Six Months and Two

Warning: There are absolutely NO creative ideas in this post. It’s chock full of adorable kid pictures and me gushing about how cute they are and how fast they’re growing. That’s it. Consider yourself officially warned.

Friday Levi turned six months old. It went by so quickly… it seems like just yesterday that I wrote this post all about having him.  It took Elijah way longer to turn six months, but that’s probably because I got to spend all day holding and playing with him…poor little Levi doesn’t get nearly as much attention. He seems okay with  it though, he is perfectly content to sit around and giggle at his brothers antics all day.

So here he is, from day one to today…

baby Levi

One Month Levi

Two Month Levi

Three Month Levi

Four Month Levi

Five Month Levi

Six Month Levi

He sits up on his own, has his first tooth and is a terrible sleeper. Despite not sleeping well he is pretty much the happiest baby ever. People think he never cries – but they’ve never tried to put him in his crib. He hasn’t had any solid food yet, mostly because I’m dreading messing with baby food again. It’s messy, time consuming and expensive…so much easier just to breastfeed. Soon though, I can’t put it off forever. What else? He has a mildly dented chest (pectus excavatum) and is right about in the 50% for height and weight. He needs a haircut terribly bad, but I just can’t bring myself to do it just yet. He’s pretty much the snuggliest baby I’ve ever met and I’m totally in love with him.

That brings us to Elijah.

Over my blogging “break” he turned two. I won’t post all his pictures, but here is one month, one year and two years.

(Have you ever seen brothers look so different?!)

One Month Elijah

One Year Elijah

Two Year Old Elijah

We threw him a little party, mostly just family and a few close friends. I’d love to show you all his fantastic birthday pictures, except that every one of them looks like this…

birthday party photos

Yeah, pretty terrible. I’m not even gonna watermark it…internet photo stealers, this ones on the house.

Actually, I did get one good photo. It’s of the monkey cupcakes I made and it only turned out because they were sitting completely still.

monkey cupcakes

(for a monkey cupcake tutorial head over to CRAPTASTIC)

Oh Elijah. How do I even begin to describe Elijah? He has boundless energy. He is super curious and wants everyone’s attention all the time. He loves outside, “polies”, balls, dirt, toast, climbing, and everything boy related (although he and I do share a passion of purses, high heels and chapstick.) He is obsessed with Curious George and hopelessly addicted to pacifiers. Unlike his little brother he is an awesome sleeper and a terrible eater. He is pretty small, not even in the 10% for height and weight. He won’t go to bed without a prayer and TWO kisses, one from me and one from his dad. He makes it nearly impossible to get anything done and refuses to grow any hair on the front of his head. He doesn’t talk all that much, although it may just seem that way because most my friends have little girls…. and little girls talk A LOT. He’s my little buddy and I can’t imagine life without him.

While I’m photobombing you I might as well get it all out of my systems, so here are some of my favorite pics of them from the last six months…

hospital photos
Getting to know each other in the hospital
baby naps
Everyone besides the baby was sick for a while after getting home
backyard conquering
Elijah conquering the giant rock pile on our backyard
A young woman holding a baby
Levi and I at six weeks
A group of people sitting on a rock
Our “honest” Christmas card photo
Letting their personalities shine…
A baby lying on a bed
I don’t know why, but Elijah likes to lay on Levi. Alpha male?
18 months apart
Elijah watching Curious George and Levi wanting some snacks
A little boy in a striped shirt
Levi has ridiculous bed head every morning
A little boy standing in front of a box
A cowboy riding a horse riding a dinosaur? Yes Please!
They have a pretty awesome Dad
A baby sitting in front of a window
So dang cute
A close up of a small child smiling at the camera
sweet little man

 So there you have it…my boys. Thanks for humoring me :)


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  1. Oh my goodness, what gorgeous boys! Too cute. The height/weight to the month chart is a great idea too! I missed that, mine is 8 months and I haven’t recorded that stuff once…

    1. Thanks Brooke! Recording the height/weight is new to this kid…I never recorded a single thing For Elijah. It all evens out though, because Elijah has about a thousand pictures of his first six months and Levi has maybe 50, lol.

  2. They are precious…..enjoy them and give them lots of love each and every day because they will grow up like weeds – way too fast. Hubby and I have two sons (no girls) ages 30 and 27 and believe me, it seems like yesterday they were the ages of yours !

    BTW – love your baby boy’s hair !!

    Hugs, Karen in Texas

  3. Aww, they are so sweet. I especially love Levi’s two month shot, and the fact that Elijah “refuses to grow any hair on the front of his head”, lol! Mine are big now too, 26. 24 and 20, and I wish, wish, WISH there’d been such things as blogs when they were little! But I have lots of memories and lots of pictures :)

    Thanks for sharing your joy with us!

  4. To save moolah (and to be able to control what’s in the baby food – no preservatives, etc.) you might consider making your own baby food. Smitten Kitchen has some recipes from when her son was a baby – Seems to mostly involve boiling and the pureeing (she suggests freezing the puree in ice cube trays to have individual servings ready — smart!). Dunno how plausible this is when you have another active little guy running around, but thought I’d share. :)

    1. Actually, I already do cube trays and everything. That’s why it’s so expensive! A whole lot of organic veggies don’t make very much when they’re liquified :) Thanks for suggesting it anyway, the ice cube thing really does work perfectly!

  5. Your family is just beautiful. You make me miss those days, when my daughter, my baby who is now 23, was all mine. It is so hard to let them grow up. Many blessings on you and yours.

  6. This was so sweet to read! I just love it. That bed head is stinkin’ cute. I’m so jealous that you’ve got good sleepers. Mine…not so much.

  7. They are too cute! I can’t believe how much hair Levi has! My daughter, Kenna, is 20 months and she still has very little hair. I don’t think she’ll ever grown any, lol

    I’m now a follower! Found you on a linky party =)

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