Drywall Changes Everything

If you’ve ever built a home, you know how big of a deal drywall is. It takes your home from feeling like a cold, empty skeleton to something you may actually be able to live in (and decorate!) one day. Last time I wrote about the house we had just filled our skeleton with spray foam insulation, and it looked like this…

ready for sheetrock

And then a crew of miracle workers showed up and changed everything. There were about ten men and they had the whole house drywalled, taped and floated in about two days.

hanging drywall

drywall going up

Here are two of them using some very questionable techniques to reach the top of the living room.

installing sheetrock

I’m sure it’s actually very sturdy and they do this all the time, but no…just no. I think this guy has the better end of the deal…

drywall equipment

My boys (as usual) were super excited to be watching our house come together. It took awhile, but they finally found a solution to where they could watch the men work and not have to listen to me shout “BOYS! Stay out of the way!” every 12 seconds.

staying out of the way

Alright, ready to see this baby with walls? Here is the floor plan again so you can get a sense of what you’re looking at.


So here is the main living space from standing in the front entry.

drywall - open living room

Here you can see the kitchen, a big island will fill the space between the beams with the rest of the kitchen will wrap around the outer walls.

building a house - drywall

Here it is from a different angle (the kitchen and dining room ceilings will eventually be covered in barn wood.)

drywall - kitchen

From standing in the kitchen, here is the office nook and entry. The office nook  is just a small area that will be the command center of the house. It will have all the files, office type materials (stamps, envelopes), a small desk, computer, the breaker box, calendars….all that jazz.

drywall - office nook and foyer

Opposite the kitchen is the fireplace, the one that we decided last minute to move completely off center.

drywall - fireplace and living room

Now that the space has walls you can really tell that it is way off to the side, but (luckily) it doesn’t bother Adam or I. We both actually really like it, and I can tell that the setup is going to be very functional once we get settled.

Anyway, here is the dining room…

drywall - dining room

And the view of the living room from the dining room. Also, there isn’t any drywall on the ceiling in the living room (or master bedroom) because we will be covering it in corrugated metal.

drywall - living room and fireplace

Alright, now let’s go back outside and come in from the garage/breezeway area.

Floorplan - mudroom entry

First we have the mudroom.  In my head this is where all the shoes, backpacks, jackets, and general clutter and chaos will stop…and the rest of my house will be pristine all the time. We both know better, but if you could just nod your head and smile, that would be great.

Drywall - mudroom

A doorway off the mudroom leads to the laundry and half bath…

drywall - laundry room

And just past that is the stairway that leads up to the loft.

drywall - stairs

Which brings you right back into the main area of the home.

drywall - dining room into living room

Here is a shot looking back to where we just came from. I love that all the doorways here are perfectly lined up, you can see from the living room right through the dining room, mudroom, breezeway and into the garage. The doors we bought are mostly glass too, so the view won’t change all that much.

drywall - sight lines

If you go back down the hall and up the stairs you come to the loft area. Here is the floor plan for the second story…

second story floorplan

drywall - loft

That back corner will be my office/craft space, and I’m sure the rest of it will end up as a playroom. The kids and I need a place where we can be messy and not have it affect the rest of the house (or my husbands sanity).

This is the view looking down onto the living room…

drywall - living room from loft

Here is the catwalk, which leads to the attic (which we will likely finish out in the future. The far, far future.)

drywall - catwalk

Here is the loft from the catwalk.

drywall - loft 2

Alright, now let’s go back downstairs and check out the bedrooms. This is the front bedroom…

drywall - bedroom 1

The kids bathroom (which I can already tell is going to be extremely hard to photograph)..

drywall - boys bathroom

And the middle bedroom.

drywall - bedroom 2

This room has a fun little built-in area. We noticed that the closet in the kids bathroom was too deep, so we  made it shallower and added this niche to the kids room. It will get shelves and be great for books, baskets, and toys.

drywall - wall nook

Here is the room from standing right in front of the windows, looking out towards the doorway.

drywall - middle bedroom

The doorway on the other side of the fireplace leads to the master bedroom.

drywall - master hall

This is the wall that the bed is going on. It will be a solid rock wall, you can see where my husband added antique beam headers above the windows.

drywall - master bedroom

They will look like this when it’s finished…

antique beam header

That is a little sneak peek at the outside of the house :)  I’m waiting until the mortar dries to photograph and blog about the rock. It takes a surprisingly long time (like, weeks) to dry.

Anyway, here is the rest of the master. This is the set of french doors that lead out to the back porch.

drywall - master bedroom french doors

The opposite wall just has two small square windows, since we’re hoping to add a small gas fireplace there in the future. The doorway on the left leads to the master bathroom and closet.

drywall - master

Here is a peek inside the master bath. Actually, it’s just the shower…. I can see I’m going to need to invest in a wide angle lens to properly photograph this house.

drywall - master bathroom shower

And that’s the tour! I can’t believe how fast it’s all coming together now. As soon as I post this I’m leaving to go check up on the house, the wall texture, sunshades, and the rest of the roofing are all supposed to be happening today. Stay tuned!

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  1. This is so gorgeous! Btw, I love the location of the fireplace. I think it gives the room real character and a adds an extra custom touch. Too often, symmetry is emphasized over function in house design. Excellent choice!

  2. SQQQQUUUUUUUUUEEEEEEEEEEEE! I am so excited and I don’t even live with all the plans and stuff! OMG! It is coming along so wonderfully I could just hug you and we could jump up and down together then hi-five each other and wink!

  3. You are so right about the difference drywall makes! Wow, the home is already really beautiful. I actually love the fireplace position now that I see it with the drywall. The whole place is gorgeous, so functional and not too big. So exciting! I also love the tree views out the windows, especially the big one in the LR. Just lovely.

  4. Fantastic work! It’s always so exciting to see a project (especially when it’s your home) come together. The next big reveal will be paint, then carpet, etc! Good luck!

  5. Building involves a lot of things that sometimes I just don’t want to be involved in any of it, but your photos have made the whole process look very simple. I haven’t witnessed the foam spraying process before but it looks like it’s also fun to be there. Great work there and its amazing to see all the pieces coming together. Thanks for sharing.


  6. Wow that is going to turn out beautiful, I really like the placement of the fireplace. It is true drywall makes a big difference. We are in a similar stage building our home right now. We just can’t wait for it to be finished.

  7. Hiii…Ashley…
    I really like your article….This is really informative article…
    I can see in the pictures and you explain it very briefly….so one can get proper understand….
    Thanks for posting……keep posting these informative articles….

  8. I bet your house will really gorgeous. You are so right, the drywall make the difference. Your house look so beautiful with drywall. I’m so excited to see interior of your house when it done. Thanks for show us your home :)

  9. Hey,

    Its good to find this post here! its lovely!
    The way it has been explained here quite appreciable! I would really love to see it when it is done completely. however it sounds that it would amazed everyone.

    Keep sharing! I would surely look forward!

  10. Its so satisfying to watch things coming together.In my country people don’t do this dry wall houses and I always wonder,are they strong enough,can they stay in place after a minor earthquake?Anyways it looks beautiful.

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