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Cowboy bedding and the opposite of buyer’s remorse

Some things in life should be really simple. Deciding what to make for dinner, Christmas shopping, and buying bedding should all be things that you just decide on without taking up too much time or energy. Something like buying bedding, for example, should not require an entire blog post. But alas, here we are…I’m up at midnight writing one and you’re voluntarily getting sucked into my drama.

It started a while ago when a reader sent me an e-mail. She said that she had been shopping for bedding for her kids and came across this print she thought I might like for my boy’s room.

cowboy bedding

She was wrong, I didn’t like it…I freaking LOVED it. It was the absolute perfect cowboy bedding and I loved everything about it. I loved the colors, the print, and the fact that it was fun without being overly childish. I immediately went to buy it, but then realized that they only sold in crib and twin bed sizes…I needed a twin and a full. Also, it was kinda pricey. So I decided to wait it out and buy it when I went on sale… I could buy a twin set and make a full duvet out of two twin flat sheets or something. I was going to make it work and it was going to be amazing.

Then one day when I went to check to see if it was on sale yet….and it was out of stock. Cue minor panic attack. I e-mailed the company (Zara Home Kids) to see if it was coming back, but they said it was gone forever.

Regret. Self-loathing. I continue to learn that if I love something I should just buy it instead of waiting around forever. Most people impulse buy things…I do the opposite and wait around too long. As you can tell, this is not the first time this has happened to me.

After a few days of mourning my loss I decided to pick up my shattered cowboy bedding dreams and try to find another bedding set.  I wasn’t having much luck, so I started shopping for fabric. There was plenty to choose from, let me show you some of the gems I found.

There were these two prints, which were cute but felt too juvenile for my three and four-year old cowboys.

kids cowboy fabricOn the other side of the spectrum there were these…

western pin-up fabricI’m not even sure what to say about these…they definitely caught my attention though. Obviously they’re not possibilities for my boy’s room…. although that one on the right might look great in my room. Ha….kidding! (kidding?)

I really liked this one, but it was Christmas fabric. So close.

cowboy christmas fabric

Then there was the regular smorgasbord of standard, boring western fabrics…

western print fabrics

Blah….stupid Zara Home Kids and their sold out awesome bedding.

THEN I ran across this set from Cath Kidston. I had never heard of her before, but evidently she is a big deal in the UK. Also, she makes a great cowboy print fabric (and bedding sets, wallpaper, towels, curtains) all of which have been discontinued. Just my luck.

cath kidston

So I gave up. We didn’t even have beds for them yet anyway, so shopping for bedding was putting the cart before the horse.

Then we finally bought beds…now was an appropriate time to buy bedding. So I went to Target to get sheets and waterproof mattress covers. That’s when I ran across these comforters

target comforters

They were red with tan on the reverse side. They came in the sizes I needed. They were cheap and on sale.

They were horribly boring.

I went ahead and grabbed them anyway, thinking I could dress them up somehow. I figured since the Cath Kidston cowboy fabric was so popular I could probably pick some up on e-bay or etsy and sew a stripe across the comforters or something.

I had no such luck finding fabric, but I did find a seller on etsy that sold throw pillows with the design for only $13 a piece.

Cath Kidston Cowboy Fabric

Cath Kidston Cowboy throw pillows

Then I threw all my purchases on the beds (more like wrestled them on) and called it a day.


red bedding in a cowboy room

plain bedding

cowboy themed kids room - progress

They look fine and my kids love having real beds and bedding. I’m still upset about that Zara and Cath Kidston bedding I missed out on….it would have looked awesome.

Also, I have to talk about the bunk beds for a second. Much to my surprise, buying those beds was the best $300 we ever spent. I really didn’t think they would make a difference in the boys sleeping habits, but they have made a huge difference. Before when they were sharing a full mattress on the floor they would take FOREVER to fall asleep. They would play and fight and be in and out all night. When they did fall asleep they tossed and turned and basically did gymnastics in their sleep. Also, they wet the bed constantly. I literally washed their sheets every day, no matter what precautions I took.


Then we bought the bunk beds.

Y’all….they fall asleep instantly. I can’t even believe it. They sleep in the same position all night and their beds always look reasonably made, with no effort on my part. And best of all…no one has wet the bed since we bought them. That is almost two months with ZERO accidents. It’s a miracle I tell you. I’m so relieved, because making those bunk beds is one of the hardest things I’ve ever done (might be easier if I wasn’t pregnant), and if I had to make them everyday I’d lose it.

So tell me, what is the last thing you didn’t buy immediately and missed out on? I know you have something….I’m still kicking myself over an amazing, HUGE, mint condition card catalog that I didn’t buy at the Salvation Army… that was only $100. I took a picture of it and I left it there, like a giant dummy. I still have nightmares about that day.


(P.S – One more thing before I release you from my bedding saga. If anyone can find this Cath Kidston cowboy print in fabric, wallpaper, or bedding please send me a link! (I have found a couple of items online, but they are all in the UK and won’t ship to the United States). Or perhaps you own this print and your kids have outgrown it … I just want you to know that I’m here for you. Selling things can be a pain sometimes and I would love to make life a little easier on you.)



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  1. How strange!! I’m from the uk and saw the cowboy fabric from Cath Kidson about 2 months ago and have been searching since! I only want enough for a couple of cushions and a little throw! If I manage to find any I will let you know! I also have been in touch with cath Kidson and no luck! Good luck with your search, who thought it would be soo hard to find the right cowboy fabric!

    1. The etsy seller that I bought my pillows from has more, I’ll get you a link when I get home. It’s crazy how hard this print is to find, right? I saw that she launched it in 2001 and it was just recently discontinued, you would think it would be easier to get your hands on.

  2. This site in the UK still has it
    They say on their delivery page limited to uk only but to phone them if outside.
    “Delivery is limited to within the United Kingdom. When ordering from outside the UK or specifying a delivery address outside the UK it is recommended that you contact us by telephone before confirming the order. Failure to do so may result in the order not being accepted.”

    1. Thanks for posting that link Shona! I actually saw it on that site about month ago and e-mailed the company to see if they would ship it to the States, but never heard back. I was too afraid to call because I didn’t want a surprise giant phone bill. Those international rates are scary!

      1. I was going to offer to phone them for you, to ask about shipping to Texas but not sure if some of the options below are better for you…
        Watch this space! (I’m in Scotland, love the blog!)

      2. Ok I called them, did you call them already?
        They said they’d done a quote for a lady in the US for a couple of bed sets yesterday, and it would be about £80 or about $130 for the shipping.
        Probably a bit pricey!

        1. You are SO incredibly sweet to call for me! Thank you! I have the absolute best readers :)

          Another reader (about 10 comments down or so) found an online store that has it on sale (though just the twin size) and will ship here for 18 pounds. I bought two! Not quite sure how I’m going to use them, but excited to have them on their way!

          And it’s so cool that you’re from Scotland. I have ancestors from there (the Isle of Skye to be exact) and have always wanted to visit. One day!

    1. I didn’t realize I had so many readers from the UK! Y’all must think I’m such a stereotypical Texan with my “y’alls”, cowboy boots, and sweet tea :) Heck, even when Adam and I moved to New York with the military I had people ask me if I rode a horse to school everyday. Ha! Anyway, thank you so much for the offer to ship the bedding! I might have taken you up on it too, but another reader found it from a store that will ship it here for 18 pounds and I just ordered two. They’re both twins, but I’ll figure out a way to make them work. Thanks again!

  3. Holy, I think you did pretty well considering you couldn’t get a full set of sheets. Looks like you may still have a chance tho. I went shopping at Winners and found a winter jacket for my daughter. It was perfect but for some reason I didn’t buy it. I even HAD IT IN MY CART! Then for some stupid reason I decided not to get it. Don’t remember why but now every time I go there I look for that jacket.. Sad .. it was such a great deal and a decision I’ll always regret!

    1. Thanks Debra :)

      I do the same thing…I’ll go shopping, have a cart full of stuff, and before I leave I will have put it all back. I come by it honestly though, I remember my mom always doing the same thing. 99% of the time it’s a good thing, except for that one time you put back a jacket that you can’t stop thinking about!

  4. Who knew you had some many UK readers? I love the UK, I worked abroad there one summer. I actually worked at a Western themed restaurant. They had a guy who dressed up as “Cowboy Ken” on weekends. His fake southern accent was terrible- he was British. I got asked if my accent was part of my job (and it’s just a plain Midwest American accent). They served Sprite as lemonade (which is what is considered lemonade there). However, for an American themed restaurant, they should serve our stuff. I was sure to mail them a can of Country Time Lemonade mix the second I got home.

    So regrets… I regret not getting a silver ram head from TJ Maxx. I carried it around for awhile while my daughters looked at me like I was crazy and then didn’t get it because the $20 was sounding like too much for me at the moment. I kicked myself for a month (ok, I’m still kicking myself a year later. I loved it’s curly horns). Also, there were super tall hand-built upper cabinets on the side of the road with a free side next to them. I was going to borrow my Father in Law’s truck the next day to get them. I went there the next day and it was even worse than if someone else took them…the owner smashed them apart and threw them in a nearby dumpster… that proceeded to sit there for a week! Why was he so eager to get them pulled apart when the dumpster didn’t get picked up for forever?

  5. If you could find some Id more than happily ship it over for you. I’m not sure about posting from the UK to the states but I know if I order anything over £15 from he states I have to pay customs fees. You may have to pay them states sides but it would be with it for the fabric you want.

    Here are a few that still have it. I’d buy it soon as usuall things reduced before Christmas are going out of stock.

    1. Thanks for the links Laura! I e-mailed that first company about month ago to see if they would ship the bedding to the States but never heard back. Fortunately another reader just found it from a site that will ship it here for just 18 pounds and I ordered two! Yay!

      And thank you for the offer to ship it to me. I’ve had a few UK readers offer the same thing and I just…y’all are just the best. Seriously, thank you.

  6. so one of the ‘sexy’ cowboys looks like they used Justin Bieber’s face. also the fabric you chose seems too realistic to put in a kids room. look at all that ‘Indian’ blood on the ground. although it would make for a great and accurate history lesson.

    1. Ha, that cowboy on the bottom right kinda does look like the Beibs! Except the cowboy version is hotter, because he’s, you know, a cowboy :)

      Also, I looked at the fabric pretty closely and don’t see any blood. I certainly wouldn’t have been interested if it was fabric depicting Native Americans being slaughtered.

    1. Thanks Jen! I’m going to bookmark that and keep it in mind. Adam is working on building a toy shelf type thing for the boy’s room and this might look good on the back of it.

  7. When I started reading this post I was like “Yes!!!! She bought it!!!” But then I read on…ha ha ha :-) :-). The bunk beds look awesome and so do the cowboy pillows. Also – I want the rug in your boys room :-). You always make everything look awesome so even though you missed out on the Zara bedding, you’ll think of something else. I will keep my eye out for the fabric you are searching for though. Also – congratulations on baby #3 – I love Noelle for a girl and we almost named our third Jude so I love that name too!!

  8. FOUND THE CATH KIDSTON BEDDING!!!! Check your email – just sent you a link (won’t let me paste it here). It’s from Victoria Linen Co – in the UK but I added duvet (it’s on sale!!!!!) to my cart and you can pay by card or PayPal. Checked their terms and conditions and they ship to US!!! Hope this works for you!!

  9. You are not alone. I am forever NOT buying stuff and then wishing that I had. My sister calls it “Non-buyers remorse” and now when we go shopping together, she constantly says BUY IT, I don’t want to hear about it for the next few years. Ha.

  10. Yup! My hubby went to the Sally Ann and didn’t buy a cabinet right away for $7. We went back within the hour…gone!! Kick, kick, kick! The Cath Kidston design reminds me of the wallpaper in our son’s room, many moons ago (he’s 36 now). Still have the little cowboy boot lamp that I made him in ceramics. I was lucky enough to find a vintage parchment lamp shade at an estate sale that had the cowboy with the lasso and cacti on it!
    You have some wonderful readers to be willing to ship the fabric from the UK!

  11. Your boys room looks great! I would think in Texas there would be plenty of cowboy fabric to choose from!
    I too have experienced not-buying remorse :(

  12. I once bought 4 cabinet knobs that perfectly matched my door handles at Target thinking one day I’d pony up for the other 12, but its Target right? It’ll always have those knobs. WRONG. Two years later, my cheap self couldn’t find those knobs anywhere and had to settle for a less-than-perfect imitation. Learned my lesson!

  13. Great print! When I was pregnant with baby #2 (which I was SO sure was a boy. WRONG!) I gathered all the best stuff for our little boy’s cowboy bedroom. I hunted down my fave print on some Nick and Nora jersey sheet sets I snagged on ebay. Finally, with baby #3, we have a little boy and I can’t wait to use them!

  14. That’s awesome that you got some fabric. How did you end up using it, and how are you doing? Just a couple days till your due date! Thinking of you :)

    1. I ended up making curtains. I wanted to use them as bedding, but they weren’t the right size and curtains just made more sense (the ones I stenciled really weren’t working). I’m about 90% done and they look amazing! I’m due on Thursday, but this baby can’t come fast enough (I feel like poop). I have a feeling this kid is going to stick it out and come on Elijah’s 5th birthday, which is Sunday. Really hoping they end up with different birthdays!

      1. The curtains sound awesome. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed that you go before Sunday! Like maybe tonight?? Exciting times! We are thinking of you.

  15. Nice article! Every kid love this bedding no matter from which part of the are they. Specially in United States everyone have used this multilevel bedding in their childhood. I don’t have it right now but you should look at link I have provided below. They got some nice western style bedding and many other furniture items.

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