Fabric Scrap and Ric Rac Roses

A couple weeks ago I made some gifts for a friends daughter. It was her second birthday and I decided to jazz up some accessories with  fabric roses.
Try as I may, I just can’t bring myself to do crafty things and not take pictures, so I’m here to share a tutorial with y’all.
ric rac roses
 I had first attempted these when I made my guest bedroom frame wall
fabric flowers
I looked up  a few tutorials online, but none of them worked out quite the way I hoped they would. So I scraped the tutorials and just went with it. Here is the method I came up with. It’s super simple…in fact, you can probably stop reading right now if you just remember these three words – Wrap, twist, glue… repeat. Okay, so four words.
If your the type that likes specific directions though, then your gonna love this…
1. Cut out a scrap piece of fabric. Size doesn’t really matter, but for reference this one is about two inches wide and two feet long.
DIY fabric flowers
 2. Fold in half, mainly just the first six inches or so.
fabric scrap idea
 3. Trim it down to make the first few inches narrower, like so….
fabric scrap florals
 4. Roll it up and glue into place. I used hot glue this time, last time I used needle and thread. Hot glue is WAY easier, as you might imagine. Also fabric glue takes way to long to dry, I tried that and it didn’t work.
rose with fabric and glue
 5. When you get to the end  of your trimmed part, twist it once and keep wrapping.
DIY flowers
 6. Keep wrapping and twisting, gluing as you go. Please DO NOT over think this, whatever way you do it will turn out pretty darn good. It doesn’t really matter how much you twist, or if it’s folded in half, or not, or a little or both. Just go with it.
flower projects
7. When you come to the end of your fabric, glue the end underneath the rose. Done. You should probably not be like me and pick off any hot glue that is showing. I was in a bit of a hurry because I procrastinated making these until about an hour before we had to leave for the party. Taking pictures along the way slowed me down a bit too, but I still had to do it!
fabric flowers for decorating

The ric rac roses are seriously easy too, this is the first time I’ve made them. Here is what I did…
1. Take your ric rac and cut two pieces that are equal in length. Then wrap them around each other and sew them together. (I’m sure gluing would work as well).

ric rac flowers
Here is an example of what I mean – the one on the left I just placed together like a puzzle and sewed,  and the one on the right is wrapped – kinda or like braiding with two pieces. I made successful roses out of both, but I liked the wrapped on better.
ric rac options
2. Here where it gets complicated, so pay attention.
Roll it up and glue as you go.
rolled ric rac
 That’s it.
ric rac rose
 To prove to you just how easy this is…
See this rose below? My husband made that one. It’s actually better than mine…beginners luck is the only sensible explanation.
ric rac fabric rose
 Now you add them to whatever you want! I put mine on a little toddler purse…
add fabric flowers to anything
and a headband…
fabric flower headband
…and various other things that I didn’t have time to take pictures of.

But seriously, you can put them on anything – pillows, lampshades, frames, jewelry – it’s all fair game.Happy Crafting!




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  1. This is awesome. I'm going to Pinterest Girls Night in tonight, and up-cycling a few old shirts, I'm definitely going to do this on some of them. Thanks for the Tutorial. Found you on Sumo's Sweet Stuff.

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