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How To Install a Light Fixture with the DIYZ App

*Thank you to the DIYZ® app for sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Let’s be honest here….progress in the kitchen is pretty much not happening these days. We got it to where it’s almost completely functional and then quickly became sidetracked with other things. It’s looked like this for a while now –

farmhouse kitchen progress

kitchen progress

BUT, we did hang a light above the sink recently, so yay for steps in the right direction!

So last month I was at a local home decor boutique and spotted this pendant light –

farmhouse pendant light

I instantly loved it and went to buy it. It was $145 and you had to special order it, and it would take almost a month to arrive. Being that my deadline for this post was before that I said “no thank you” and went home to do some Google sleuthing. I ended up finding the exact same light on Overstock for $170 for a set of two. You could only buy them as a set anywhere online, so I figured that was a pretty good deal….now I just have to figure out where to use the other one.

Anyway, I really wanted it to be green like the lower cabinets, so I painted it (SW Oakmoss) and also shortened the chain to be the right height for above the sink.

painting pendant light

From there I grabbed my phone and read all about the project on the DIYZ app. So what is the DIYZ app, you ask?

DIYZ app

DIYZ is a free mobile app that helps homeowners tackle projects around the house. Each project includes step-by-step instructions in both text and video format, and if you get stuck you can video chat with a  licensed professional that will walk you through the process. Projects also have a tools and materials list, where you can add items to your Amazon cart and purchase everything right there in the app.

DIYZ has a large library of projects to help you around the house, and while it’s true that you can go online and find tutorials on how to do these projects, DIYZ does an amazing job of thoroughly describing the steps, and the segmented videos are priceless. The app is straightforward, easy to use, and goes anywhere your phone goes.

How to replace a light fixture


DIYZ app how-to




Hanging a light fixture is simple once you know the correct steps, plus I only needed a few basic hand tools.  Here is a snapshot I took while hanging my fixture to show you the parts-

hanging a lgiht fixture

Another cool thing about DIYZ is the Pro Adviser feature. If you get hung up at any point in a project or just have trouble getting started can receive guidance from a licensed professional. Using this feature is currently free, and in the future it will be $10 for 10 minutes and a dollar for each additional minute.

DIYZ Pro Adviser


Here is my new fixture all hung up! It’s so much better than the hole in the ceiling I’ve had for the last year.

farmhouse light fixture

how to install a light fixture

farmhouse light fixture

I also made a short video about the whole process and how I used the DIYZ app. I haven’t made a ton of videos in the past (because they are time-consuming and I had no idea how, really), but I recently set aside some time to learn how the heck to use iMovie, and I gotta say, I’m a little proud of this one.

The DIYZ App is free to download and is available in the Apple App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android. For a limited time the video chat feature is FREE! You can also follow DIYZ on social media to see the latest project previews and app news – FacebookInstagramTwitterPinterestYouTube.

how to hang a light fixture

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  1. Good job! It looks great. Can’t wait to see where you decide to put the second fixture. Maybe a bathroom?

  2. The look of your newly designed blog is pretty! BUT the colors are so washed out now the pictures of your home look well, washed-out. A DIY home blog should have vibrant pictures in my humble opinion =) Your green kitchen cabinets aren’t a pretty focal point in pictures, they just kind of fade into the background. Not sure if that’s what your seeing as well ….

    1. They look crisp and vibrant on my computer but my husband just texted and said it looks really pale and washed out on his work computer as well. I don’t see it….would you mind sending me a screenshot? You can e-mail it to me at [email protected]. Thank you for your feedback, and if you see anything else that is off please let me know…we’re still working out the kinks!

  3. Oh wow! You changed your page! And your profile pic and lots of other stuff! You look so pretty in your profile pic….Oh, not that you didn’t look pretty before….(puts foot back out of mouth)
    That light is just perfect! You did great to get such a good deal.
    I wish I could use that app here in Australia. For a start it is illegal to do our own wiring and your wiring is different to ours anyway. I wonder if there is an app here in Oz someone has done….Hmmmmm must investigate. My skills are good but sometimes a helper is great.
    Did I mention I like the new page? Hee hee, well I do!

    1. Thank you about the new page, it just went live yesterday! We are still working out the kinks but so far I love it. And I had no idea it was illegal to do your own wiring in Australia. So you have to hire an electrician to do simple things like hanging a light fixture?

      1. Yup, Ashley, totally illegal to replace a light fitting (electrically, you can change the actual shade) or any other work like a power point or a fan. Our earth is in the wiring as we have 3 point pin power sockets and in the wiring. So you go touching that you are gonna fry! Hence why a certified contractor must turn off the power and then go ahead and do the job.

  4. Well done on the video! And I like your new page and profile pic, they look great. That’s a nice light fixture. I’m sure if you don’t use the other one you could sell it. It looks really cozy in the night picture.

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