Boys Bathroom Tile

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Alright, so it’s time to start diving into all the finish selections for the inside of the house. Up until now we have concentrated on exterior stuff, but the exterior is almost finished and so is the builder… which means that Adam and I have a whoooole lot of work to do in a relatively short amount of time. (We’re only having the builder  build the “shell” of the home and are doing most the interior work ourselves). We have a lot to talk about, as my head has been exploding with decisions lately.

We’re going to start with the tile selection for the boys bathroom, and to make that decision Adam and I (and Judah) headed to Floor & Decor.


First of all, the place is HUGE. There are an overwhelming amount of options, and the second we walked in I knew that we didn’t give ourselves enough time to shop before we had to pick the older boys up from school.

Floor and Decor has a HUGE selection

The prices are great and everything is in stock and on the floor, which means you can leave with what you need and don’t have to wait weeks for something to be ordered.

Floor & Decor is huge

Grout and Mortar at Floor & Decor

We started off in hardwood flooring (even though we were there for tile), because I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect flooring for forever now and have yet to find the perfect one. (That’s a lie, I found lots of perfect ones, but they are $$$.)

Wood flooring at Floor & Decor

They have a ton of options…rows and rows and rows of options.

Rows and rows of flooring at Floor & Decor

My favorite was these two oak ones, mostly because I like how matte they are. I’m really trying to avoid a floor with any amount of shine. The one on the right is the Montpellier Oak engineered (I can’t remember the name of the other).

Wood flooring with a matte finish

They also have butcher block countertops, which is what is in our current kitchen.

Butcher Block countertops at Floor & Decor

We installed cherry, but as soon as I saw the walnut I was all over it. It’s SO pretty. I like it loads more than the cherry…ahhh, hindsight.

Walnut Butcher Block Countertop

I was also drawn to this display…

Brick Veneer at Floor & Decor

You may remember that I’m really hoping to put a brick floor down in our mudroom/laundry area. I really  liked the top brick, and it probably would have come home with me if it came in a herringbone pattern rather than just straight (it comes in a veneer on mesh sheets). I’m pretty stuck on having it in a herringbone pattern.

Okay so onto tile…I’m not even going to attempt to show you all the tile isles or we would be here all day.

Our first mission was to find the flooring, and we were armed with this inspiration picture from Houzz…

rustic dutch door
Before we went in I had ordered some samples online and really liked a one called Terra Nuova brushed marble, but I only had a little piece of it and wasn’t sure it was “the one”. Adam had thought it wasn’t rustic enough, so I looked it up on their website to show him better pictures and had to laugh when I ran across their example of it in a room…

rustic room example

I showed it to Adam and was like “yeah….I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be a rustic tile.”

Brushed Marble Tile

I loved it in the store though, and Adam agreed. Plus it’s just so soft to the touch…I know that makes absolutely no sense, but you would just have to feel it for yourself. It’s like the stone version of a warm fuzzy blanket. So we loaded up the cart with a bunch in just the 8X16 size.

Okay, so now we needed a tile for the shower walls. I had been thinking that we could do a wood look tile, and they had plenty to choose from.

Wood look tile at Floor & Decor

My favorite was this one, the quarter sawn oak for $2.19 a square foot….

Quartersawn Oak wood look tile

During his Floor & Decor wanderings Adam the ran across the Botticino Marble Tile, which are 3X6 marble subway tiles for 52 cents each.

marble subway tile

He declared it his favorite tile, and when the designer that was helping us (all the designers are free at Floor & Decor and super helpful) agreed that it was also her favorite tile in the store, we decided to take it home as well.

So here are all the tiles we choose for the boys bathroom…

Tile selections for kids bathroom

That blue one is an accent tile for the shower. They had lots of glass options in the store but not this exact one, so I ordered it online.

blue glass tile

Aren’t they pretty together?

choosing bathroom tile

Here is the bathroom they are going in…

drywall - boys bathroom

kids shower before tile

And here are the niches that are getting the glass tile accent.

Shower niches before adding tile

These are four individual plastic niche boxes that Adam installed before the cement board went up, they just screw in between the studs and you tile right over them. Four niches is probably overkill, but I wanted to put the blue glass tile in vertically for a fun waterfall effect, and the taller the waterfall the better. Plus I’m thinking that one day (hopefully) we will have four teenagers sharing this bathroom, and maybe they would each like their own shelf. I know, I’m so thoughtful. It’s all about the kids, really.

So anyway, we gathered up all our tile and loaded it into the van. Floor & Decor sponsored the tile for the boys bathroom, but we bought quite a bit more than that. The van was stuffed full, and the tile we picked was heavy. So heavy. We crawled home at a snail’s pace and did just fine…until we got to our driveway. We pulled in and almost immediately heard a grinding sound and could no longer move. Not forward, not backward, we were completly high-sided on a concrete drain pipe in our driveway.


We were already running behind to pick up our kids from school, so we started bailing out tile like water from a sinking ship (the above picture was just the beginning). We bailed tile until we could get off the drain pipe, picked up the kids, came back and loaded the tile back up (after going past our friend the drain pipe), drove down the driveway to the house, and started unloading tile into the house. I was sore for days. Good times building a house!

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  1. LOVE the tile that you picked. And I 100% agree about a no-shine floor. No thank you. When we lived in Oklahoma, the tile floors that looked like wood planks were all the rage…I do love tile floors in hot climates. I grew up in Phoenix and walking on a cold tile floor was always a welcome feeling when coming inside from 115 degree heat. :)

  2. That shop would do my head in! Too many decisions! Glad you guys had an idea what you wanted in the first place. It’s going to look super! Hard work always pays off in the end.

  3. They are very pretty tiles together. Did you get the wood tile too? Or is the subway tile instead of the wood tile?

    1. No, we didn’t end up with any wood tile… we used the subway ones instead. They are in now and look great…but I still wonder if the wood would have looked better!

  4. Ooh, I absolutely love the selection you chose for the bathroom! They all look so nice together and are perfect for a boy’s bathroom! Redoing a room is a tedious and time-consuming project, but it can be so much fun! Nice job! Thanks for sharing your renovation plans!

  5. Ooh, I absolutely love the selection you chose for the bathroom! They all look so nice together and are perfect for a boy’s bathroom! Redoing a room is a tedious and time-consuming project, but it can be so much fun! Nice job! Thanks for sharing these renovation plans!

  6. That store had a lot of options. I would have been a little overwhelmed but you guys made a great decision. I’m looking to tile my bathroom and you have inspired me to get to work.

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