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Laundry Room Updates & a $500 Home Depot Giveaway

I do an insane amount of laundry. I have two potty training sons, so I could pretty much wash everything in the house on a daily basis. I wish I was kidding.

The very first project we did in our house (besides painting over all the pink) was to make our laundry room functional and enjoyable to be in. I use the term “enjoyable” loosely…cause, you know,  it’s still laundry. Adam and I made over the laundry room way before I started a blog, so I’ve never talked much about it. Here is the before and after, which we did for a whopping $130.

laundry room overhaul, done for $130

You can read the original, super old post HERE, but here is a run-down of what we did…

  • painted the cabinets white, removed the middle of the doors, and added chicken wire.
  • built a countertop over the washer and dryer to create a folding station.  It is made out of leftover flooring and trim from our living room.
  • add a pole (conduit) and hang curtains to hide the washer and dryer. This room is also used a a mudroom/second entry, so I didn’t want it to scream “laundry”. Although there is usually piles of clothes in it and no one can get through, but I digress.

After three years of not touching this room, we have made a few more updates…here is what it looks like today!

Laundry room remodel for $200...you have to see the before!

Here is what we did…

  • added rings to the curtains so they actually function
  • painted the inside of the cabinets
  • raised the cabinets to the ceiling, extended them to each wall, and added trim
  • added a shelf under the cabinets for everyday items

Things we still need to do…(this is a sponsored post with a deadline (today!) and I am terrible at time management)

  • replace the light fixture and used recessed lighting (so the cabinets can actually open)
  • remove and replace the trim
  • paint the door

First, the curtains. I love the curtains, but truth be told they just didn’t function. I had picked out the fabric at JoAnn’s but it was the end of the spool and they didn’t have anymore. It was a yard short of what I needed, but I loved the fabric so I bought it anyway. I made rod pocket curtains, but there wasn’t enough room in the fabric or space between the rod and the counter for the curtains to bunch up and slide…so they haven’t. EVER.

laundry room mess

I just throw them up over the counter, and that is where they stay since they are covered in perpetual laundry…and camera bags…and for whatever reason, a flight helmet.

So I added rings. I had tried this out three years ago, but took them off because I only knew to clip them to the top, which left a three-inch gap where you could see the washer and dryer. But now I’m older and wiser so I clipped them down low like I did on the living room curtains.

back tab curtains the easy way

Now they slide. I still think they were prettier before, but whatever, they function!

laundry room curtains

I also painted the inside of the cabinets. I hadn’t done this originally because I liked the idea of the inside being wood, but the problem is that is wasn’t wood, it was nasty MDF, or particleboard, or whatever it is that cheap cabinets are made out of these days.


So I gave them a coat of Aspiring Blue by Behr (to match the curtains) and now they feel super clean and fresh.

painted inside of cabinets

We also raised the cabinets and added a shelf, just like we did in the kitchen.

raise the cabinets, add a shelf

raise your cabinets, add a shelf

I love how it looks and functions, I’ve never been a fan of having space above your cabinets. It just seems like a giant waste…plus our house isn’t huge and we need all the storage space we can get.

This “raise the cabinets, add a shelf” idea is one of the most popular on my blog, but I didn’t take enough photos the first time around to do a tutorial. So for now I’m just going to show you pictures and next week I’ll get up a tutorial for ya. (UPDATE – click here to read the tutorial.)

All the new updates to the laundry room were roughly $60, which makes the total laundry room redesign cost less than $200.

laundry room updates

chicken wire cabinets

laundry room before, progress, and after. All done for $200!

Are you inspired to work on your laundry room? I hope so!

How would you like the chance to win enough money to redo 2 1/2 laundry rooms? I’ve teamed up with Home Depot, Maytag and Tide in the #BrilliantHEClean campaign for an awesome giveaway. Use the rafflecopter below and enter to win a $500 Home Depot Gift card. $500!!

(The rafflecopter may take a while to load).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If budget room redos aren’t really your thing (whaaa?) then you should definitely go enter the  Brilliant Clean sweepstakes, where you can win…

  • Maytag PowerWash® washing machine and coordinating dryer
  • One year’s supply of Tide HE laundry detergent (4, 150oz packages)
  • E-design laundry room consultation by Jenny Komenda of The Little Green Notebook
  • $5,000 Mastercard Gift card to redesign the laundry room

With $5,000 you could have a crazy nice laundry room. Heck. for $5,000 you could have an okay laundry room and hire someone to do laundry for you. Wouldn’t that be nice?

P&G THD Tide Maytag Sweepstakes Image

great ideas for remodeling on a budget and using what you have


* I received a Home Depot gift card in exchange for this post and project. All ideas and opinions are 100% mine, always. 


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  1. Amazing, as always. I keep thinking you’ve outdone yourself this time, and then…BINGO!…here comes another email from you and yep, you’ve done it again! Love, love, love, adore this. Um, can you tell you I like it? :-) Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. This so smart, I never would have thought of raising the cabinets and adding that shelf! Definitely taking note for my next house :)

  3. I’m currently working (or about to start) on a big office build, but after that, the laundry room is next. I need cabinets in there!

  4. I have never understood the gap on top of cabinets, especially in a modern home with ceilings on the lower side. Your solution is brilliant, and I love the fabric you picked too. My “laundry room” is one corner of the garage and I desperately need to repaint over the faded 40 year old cream paint, maybe even paint the concrete floor, to shake the feeling of doing laundry in a grimy place. A Home Depot gift card would buy a lot of of paint!

  5. if i *had* a laundry room, it would probably look just like yours! :) I have a laundry “area” in my nasty, dingy, dark, gross, spider filled basement. I would LOVE to someday totally clean out that area to make it more functional. but there are PLENTY more projects in the rooms people can actually see that i’d rather do first! :)

  6. I would build a wooden bookcase that I’ve been wanting to tackle with my husband. Then I’d probably paint a few rooms, and the use the rest for random, amazing ideas. P.S. I really love your inexpensive, practical approach to decorating.

  7. I would tackle my terrible hall bath! The kids ripped the vanity doors off over a year ago by standing on them. So a pretty new vanity would be so fantastic.

  8. I would definately remove the wallpaper from the previous owners and organize with tons of functional shelves and baskets

  9. First word: PAINT
    Second word: EVERYTHING

    I’m living in a cave full of various shades and finishes of brown. Brown walls, brown floors, brown cabinets. So, once I buy a 5-gallon bucket of a pretty grey paint and get that brown outta town, I could totally pretty things up all over! Laundry cabinets need to go up high, and yes, add a 1/2 shelf & 1/2 hanging rod underneath. I need to hang something over the windows downstairs – the faux wood blinds just aren’t pretty! a rug or three would be awesome too. Can you tell I’ve got tons of plans and zero $ to make them happen? LOL

  10. We are in the process of getting a new house (fixer upper) – a gift card to HD would sure come in handy!

  11. well, my bathroom is completely torn apart right now-at least the toilet and the shower are still working! so I would definitely finish that up!

  12. Awesome Before and After, great idea! Who could not want more storage? Love it! I have a lot of crown moulding to buy for three rooms in my home…$500.00 would help greatly!

    Have a great week!

  13. Hi!! I would update my patio and make it a functional space yet one that is peaceful and relaxing! And since I think I could tackle that in under 500, I would use the remaining amount to paint my walls and update the art and photos on my walls DIY style!

  14. Your tutorials and your blog are great. You show what REALLY happens, not just the end product of what you do….so we don’t feel so bad if something does go wrong when we try it! :)

  15. I have TWO projects right now that I’d like to work on (with the help of a giftcard). 1) I bought a $30 kitchen hutch from the Salvation Army. It’s great. And huge! And perfect…minus the 1970s color and the fact that the glass shelves broke. 2) A chest coffee table and matching chest end tables. They just need to be sanded and then stained/polyd again.

    But the supplies would be easy to buy with the gift card. ahem ;)

  16. One of the many projects on my list is to do something with my laundry “closet”! And $500 would be about $450 too much, I would also do some remodeling in my guest bathroom.
    Thank you.

  17. Will y’all come on over and revamp MY laundry room / mudroom / office / command center??? LOVE how you do what you do.

  18. Moving to an old farmhouse and love the chicken wire in the cabinets in the laundry room. Awesome ideas.

  19. I’m moving into my first house this coming week and there are plenty of things to tackle. The current laundry room needs paint, a new light fixture, open shelving and a rod to hang clothes. I’d also add a cute rug and some wall décor!

  20. I love the idea of raisong the cabinets and adding the shelf. –What a great idea! Thanks for the chance of winning the gift card -:-)

  21. You inspired me with your previous posts to take on a mini washroom makeover. Mine isn’t nearly as lovely but I was able to do it without spending any money using what we already had. Definitely more functional and luckily it has a door that can be closed. With $500, I could make it look good enough to leave it open for the world to see. Thanks for all the neat ideas!

  22. love your makeover. for my laundry room, i’d get rid of my ugly fluorescent lighting!

    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  23. I am an avid fan of yours! Love what you’ve done with the place. ;) If I won I would work on our bathroom. Recently had old lead pipes break. What a mess we have now…

  24. I love that Aspiring Blue and that fabric! :) With a $500 Home Depot gift card, I’d rip out the 30 year old smelly carpet in our stairwell and replace it with cork, paint the space, and build a bench and some places to hang things in the “mudroom” .

  25. Oh my gracious! We moved into an outdated home last year and have so many projects. I think we’d work on our large, Brady Bunch family room. Thanks!!!!

  26. Hi Ashley! I love what you’ve done to your laundry room. It was the first thing that ever drew me to your blog, way back when.

    If I won the gift card, after I stopped screaming I would use it to create storage all over my new, very small home. That would be amazing!


  27. I have so many projects in progress (and I use that word loosely!) that this prize would be put to good use: in the laundry room, the bathroom, the kitchen, the dining room, the patio, the yard….

  28. I love the raise the cabinet and add a shelf idea. Great use of space. If I won the gift card, I would want to make a few changes in my master bath. I would love to have a vanity sink instead of pedestal like I currently have. I hate not having any storage under the sink.

  29. We have a house that truly needs lots of work. I think replacing some damaged drywall and lots of paint and painting supplies would be an awesome start. Thank you!

  30. With a $500 gift card from Home Depot I would buy the supplies to redo my bathroom. We are slowly starting to remodel a new house that we are moving into. So it would help tremendously!!

    Ashley I love all your ideas!! You are so creative and talented!! Everything looks so good!!

  31. We’re getting ready to move into a serious fixer upper. I’d start with the kitchen and bathroom. I love the raise the cabinets, add a shelf motto.

  32. Extra cash would allow me to update our bathroom. Our 5-year-old’s splatters have taken the toll on this 20 year old toilet and floor. and for my laundry, I would clear the clutter and stock up on my favorite Tide detergent. Tide is the key to my husband’s work uniforms getting clean.

  33. Where would I begin with the gift card???? We need to do so much to update our house….I would probably start with new carpeting in my living room….if you are starting to see the floor underneath the carpet, I think it’s worn out!!

  34. My laundry reminds me of the salvage yard on 70’s tv show Sanford & Son–seriously I say that…a lot. I have 4 kids so I spend a lot of time in there and it is less than enjoyable. it needs new flooring since we ripped out the berber carpet the previous owner had in there…I know, no words.

  35. You always give me such wonderful inspiration! Thank you for the great give away! My laundry room is in an unfinished basement and would LOVE to fix it up!

  36. It’s amazing what a difference raising the cabinets makes! I would definitely tackle my laundry room with some Home Depot money!

  37. I just added ‘raise laundry room cabinets and put in shelf below’ to my husbands to do list. I already had the chicken wire inserts pinned, so I’ll just show him that and say… like this. Thanks. I love ‘ya but he’s gonna think all you do is make more work for him.

  38. Love the laundry redo! I’m thinking about changing up my laundry room too, thanks for the great ideas!

  39. Lovely makeover!! I love how you hide the washer & dryer behind the curtains. We have lots of projects ongoing, but I’d most likely use the gift card for helping to finishing up our outside patio area.

  40. Pretty and practical! The perfect combo. I desperately need this makeover. Maybe it would pep me up to do more laundry! Thanks, Ashley!

  41. I would remove the wire covered shelf and put in a couple of cabinets and a solid shelf plus get the pedestals for my machines!

  42. I would like to redo my family room. It needs a lot of help and the home depot card would be great! I really enjoyed your post. I especially liked the curtains that hide the washer and dryer.

  43. I would CREATE a laundry room! Right now my washer and dryer are located in a corner of my garage! Would love to add a wall to section it off!

  44. I would totally copy your kitchen remodel. We have the exact same cabinets in our house and I’ve always wanted to do something to them. I agree that space above cabinets is a waste!

  45. I would paint my laundry room and update the light and rug and would have enough left for a new faucet for the kitchen.

  46. This looks good!! If it was’t so set on having my laundry sorter, I would unstack my HE machines and do something similar. Might have to think about that, lol…

  47. I want to finish updating my downstairs bath, which, incidentally is just off the laundry room. If one thing leads to another as it usually does, I will also finish my laundry room.

  48. It’s hard to say which redo I would do first! I desperately want a full kitchen renovation (but that takes big bucks!!!) and more realistically, I need a laundry update myself. $500 would definitely do it!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. I just found your blog through Pinterest; I will definitely be checking out your other projects! I love the “raise the cabinet, add a shelf” idea. I am kicking myself because I just had new kitchen cabinets installed last year and initially they started to mount them against the ceiling and I asked them to lower them because I felt like they were too high. I should have let them mount them against the ceiling… hindsight is 20/20. If I won the $500 Home Depot Gift Card I would work on my seriously outdated and ugly bathroom.

  50. Great idea to raise the cabinets!

    I need to change out the lighting. Currently it’s contractor grade lighting (just a single, small fixture) and I really think recessed lighting would be so, so, SO much better and make the room brighter.

  51. Several rooms in my house could use some paint. New ceiling fans would be a great addition to my home also.

  52. I need new flooring & new drainage pipes for my laundry room. We’re having a few issues with our 40 year old system :(

  53. We’re in the middle of some major renovations, most of which we’re doing ourselves (and by that I mean, my husband…I’m the painter so I’ll finish the job up!)…the $500 HD gift card would definitely come in handy! I’ve been eyeing a number of light fixtures there on our many visits!

  54. I LOVE your idea of a shelf between your washer/dryer and cabinets… especially in the kitchen! I am in the process of updating my house and I have gotten lots of inspiration from your website…. In fact, I bought a handful of funky, colorful plates to hang in a random design on my kitchen wall!

  55. Oh I cold so use this $500 in the kitchen of the house we are fixing up so we can move into it at the end of the year when my hubby retires.

  56. We moved into a new house earlier this summer, so we have TONS of projects going on. We’re also expecting our first child in December and the nursery hasn’t really been touched…

  57. I really need to put up some trim on my walls…I’m a terrible painter when it comes to not getting paint on the ceiling, so I’ve just been going alllmost all the way to the top of the wall, fully intending to just cover it up… but it’s been about two years and I haven’t so I just have sloppy paint jobs. :X

  58. I would tackle the laundry room in my unfinished basement and give that room some fresh paint, possibly paint the cement floors, get a new wash tub and use some fabric and shelves to liven it up! Thanks for your wonderful inspiration!!

  59. I love your blog! It is really fun and encouraging. You have definitely inspired my husband and I to buy a fixer upper :) I know it’s a lot of work but we think it would be so worth it and fun. :) Thanks Ashley for your honest and fun blogging

  60. If I won, I’d start working on my own laundry room, which needs a major overhaul, including a new floor and subfloor!

  61. Totally the laundry room. First, because your post is inspiring and second because my laundry room shares space with a half bath and has wire shelving and that’s all!

  62. I like the color of your laundry room and I really like that shelf below the cabinets. I could use a new coat of paint on my laundry room walls and some shelving for shoes and miscellaneous items that seem to find their way into the laundry room floor. $500 could fix it up really nice! Thank you.

  63. Since our house was flooded a few weeks ago, I’m sure there are a few projects that we’ll tackle soon. But I’d probably use it all on stuff for my soon-to-arrive baby girl’s room! :)

  64. If I were to win a $500 gift card I would makeover the laundry room – paint, a counter over the appliances, and shelving. Then I would head down to my entryway and do either beadboard or a plank wall with the super cool hooks I have in the ready.

    Then I would buy a grill. This has been our 2nd summer without one and I miss it.

  65. I love how open and airy the laundry room looks after this last remodel. I scrolled back and forth between the two pictures to see all the differences. I hadn’t even noticed the white around the counter top before, but with all the other light colors in the room it really seemed to make that pop.

  66. We’re moving into our first house, so I can only imagine all the places we could use $500 at Home Depot! I think our first priority would be a lawn mower. That seems kinda important…

  67. Definitely redo the tile in the kitchen! After getting granite put in and putting in a new back splash, the blue and white checkered floor tile is an eyesore!

  68. Love this! My laundry room is my basement, but I need to spruce it up too because I feel like anything laundry related takes up 85% of my life. true story. With $500 g/c I would totally tackle our sad kitchen haha.

  69. We are adding bedrooms and I seriously need a backsplash for my kitchen. Then there is the laundry closet in my bathroom that needs some creative TLC so that it is more eye appealing. Oh so many projects, never enough time!

  70. Love it. I really want to paint my cabinets, but just don’t have the time. It looks awesome. The shelf over the washer and dryer is great too.

  71. I’m in the process of planning a mini bathroom remodel. Mostly cosmetic stuff, like paint, new faucet, towel bars and whatnot. $500 from Home Depot would be amazing!!

  72. Most definitely, I would work on the laundry area. Mine is in the garage, right before you enter into the house. It is a disaster zone. Especially since I have 3 teenagers, that wash but still leave clothes in the washer, the dryer, the floor, the shelves….everywhere!

  73. Loved how your laundry room turned out! It definitely puts my laundry room to shame! If I win this giftcard, maybe I can spruce my laundry room up!

  74. I’d finish off my own laundry room reno – Sonne & I got started on it but I have so much more to do! :) I started the recap….

  75. I’d work on adding some faux rock work to the outside of my house. We’re really needing some curb appeal around here.

  76. I would redo my laundry room just like yours! What a great idea to raise the cabinets! I never would have thought of doing that on my own. Your ideas are fantastic.

  77. I was literally just telling my husband last night that I wanted him to build be a counter top like yours in my laundry room. We just moved into a new house last week, and the laundry room is pretty nice. I’ve painted it mint and it’s functional but I need to add a counter for sure.

  78. Oh my laundry room really needs help, so I would love to tackle that! I would love to paint the cement blocks ….and get a nice bright rug for the cement floor…some bright pictures and baskets would be GREAT! Its so dark and dreary in the basement….I would love to spruce it up!

  79. I have so many home improvement projects that could use some attention, but I think I would use it to replace the broken pieces of bathtub that my landlord claims is “good enough” and refuses to replace. It would be so wonderful to be able to do that! Thanks for the chance!!

  80. Love that you made the cabinets match the kitchen:) Gaps over cabinets are ridiculous dust space!!

    If I won the $500 Home Depot gift card …. eek! I’m in a rental so I struggle with not being able to really touch the surfaces. I have so many ideas though. I would buy lumber to build a console table to match my coffee table, and I would purchase additional lumber and structural materials to build a DIY Photobooth for my upcoming wedding!!! (No budget for a real one, but how fun would it be to DIY??!) And finally…to make all of this happen… the highest goal…. my own miter saw :) *Chills* I would go buy a saw SO FAST! :)

  81. I am in desperate need of a Mudroom make over!! My hubby would be so “excited” if we finally had the money to do it!! haha

  82. I have so many projects going on (project ADD myself) that I need to finish up and $500 would go a long way for this girl! Right now I have a brand new countertop with no backsplash, a room with only one painted wall, a catch-all room I can’t even walk into and several other things I could put that $$ towards. btw <3 the blog and one day I'll post some pics of the projects I've done that you have inspired.

  83. Im really looking forward to remodeling the kitchen. Our house was sold to us in a way that just made it look good. Six years later…everything is falling apart. We finally fixed the cracked tile. The sink leaks, the countertops have cracked tiles, the lighting is faulty. I could go on and on. But this gift card would help so much

  84. Oh how lovely!! I’ve been wanting to add a shelf like that over my washer and dryer for awhile now. I hate my laundry room for the fact it is so small and basically a walkway with two doors that open into it. Really, who designed that awful setup!! That’s for the great tips and inspiration!!


  85. I can’t believe what a difference the paint inside the cabinets made! We have a 3/4 finished bathroom in the basement that I would love to finish with a Home Depot gift card :)

  86. We have a couple of big projects that need to be done like restoring our deck and fixing the ceiling in our living room – someone left the water on upstairs and now we have a water spot. $500 would be so AWESOME to help us get these things done.

  87. Love the way you figure out solutions to EVERYTHING – I check your blog every day just to see if anything new is posted. Love it!

  88. I would love to tackle my kitchen. It’s really unappealing and our whole first floor is open, so everything looks into the kitchen. I love your idea about raising the cabinets and adding a shelf. I am going to show my husband!!

  89. Most popular idea because it works! That $500 would be awesome for a laundry makeover of my own. Those wire shelves are worthless!

  90. I just love what you did with your laundry room. I am working on my laundry room too and that HD card would be so helpful!! So please, pick me!!

  91. The kitchen! Our garbage disposal just died – so I would start with that! And our dishwasher has been broken for a long time.

  92. My laundry room is in desperate need of a makeover. It serves as my laundry room/mudroon, entrance from my garage and is WAY TOO SMALL for the traffic. Raising the cabinets would provided much needed space, I’m just not sure I could tackle that project alone. Intimidating!!!

  93. We have already decided the first room we want to tackle is the laundry room… Ours is truly a hot mess! There is a major lack of storage and functionality. It drives me nuts!

  94. There are SOOOO many projects I would do with that $500 gift card! The biggest one is fixing up our sunroom though. Currently one of the corners sags so we have to keep a shim in the sliding door so it will stay closed, which means we almost never use that door. There is no ventilation in the room, so I’d like to somehow cut a vent hole in it and connect it to the house’s heating and cooling vents. Then we would need to replace the flooring and put up blinds and curtains (because it gets blazingly hot in there in the summer). And, I would like to add that I finally set up a pinterest account so I can actually start getting more entries on all these lovely giveaways! Thanks Ashley!

  95. We are in the process of buying our first house & there will be lots of projects for the Home Depot gift card to go towards…

  96. I would use the $500 gift card to put carpet in my son’s room. We just moved into our first home on Sunday and discovered the prior homeowners bed covered an area that was missing carpet. There is bright green carpet in the middle of the beige and carpet nails sticking out all over the place! Luckily we have a couple of months before he’s mobile, as he is only 4 months now.

  97. I’ve been trying to get my husband to let me move the washer & dryer up stairs for a few years. This would be a perfect solution to where I would have to put them.

  98. I would buy a Ryobi nail gun and lumber to build shelves in my laundry room closet! Was just looking at the mess this morning! I also love what you did in your laundry room. Open cabs look awesome, paint color is almost same as mine, which I love, and the fabric you chose is gorgeous! Great job Ashley!! (and so glad I got to meet you in person at Haven!)

  99. We have a new home that we would love to have some extra money to decorate with. We could use paint, stain, diy materials, ect. We are on a super tight budget and this would totally help!!!

  100. I would buy some paint and a couple ceiling fans, maybe a rug.
    Ashley, I really like your style! How do you pick your colors/patterns

    1. I don’t know….I just pick what I like. I try to keep on common element (it’s blue in all my curtains) and have the rest be completely different. Like the laundry room curtains are the are floral with the blues, greens and browns and the dining room ones are the same blue…but chevron. Totally different, but somehow it works.

  101. Well, I moved my kitchen cabinets up and added the shelf, but now I will have to do it when I remodel the laundry room too! However, If I win the girt card, I would tile my kitchen floor!

  102. Our kid’s bathroom needs an overhaul. We need to fix the fan and redo the sink!

  103. I desperately need to redo the floor in my kitchen. It is part linoleum(which is fine actually) but the rest is white carpet. Who the heck puts carpet in a kitchen anyway and why she picked white is beyond me!?!?! It really needs some help!!

      1. Oh, that’s not the half of what the former owner did. She wallpapered the ceiling with the most god awful printed wallpaper. Glued contact paper to the wall behind the stove (which melted into the wall). All of the walls had different shades of white paint on each wall of the rooms which looked totally weird, and she wrote notes to herself snd phone numbers on all of the windowsills. This house have been a labor of love for me with the challenge of dealing with some else’s craziness.

  104. Like you, I spend an inordinate amount of time on laundry, so I would add storage that is functional and cute.

  105. I think keeping your cabinets, painting them and updating them made all the difference. If you have cabinets in the laundry room I would never get rid of them. The storage is essential. You did a great job!

  106. These are great tips to make your laundry room look better on a budget. Seems that storage is a big need these days for my clients and keeping your cabinets is smart for that reason. Making a laundry room bigger or incorporating a mud room is also a great idea for many homeowners!

  107. Hi – is it possible to know the name of that fabric you used in the Laundry Room? It’s perfect for my kitchen!

  108. I have been looking for the perfect idea for my parent’s mud room. They have not always had a mud room. Their home is being redone after a house fire. Its been longer than 2 years and running out of ????.

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