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Wood Slice Coffee Table

So this morning I woke up at 6 am, made breakfast, made lunches, got the kids ready for school, finished that last little bit of homework, found everyone’s shoes, and made it out the door in time to meet the bus. The boys and I waited for about 20 minutes (while getting attacked by mosquitos) and the dang thing never showed. Since we are at a new stop (just added last week), I figured they forget us and went to get the car to drive them to school. Well guess what? Turns out it’s Colombus Day and there isn’t school. Columbus Day! Argh…we all could of just slept in if I wasn’t such a hot mess who never checks the calendar.

Anyway, that story has nothing to do with the post today….I just figured y’all might enjoy laughing at my oversight (and perhaps you’ve done the same thing?). The post today is actually about a super simple project where uploading pictures and writing about it is the most difficult part.

So a few posts ago I showed you some of the things I’m liking for my living room, and one of those things was this table from World Market

Thing is, I kinda already own the table, it sits on the back porch in our current house.

wood slice coffee table

It sat on the front porch in our last house –

wood slice coffee table

And before that it sat on my parent’s front porch for as long as I can remember (I tried to find a picture of it but came out empty handed….that would have brought this post full circle).

I’ve always really liked the table, but I also kind of hated it. It’s always been super unstable, it would tip over at the slightest touch and pretty much anything I’ve ever put on it has ended up broken. I’m almost certain the wobble factor is the reason it was handed down to me in the first place.

But that World Market table looked super sturdy, so I hopped on Amazon and bought some hairpin legs (16 inch) and pulled out the sledgehammer….

cypress wood coffee table

After the table was good and destroyed it only took a few screws to attach the new legs. I wanted to attach them as wide as possible even if they weren’t all lined up and perfect…it’s a weird table anyway so we’re just gonna go with it.

cypress slice coffee table

And guess what? Sturdiest table EVER. Hairpin legs are awesome.

organic table shape

Then we sanded it down to give the top a fresh start, and since I wanted to have a natural finish I used Howards Feed-N-Wax. This is the same stuff I used on the antique door hardware and what I use to clean my stainless steel appliances… in other words, you need some.

wood conditioner

And here it is, now living its new life as an actual functional table.

wood slice table with hairpin legs

Wood slice coffee table

I had planned for this to just be a temporary coffee table that we would put back outside when Adam built the “real” one, but we’ve been using it for about a week and I’m kinda in love with it. I think it may just stay forever.

wood slice coffee table

Also, that is a sneak peek of a project we are working on in the kitchen and dining room! The wood ceiling is pretty much my favorite thing ever (you can see more on Instagram), it’s just so cozy and warm. I hope to photograph the finished product tomorrow so I can get a post out this week!


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  1. What a good idea to change out the legs. It looks just like the one from World Market now, and it does look way sturdier.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the kitchen ceiling, it looks good already in that picture.
    When my kids were little we lived right across the street from their school. We had just moved into our house, coming from another city. So it was Easter Monday, and my daughter (age 6) said “Why aren’t we in school today?” I said “Oh, it’s Easter Monday dear. There’s no school.” She looked doubtful and said, “I think there is school, Mummy.” I said, “Oh no, there’s NEVER school on Easter Monday”….you can see where this is going. At 3:00 she was looking out the window and suddenly called, “Mummy, the buses! The buses!” Sure enough, all the yellow buses had arrived to take the kids home from school. We’d played hooky all day, right across the street.. *face palm

    1. I’m not sure what brand they are or anything, I bought them years ago when they were on clearance at my local grocery store. I did find these that are similar though –


  2. OMG you are too funny! I wonder if your neighbors saw you…?

    Anyway…..your table is so pretty, my goodness you are creative! You created a high-end piece that will stay in style for a very long time (until you are standing at the bus stop on Columbus Day with your grand kid…).


  3. I am curious about your use of Howards Feed-N-Wax to clean stainless steel appliances. Can you provide more detail on how you use it? I have been on the hunt for a good stainless cleaner and have had no luck. Thank you!

    1. Years ago I mentioned on the blog that I couldn’t get my stainless steel appliances to come clean and a reader recommended the wax. I immediately bought it from Amazon and have been using it ever since. I don’t do anything special, just rub it on with a rag or paper towel and buff it until it is shiny and clean. One of the bonuses I have found is that the wax puts a protective layer on the surface and the appliances stay clean a bit longer than they would have without it. That means like an additional 12 minutes in my house with four sticky-fingered boys, but I’ll take it :)

  4. Genius! I actually can’t stand a lot of the mid mod tables and chairs that are visually top heavy with thin legs because they look like insects to me, giant spiders that are going to crawl around after I turn out the lights. But still… genius :) We have an amazing huge live-surface redwood coffee table that was hideous for a long time and relegated to the man cave because of its 16 layers of thick plasticky red varnish, but it moved location to the outdoors a year ago and the sun removed all the varnish in just a few weeks. Now it looks brown and natural/organic, just a thick irreguular piece of wood. I adore it. I want to use it when we move (the new LR is larger) but it’s 5′ long and too big for our small sectioinal really.

    1. That coffee table sounds amazing! When I first got this wood slice table it had a thick layer of something on it too, I removed it (and blogged about it) and like the natural look so much better. Maybe you could add some taller legs to your coffee table and make it into a table table? Or a desk? I don’t know, you gotta use it somewhere though!

  5. Looks like keeping the old table from the late 70’s paid off, it all comes back in style if you wait long enough – Dad

  6. Hi, We never tried to use our Octopus cards, and I’m pretty sure that’s because they don’t accept them. I know I didn’t see any of the scanners. Have a great trip!coffee

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