only done pictures once (of my oldest of three) in bluebonnets 5 years ago…

  3. Talk about a cliffhanger! Congratulations!! And can’t wait to hear more details…baby and building related!

    1. I know, I’m sorry! I meant to have a follow-up post out on Monday, but my computer broke and I don’t want to blog from my phone. Soon!

  4. Wow! That IS a surprise! At first when I saw the shirt on Judah I thought you put one of the other boys’ shirts on him so he would match the flowers, LOL. Those bluebonnets are so pretty. Up here it’s bluebells everywhere.
    Congratulations, and here’s hoping the house is done. How are you feeling?

    1. Thank you Jan! I’m feeling pretty good, I’m 16 weeks now so most of the yuckiness is fading. I’m still extremely tired, but I think that’s just going to be the new normal.

      Are bluebonnets and bluebells similar? I’m off to Google it…

  5. Your kids are absolutely adorable! I have followed you for a bit and it is so nice to see you are taking lots of everyday pictures. I can see how fast they are growing! The same with my own kids – I don’t know what happened – they’re 17 and 21 now. Time goes so very fast! Seems to me Elijah was just a baby not so long ago. Congratulations on your fourth! You should be moved into the new house by then and settled right??

    1. Thank you Debra! I promise I take lots and lots and lots of everyday pictures and videos, I just don’t put them on the blog. By the time this baby comes we should be living in the new house, but I don’t think we will be settled. It will probably still be far from finished, and will be more like camping in it. Well, glamping. Should be fun!

  6. I’ve been waiting for those news ever since you wrote about those 4 teenagers you were hoping to have in the new house ;-) Congratulations on those big tiny news! I’m so happy for the 6 of you.

  7. Very exciting news!!! I knew right away from the title. ;-) Congrats! P.S. I live in DFW and everyone is the same about the bluebonnets.

  8. Congratulations! Four is a wonderful number! Good luck with your pregnancy and with your precious, adorable and sweet boys!!

  9. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!!! :) You know, as far as surprise goes it is so cool it lands on your doorstep. Best choice, well done, baby! :D

  10. So exciting! Congratulations on number four, and that means you’ve been dealing with fatigue and probably nausea during your recent home adventures. What a trooper!

    We lived in Texas for nine years before moving elsewhere. I have fond memories of blue bell pictures. All your boys are adorable but Judah is just kind of stealing the show in these pictures. Thanks for sharing them.

    1. You’re definitely not wrong about the fatigue, I’ve been insanely tired. With all the other pregnancies I could usually sneak in a nap during the day, but with the kids on such different schedules napping is impossible. Ahh… goodbye old friend.
      Thanks about the boys! I agree about Judah, much to my surprise he turned out to be the easiest one to photograph. Elijah couldn’t sit still and Levi wouldn’t look at the camera, but Judah was all smiles.

  11. Wow, congrats. After watching that video of you two and your husband not sounding thrilled at the four children idea. I was surprised.

    1. Are you talking about that video from years ago? You’ve been around a while! Adam is completely on board with four kids (he was excited when I handed him the positive pregnancy test and I was the one freaking out), but at the same time he would have been okay with stopping at three as well.

      1. Yes. The one years ago where he was holding up three fingers on his side and you were saying four. I just went and re-watched it after this post!

  12. I love your posts but I’ve never commented on any… until now. I had to come tell you how absolutely adorable your boys and those pictures are!! What wonderful memories (bluebonnets and all!) to have!! God Bless.

  13. WHAT! When? How? …Ok forget the how, I know the HOW! Oh woman, you are amazing! 4 kidlets!!! I can’t even cope with my sister’s cat (staying for a visit,…. the cat, not the sister) and my friend who acts more like a 5 year old than a 65 year old, let alone FOUR kiddies and a hubby! AND a new build! Where do you get your energy from? Vegemite sandwiches, that’s it. Vegemite. Full of vitamins and good things…tastes like crap though. Oh I am all a flutter! Little bubsy on the way! Congratulations!

  14. Congratulations dear Ashley and Family! I am very happy for you. May God give you great joy as your family grows in numbers and love.

  15. Wonderful news! Don’t forget to take care of yourself during this crazy, busy time. If someone offers help, take it!
    I am very happy for you and Adam. Be happy.

  16. Another blessing! Congratulations :) Having four is awesome :) Our first two were 18 months apart, so I know it’ll be busy but you’ll have an amazing little family!

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