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Master Closet Reveal!

It’s master closet reveal day! I showed y’all the fully installed but empty closet over two months ago, then I had a baby, the holidays came, things got crazy, and the final reveal has been a long time coming.


First and foremost, I am so in love with it. I’m not usually one to gush over things, but I’m also not used to awesome organized spaces. It’s always a goal of mine, but it never really fully happens. Not only is the closet really pretty to look at, but it’s also extremely functional. Everything has a place, and even normally messy me can keep it looking picture perfect 100% of the time. You know something is organized well when it stays clean on it’s own and you don’t ever have to think about where things are, you just get what you need and leave. That is not normally how our family works. For example, our pantry. Right now it is pretty much just a hole in the wall with a few temporary shelves and no door (or door frame even). My toddler thinks it’s his toy box and is constantly spreading pantry items all over the house…I frequently find potatoes in the laundry hamper and canned goods in the shoe bins. In fact, the other day I actually caught myself yelling “Boys! I need potatoes for dinner! I’ll give y’all each a marshmallow for every potato you find in the next five minutes!”

MOM OF THE YEAR, #momgoals

Okay, enough bragging about my housekeeping and mothering skills… let’s get to the tour. As a reminder, here is the blueprint for the master bathroom and closet.

master bathroom

And here is what it looked like when I designed it on EasyClosets.com

walk in master closet design from Easy Closets

here is it after installation

Easy Closet installed

And here is what it looks like these days!

master closet drawers and storage

The main part of the closet is this center section with shelves for shoes and jewelry, drawers, and even a hidden hamper. Adam and I aren’t going to have any dressers or clothing storage in the bedroom, so everything we own is in this closet (and we even have empty shelves and rods, which is always a good thing).

closet shoe storage

The shoes are all displayed on the shelves and easy to find, and the drawers have plenty of room as well.

soft close closet drawers

The drawers also have really smooth soft close drawer slides, which keep them from slamming (I included a video at the end of the post so you can see them in action).

Most of my jewelry is out in the open and easy to see, actually organized, and not tangled.

jewelry storage

Directly below that is a drawer full of more jewelry, all organized into a velvet lined tray (also from EasyClosets).

jewelry tray from easyclosets

Below that is a built-in laundry hamper, another feature I really love. You can remove the basket to take it to the laundry room…or you can just reach in there, grab everything, and stuff it directly into the washer like I do.

built-in laundry hamper

To the left is my side of the closet, full of clothes that I am SO HAPPY to finally be wearing again. Nine months (well, actually more like 7 years) of wearing the same old maternity clothes (that were hand me downs or used when I bought them) has gotten a bit old.

organized master closet

But now, instead of digging through an old bin of maternity clothes I get to walk into this closet and feel like I’m shopping a little boutique. Everything has a place, and I can see it all, and it stays clean.

how-to organize a closet

I even bought all new velvet hangers, because somehow the cheap plastic ones just didn’t feel right in the new closet.

hanging closet storage

floor-to-ceiling closet storage

Then on the other side is all of Adams things.

master closet organization

He has a rod for T-shirts, one for his button up shirts, and one for polos and pants. Then there is even an empty rod which I’m sure we will fill up eventually, but for now it just holds extra hangers.

organized closet his-and-hers

To the right of that you will see a bunch of baskets on shelves…this is basically our bathroom closet. We didn’t put a closet into our master bathroom because there just wasn’t space for it in the plans, so I added these instead. I coupon and buy things in bulk when they are a great price, and since personal hygiene stuff is usually the easiest to find deals on (plus they don’t really expire) I always have extras lying around. So I grabbed some baskets that I already had, labeled them with tape and a sharpie, and now have plenty of storage. Between these shelves and storage in the (future) bathroom vanity I don’t think we will miss having a closet in the bathroom.

basket storage

And that’s the tour! I also made a video version of the tour, so if you want more details (or just want to see me 41 weeks pregnant) then here you go!

*This post is sponsored by EasyClosets…and by that I mean that I received the closet system for free in exchange for blog posts about the closet and my experience. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.*

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  1. I love Easy Closets! I moved recently and my nice big walk-in closet had only wire shelves. I knew it could be so much better and now it is. I was even able to install the whole system myself! Hopefully I will eventually change all the closets in my home to Easy Closets.

  2. That closet is amazing!! How great to have a functional, pretty, close-able place in your home. I will definitely keep Easy Closets in mind for when I have a chance to make a closet.

  3. For some reason I actually love your masking tape and sharpie labels! They honestly really go well with those style of bins and they definitely aren’t trying too hard be be fancy!

  4. Your story about the potatoes was so hilarious! I had to share it with my family. Glad the closet and your pregnancy turned out well. Sounds like it’s time to tackle that pantry though.

    1. We actually started the pantry today! After we finished the closet it was SO NICE to have a clean organized space in our house that we decided to pick another small space finish it 100% (instead of some of the bigger projects we had been planning). Hopefully we can finish it quickly, because it will take our day-to-day chaos factor down a few notches.

  5. Ashley, do you think you were going to get this kind of closet system for the rest of the closets in the house?

    1. Yes I do. Not the pantry (my husband is building that as I type) but in the boys room. Each room will have two boys sharing one closet, so it will need to be well organized. Right before we moved in we bought a super cheap (like $80) closet “system” for the boys closets that is working for now, but eventually we will need something better.

  6. I love the story of you bribing your kids to find potatoes! I am also intrigued by the drawer with clothes on their side so you can see them all and not just the top of the stack. I have to think how I can apply this. I tend to just grab the items on top so wear the same things and not dig down. This could solve that also.

  7. I have been following your web site since the new house was in the planning. We am going to be doing though this at end of this year. You made it look so easy.I hope ours goes close to how yours did.We have the builder and plans in hand.We will take a deep breath and jump into it. I know you were pregnant while this was going on I have to give you a standing ovation for that and to have 3 boys in tow too. Congratulations on your 4th too ! Praise the Lord they are all healthy little boys.This build will be our retire home for our extended family can come for visits and holidays. I have followed all of your finds and what you have picked out gives me ideas for our new home by early 2018. Looking forward to your next post.Thank you,Debbe

  8. The potato story brought back memories! Our daughter used to carry potatoes around the house. I once found one in the washing machine AFTER washing a load of laundry! BTW – love the closet!

  9. I admire your organization skills Ashley! I’ve been having a hard time trying to organize mine, and I like how you threw in the idea of using Easy Closets! I’ll definitely keep these in mind!

  10. The closet looks amazing! There’s so much space and so many shelves and drawers, I love it! I want a similar one for our bedroom, but I still haven’t made my mind when it comes to how many shelves and drawers I would like. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Hey Ashley,
    Congrats on the new bundle of joy! Quick question, did you join the EasyClosets affiliate program to get in contact with the Partnership team? Looking for guidance on how to get in contact with them. Thanks!

  12. Ashley, this is one of the greatest idea, I am going to make a master closet for my wife, hope she will love it when she came back from her vacation :) BTW your organization skills is epic.

  13. what an awesome presentation. I was wondering if there is anything you now wish you would have done differently? Is the drawer area more effective, or do you wish you had more hanging area, etc. I noticed you had what appeared t to be fixed shelving, I was thinking about using the adjustable shelves. It’s a big decision. I would love to received my closet setup as a promo for posting the design on this site. I would really jazz my closet up! lol Thanks for sharing.

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