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Easy Fall Wreath

According to the calendar summer is over and fall is upon us. Although Texas has cooled down a bit (thank goodness), it’s still summer here. It’s hot, everyone is in shorts and flip-flops, and I haven’t seen a single colorful leaf or consumed anything pumpkin flavored. We even went to the beach this weekend. And while enjoy living in a state with endless summers, I’m ready for fall. I want to wear a sweater, sip hot coco in front of a fire, and jump watch my kids jump in a pile of leaves. But instead of doing those things I decided to force the fall feeling by making a wreath.

easy fall wreath

I have to admit, it’s helped a little. It reminds me that my pregnant body won’t be sweating for much longer.

So here’s the details. It was crazy easy to make, I made it in the same amount of time it took my husband to watch videos online and teach himself how to tie a tie. Like a 30-year-old man-child.

Here are the supplies (all from Hobby Lobby)…

Wreath Supplies

A grapevine wreath, some wheat, a bag a faux leaves, and a bag of pinecones and acorns.

I know what some of you are thinking… “who is their right mind spend money on pinecones and acorns? Those things area all over my yard!” I understand, I feel the same way about people who buy rocks for landscaping. Right now I’m calling around to landscaping companies to see if I can PAY them to come TAKE my rocks. Love spending money on dumb stuff like that. Anyway, my wreath supplies came out to about $18, but if you have this stuff lying around your yard it could be much cheaper.

So first I split my wheat bundle in half, fanned it out on facing opposite directions, and secured it with some string, twisty ties, and hot glue (a great way to start any craft project).

Then I started adding leaves to the top. I didn’t have a plan, I just started glueing.

leaves and hot glue

Next I added pine cones and acorns over that, and cut some grapevine twists off the wreath to add to the pile.

pinecones and acorns

And then I hung it on my door with some of those suction cup hook things.

easy fall wreath
Done and done. Now it feels a little like fall AND my husband can finally tie a tie. Winning!

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  1. I love the comment about your 30 year old man-child. That’s so funny. I have one of those too, he is 26. They don’t get any more mature after like age 12 I think! :) Also, did you see the feature towards the end of this months HGTV magazine? If you don’t get it, go browse through in the grocery. They have like a two or four page spread (I forget) entirely based on suggestions for landscaping with rocks. Maybe you’ll find something in there!
    Oh, and cute wreath:) I’m in Ohio and it’s fall here, but I don’t really partake in pumpkin-spice anything, so I just enjoy the leaves.

    1. I don’t get HGTV magazine, but I will definitely hunt it down and check that out. I need all the rock help and ideas I can get! Adam wants to lay them all out flat and cover everything in a thick layer of mulch to hide them (we can get mulch for free). Hopefully I’ll find a better idea, because I’m not a big fan of that one but I don’t have a better (cheap) suggestion.

  2. I love how great this is (and how quickly it came together)! Boo to it still being hot… but hopefully, it will pass… and cocoa and pumpkin spice whatever will be your reality!

  3. What a lovely wreath! I love the simplicity. I absolutely hate over decorated wreaths. And yes, despite living in the mid-Atlantic, I still feel like we’re forcing fall right now. We picked apples on Saturday in scorching heat. Gah.

  4. What a stunning wreath, so much prettier than ready made ones in the stores.

    I know how you feel about the heat in Texas as I lived there for eleven years! I am now back home in England however, and one of the things I appreciate most about being here is the fact we have four distinct seasons lol In Texas we seemed to have Summer and then Winter, a very brief Spring (my favourite season in Texas btw) then back to Summer again. Hope it cools down some more for you real soon. xx

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