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DIY Ironing Board Holder

For years now I’ve kept our ironing board in the tiny hall closet, wedged between the door and the shelves.  As soon as you would open the door the ironing board would hurl itself at you, eager to be needed. Fortunately for me and unfortunately for the ironing board I usually just caught it, got what I needed, and stuffed it back in. Now that the laundry room is finally complete I feel like I need to give the board a permanent home.

DIY wall mount ironing board hanger

Honestly, ironing board wall hangers aren’t expensive in the store and making one yourself only costs slightly less. I think the DIY versions are way better looking though, and SO easy to make. (So easy that you probably don’t even need a tutorial after seeing that first picture.)

I started off with a scrap piece of 1×6. You can get creative with this and use whatever you want, but make sure it over at least 17 inches wide. You want to be able to screw each side into a stud, and in most homes studs are 16 inches apart.

blank slate

Next I taped off a simple design using painters tape.

scotch blue tape design

Here is the trick to getting crisp lines…paint over the area with the base color before using the design color. This seals the tape lines and keeps  paint from seeping under the tape.

paint over tape in original color

for crisp paint lines

Then peel off your tape (do this before the paint dries.)

crisp lines

Next add your hooks, just make sure the hook is deep enough to hold the ironing board legs. I got these at Home Depot for about $4 a piece.

hooks to hold ironing board

Then screw it into your wall…

hanging it

And cover the screw heads with spackle and paint. Done!

DIY ironing board holder

And just so you know, this is in no way an original idea…you find them all over pinterest. Here are a few others…

DIY ironing board holders

1 –House of Smiths  2- iCandy Handmade  3- The Wood Grain Cottage  4- House of Turquoise

After looking those other pictures I’m now acutely aware that I have a hideous cover on my board. And that my hanger is lacking instructions on what exactly you’re supposed to do in a laundry room. Ah pinterest, you beautiful monster. Perhaps I should add the words “wash. dry. ignore giant pile of clean laundry and rummage through it as needed.” to my hanger.

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  1. Lol- . . . rummage through as needed – you nailed it on my laundry routine! Perhaps you can make a snazzy new ironing board cover with that whole slogan – I would buy one!

  2. I love this idea, so darn cute and simple. Right now our ironing board is hiding out in the shower that we never use. I love that we seem to have the same laundry technique…I’m excellent at washing clothes…putting them away…not so much. My ironing board pretty much never gets used. I had my iron out once, and my then 2 yr. old had no clue what it was. Being a clever little boy, he plugged it in and turned it on. Seeing it didn’t beep or make cool sounds, he set it down on the carpet and walked away. I came into the living room to find a burned iron imprint on the carpet. Awful. It’s here on this blog post, as just a footnote to the time we had a bottle of chocolate syrup swirled into the carpet by that same boy. http://kathyschronicles.com/2012/06/26/chocolate-syrup-farming-and-other-unnatural-disasters/

    1. Oh my goodness, that iron imprint is INTENSE! An the syrup…it’s like my kids were in your house, lol. Toddlers are…whew…they are crazy. Also, I absolutely love that you keep your ironing board in the shower.
      I read a few posts on your blog and you are hilarious. Love your outlook on life!

  3. Oh, Ashley, you’re my long lost friend, I do believe, although sometimes part of my pile makes it to one side of the my bed, at least my clothes do. The clothes for others keep each other company in the laundry room, and they are SUCH homebodies. They are content to stay there for days.

    I must say though that I’ve struggled with crisp ly painted lines for years and when I read your instructions, I thought “of course!”, but it wouldn’t have ever crossed my mind without your help. I’m creative but sometimes don’t think about how to fix the obvious. THANK YOU for that gold nugget!! Blessings, Lisa
    Aka Facebook.com/paintandwhimsy

    1. Haha, laundry homebodies! I love that, such a perfect description. Why would I want to force the laundry the leave someplace its so comfortable? It almost seems cruel to put it fold it and put in a drawer. I’m nicer than that :)

      So glad I could help with the paint lines! It makes a world of difference, I figured that trick out after a frustrating attempt to stripe a wall in my guest room.

  4. I definitely think you should make a “wash, dry, rummage & repeat” sign. That would be awesome! I really like this project. And that is a great tip about the line painting – I’ve never quite mastered the whole painter’s take thing. Blue, green, frog, toad…it ALWAYS bleeds under. I don’t know what I do wrong, but I’m going to try your tip.

  5. LOL – I love how real you are! My husband told me the other day that he was out of clean socks because they weren’t on the chair next to the bed…where they usually are. For the first time in a long long long time I actually put them in his dresser drawer after matching them – it’s sad that he never even thought to look there.

  6. Oh my goodness- the crisp paint lines trick- a million thank you’s to you from me! I have tried doing all those cool “tape a design on canvas, then let your kids paint it, pull off the tape, and you have a crisp design”…not so much! Now I know what to do! You should do a post on tricks you’ve learned along the way- I can think of the using tape for clean grout lines trick, and the crisp paint lines trick just off the top of my head.

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