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Hot Tub Patio Reveal!

*Thank you to Article for providing the furniture to complete this project!

Hey there strangers, hope your summer is going well! Ours has been good…busy at times, slow at others, sometimes I’m enjoying the heck out of it, and sometimes I look at the calendar and count the days till school starts again. Don’t pretend you don’t do it too. This is a safe space.

Honestly Adam and I haven’t been doing many projects lately, and it’s been kinda nice. We did recently finish the hot tub patio though, and have no regrets about skipping more practical projects for this frivolous one. I already posted about the first part of this project (the plan and the foundation), so if you haven’t read that, GO HERE. Otherwise, lets see some pictures of the finished product!

Here was the area before –

Before hot tub patio

And here it is now!

backyard hot tub

Hot Tub Patio

We’ve had the tub installed for a few months now, and I can tell you this…I’m so glad we decided not to be practical and instead splurge on something we know we would enjoy. YOLO, right? It really is a great way to relax and unwind, and we use it nearly everyday. Each night Adam puts our two big boys to bed and I take care of the little two. Then it’s a race to see who can read their respective books (Chronicles of Narnia for him, and The Pout Pout Fish for me, on repeat…, until the kids either move out or I die) and make it out to the hot tub to start relaxing before the other. Its a fun game, haha.

Spa Patio

Alright, let’s dive into the details! First lets talk about the actual hot tub, since that’s the whole reason for the patio. When we first started talking about a hot tub, we were going to DIY one out of a metal stock tank. Adam and I were both excited about the idea and challenge….then we decided it was to much work and to just get a regular one. We searched Craigslist and Marketplace for a cheap one, but it turns out that the cheap ones are cheap for a reason, and we were going to end up putting a bunch of time and money into whatever we found. So we went to a local hot tub dealer that also sells refurbished older ones to continue our search. And thats when we found this one –

refurbished hot tub

It’s a five year old Jacuzzi 480, super clean and in great condition. It came with all the extras, a full year warranty, and delivery (which was huge). We got a great deal but still spent way more than we had planned… $6,000 to be exact (new they are about $24,000). It hurts just to type it, but things cost what they cost, as we’ve learned.

Article outdoor furniture hot tub

The furniture is the prettiest part of the patio, and it is all from Article. We own a few other pieces of furniture from them (our leather sectional and velvet laundry chair) and they are well made and have held up well to the everyday abuse my family provides. Article has a ton of attractive outdoor furniture, and I was excited to pick out a few pieces for our patio.

First up are the Svelti chairs in Aloe Green. These are a great value at $49 each, they are comfortable, easy to wipe clean, and come in a rainbow of colors. These would be great indoors or outdoors, you can rock them on a porch or around a dining room table.

Article Svelti Chairs

Between those two chairs is the Toba teak side table in Drifwood Grey. I really wanted a table out here that you could actually use to eat a meal if you wanted, but it also had to be small enough to not block the path to the tub. This one is perfect.

Article outdoor chairs

On the other side of the patio is the Eleya lounger and the Tana stool.

Article outdoor furniture Eleya and Tana

The stool is my favorite thing, I want to buy ten of them and use them everywhere. Indoors, outdoors, as tables, stools, plant holders, whatever. They are solid wood and super heavy, and I love all the variation of color.

Tana Stool

They are solid teak and will wear and grey nicely, although I prefer the fresh look. I’m that weird girl that still prefers orange wood to the trendy grey stuff. As soon as it arrived I oiled it to to try and keep it looking new.

Article outdoor lounger

The lounger was on Adams “must have” list, and I’m glad it was. It’s comfortable, easily adjustable, and beautiful from all angles. I often see the boys outside reading or sneaking iPad time on it…and sometimes I do the same.

umbrella over hot tub

The umbrella was a great addition, without it we would never be able to sit in the hot tub during the daytime. It easily adjusts to block the sun from nearly every angle, and it’s sturdy and well made. The cantilever design is genius…regular umbrellas have noting on the versatility of this offset one.

offset outdoor umbrella

Adam had to build a cedar stand for the umbrella since we the patio was too small to accommodate it (hindsight, as usual) but it works well and I like the look of it.

patio for a hot tub

I’ve also been slowly chipping at the backyard landscaping. I wanted to finish the landscaping before posting about the patio, but it’s like a billion degrees outside right now, so I finally just said screw it… I’ll finish it in the fall. But what I’ve done so far looks awesome and hasn’t died yet, so I’m pretty pleased.

backyard ideas

The most recent thing we did was paint the concrete. The slab is obviously new, but it was already stained and looked terrible.

concrete before paint

Adam and I have been wanting to paint all the concrete porches, so we decided to start with this small one and see how it went and held up. We choose to use Granite Grip by Behr, and I’m really happy with it. It went on easily, looks great, and so far is holding up perfectly.

Behr Granite Grip review

Here are the steps now…so much better.

Behr Granite Grip

The only thing is that the paint isn’t cheap, it’s almost $50 a gallon (we used 3 1/2 gallons to cover about 200 sq ft).

painted concrete patio

hot tub privacy

Anyway, that’s the finished patio! I would love to say that we have another project ready for posting soon, but in reality we have spent most of our usual project time sitting in the hot tub. No regrets. Also, I hate the Pout Pout Fish.

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  1. Looks wonderful! We have a hot tub too, but we have it in a barn wood shed my man built so he could use it year round (gets into the deep minus’ here in Alberta). Big mistake, too much steam, even with a fan venting it out. Now I want it for a “she shed” lol! It might happen! Take care and enjoy your summer!

  2. I think the best part about this project is how much you use the hot tub! It’s a great space.

  3. I think I will always remember when you quoted your husband in the earlier post, We work too hard NOT to have a hot tub! It looks divine <3

  4. What a lovely idea! Love that you put the hot tub in the patio, it looks so luxurious. This is a wonderful way to indulge yourself, relax and unwind while enjoying the hedonistic moments you well deserve. Your patio looks so inviting with the hot tub in it. Truly stunning!

  5. What a lovely spot to relax. We used to have a hot tub in our first house. It was a cedar hot tub with a bench all the way around the inside. One night we had friends over to watch the Perseids meteor shower (including my brother, who is an astronomer). We all sat out in the hot tub and moved over once in a while so everyone took turns having the best vantage point. It was so much fun, and such a great memory!

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