Walls and Stuff

Last time I updated y’all on the overall house progress the framing had just been finished, and it looked like this…

framing a house - complete front exterior

And now, it’s looking a little more like a house. Walls! Windows! Kinda a roof!

building a custom home

It’s actually been progressing very slowly….it just won’t stop raining. As soon as the house gets dried in (which means that when it rains water won’t get inside) we can get started on plumbing, electric and HVAC, but until then its kinda creeping along.

So here area a few progress photos from the last month.

After framing was complete the plywood started to go up on the exterior walls.

exterior plywood

plywood mudroom

Over the plywood went the wrap, and once the house is wrapped the windows went in.

wrapped exterior

Then over the wrap goes the siding (and stone, soon).

board and batten on garage

That yellow stuff on the garage is our siding, it’s cement board (hardie board). It’s getting a board and batten treatment, which they have already started.

board and batten beginnings

I plan on painting it white (well, having it painted, because NO), and when it’s finished it should look something like this…

blog about building a house
I can’t wait.
So while some parts of the house are practically ready for paint, other parts are a beautiful mess.
project ADD
I think the crew has project ADD, jumping from one spot to another. It’s almost like I’m building this house, haha.
Here are a few shots of the inside, in various stages of doneness.
Living room, kitchen, dining room.
getting dried in

living room and rain


plywood walls

Office nook

office nook with exterior walls

Laundry room

laundry room with exterior walls

Kids bedrooms

front room windows

kids room 2

Kids bathroom

kids bathroom

Master bedroom

wet master

(a very wet master bedroom)

rain and chacos

(Yeah, Chacos. They’re ugly, clunky, and expensive. I’m a giant nerd with no fashion sense. Whatever…they’re the best thing I’ve ever put on my feet. #chacoproud)

master bedroombathroom

door in master

Garage (yeah baby!)

inside of garage

And the front yard, which is a bit of a mess at the moment.


It’s funny because when Adam and I are doing projects and buying wood, we are so careful to use it all and not waste anything. We stand in the isles of Home Depot with our phone calculators, making sure we are getting the best deal and just the right amount. But then when we’re building a house…so much waste. It’s just the way it is. Adam keeps going through the piles and pulling out the useable stuff for future projects (like building a chicken coop).

mess and future driveway

Plus he’s just trying to clear the piles so we can cut in our driveway (I think we’re getting a dumpster soon?).

house from driveway

The current driveway is thin and windy, and really hard to back out of or turn around in. The plan is to bring the driveway around as a circle drive and connect it back up at the entrance. The new driveway will cut across in front of the house, and between the driveway and the house we will put sod and a path to the front door. I can see it in my head and it looks awesome.

front left

So last weekend we had a bunch of family out for pizza and beer….and working, of course. We cleared most of the cedar from the front part of the property, which now means I can take a picture from the front of the house and not just over by the garage. YAY! It’s the little things, y’all.

blog about building a house

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  1. Yay! Progress! Sorta. Rain sucks when you’re building. I must say I’ve become quite addicted to your house updates… I was starting to get antsy :) And I think your shoes look fine… it could be worse. They could be Crocs.

    1. I know, I’m so ready to get to the pretty stuff! I don’t care if it’s raining tomorrow, I’m taking my paint samples out there and choosing an exterior color. I have to get it out of my system!

      Yeah crocs are worse. But nearly every time I wear them I get comments like “chaos…really? Have some self respect, woman.” or “I didn’t know you were a hippie” or “are those orthopedic?” Haha…worth it.

    2. I informed my husband that when they designed Crocs, the engineers were required to incorporate the holes in them so it was easier for your dignity to seep out. Fortunately for you Ashley, the dignity…..well…..no need to seep. Love you, girl!

      Keep us up to date on the house. I am living vicareously through you for now.

        1. Hey, even Prince George wears Crocs. If they are good enough for his royal feet, they’re good enough for my kids. Besides, as we all know…kids have no dignity. And you can throw those suckers in the dishwasher to anti-bacterialize.

  2. Holy smokes, I can’t believe how quickly it’s taking shape! (I guess that’s easy for me to say from here, haha) It’s starting to look just amazing already. And what a beautiful big tree in the bend of the house.
    How are all the little guys doing? How about some pix one of these days? :D

    1. The little guys are good, Judah is crawling and pulling up on everything and is just adorable. Elijah and Levi are both well on their way to learning to read, which is crazy. They are all growing up so fast! I do have an update planned for November 20th, according to the blog calendar (which I have never ever, not even once stuck too, haha).

  3. It’s really starting to look like a house! I am so jealous of that giant garage, and the beautiful windows (that shape is hardly ever used here for some reason), I’m adding things to my “when I build a house” list as you go along ;)

  4. I LOVE my Chacos! Seriously, they are the only sandals I wear now. A few years ago I was wearing cheapo HEB flip flops and accidentally stepped on a board with nails sticking up through it. Needless to say, the cheap flip flops were traded in after my hospital visit for a pair of thick, chunky Chacos! Anyway, love the house update! And y’all are geniuses for grabbing the useable stuff out of the “trash” pile. Waste not, want not! I would do the exact same thing. Hope it stops raining for a while so y’all can get it finished quickly!

    1. Yay for another Chaco lover, too bad about the nail though. Ouch! My sneakers bit the dust this spring, so one day I wore my cheap, flat flip flops to the zoo and did a lot of walking. The next day the insides of my knees were bruised (and not a little) from walking in crappy shoes. That’s the week I bought the Chacos (for me and Adam!)

    1. We are definitely in the flooded area, but our house is up high and not in danger of flooding. We can’t get out of our neighborhood when it rains a lot though, it goes over the roadway. Makes for a great excuse to skip school and work! My in-laws that flooded this spring almost had their house flood again, but it stopped at the front stoop. Their neighbors a few doors down flooded again. Crazy. (Only about an inch though, not five feet like last time).

  5. I have a hard time seeing it, I applaud your ability to envision it! Either way it feels crazy awesome that y’all are building this dream house!

  6. The use of wooden shims is slick. The even look is eye catching. The uneven surface lends a rugged vulnerability. The raw and rustic look is appealing. Its different and would challenge most home contractors

  7. Definitely get a dumpster if you can. It was so nice to have one during our build! I’m kind of a neat freak, so seeing giant piles of scrap all over the lot was making my eye twitch.

  8. the progress looks great! i also am a chaco lover! they were actually the shoes i wore to get married in 11 years ago. they were blue, so they did double duty as my something blue. i never wear heels, so those were out of the question and the slate stone aisle-way i had to walk down to get married was pretty steep. chachos worked perfectly and i could justify the price by using the wedding budget for them! i still wear them to this day!

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