An update on Judah and life with three kids

I think it’s high time for a baby update. I can sense that y’all want one, I can feel everyone thinking “curtains, saloon doors, lampshades, whatever…show me the baby!” Okay, FINE. If y’all are going to force me to show pictures of my adorable new son, then I guess I will. Just don’t expect me to like it.


Okay, let’s just get all the gushing out of the way. I love him. He is the cutest, sweetest, snuggliest little thing you’ve ever seen. I want to just sit and hold him all day long and ignore all the dishes and laundry for forever. (Okay, I always want to do that, but still).  I’d forgotten just how much I LOVE having a baby  around.

I’m not the only one either…

getting to know him


The boys love having a baby around as well. Elijah likes to take care of him…he wants to change his clothes, change his diaper, fetch baby stuff for me…he’s very helpful (or at least tries to be). He doesn’t really ask to hold or snuggle little Judah though, just take care if him. Levi is just the opposite. He doesn’t want to help, but he constantly wants to hold him, kiss him, carry him….it’s so adorable and makes my heart swell like the Grinch’s. Although, Levi’s intense baby-love is also exhausting, since he’s not exactly a gentle kid. He’s rough and tumble, stubborn as all get-out, loud and brimming with energy. Basically, he’s three.


(Levi’s handiwork)

So here are a few things about Judah at two months of age….

*He has this one little blonde backwards curl on the top of his head that is my absolute favorite thing.thecurl

Judah seven weeks

Well, sometimes it’s not there…it depends on how much Levi has been petting him.

sleeping with his bink

*He’s just starting to smile and “talk”, which is so much fun. You can say something and he will mimic you….as long as what you are saying a “Ah-goooo” with a little gurgle at the end.

first smiles

*Sometimes he snorts when he cries. He will wail, and the when he breathes in to prepare for another wail, he snorts. I’m pretty sure it’s my husbands favorite thing.

*He’s a people person. This kid does not like being alone. I remember the other boys wanting be snuggled and held, but if you put Judah in his bouncer and leave the room he notices and starts the snort cry. The other boys could have basically cared less (especially Levi). 

*If it wasn’t for my Ergo carrier I wouldn’t ever get anything done. I’m basically still pregnant.

*He looks worried most of the time. See his one and two month pictures as evidence.

Judah - one month W

Judah - two months W

Obviously I can’t say that Judah doesn’t contribute to the chaos around here, because he does, but he’s my comfort in the chaos. When things are crazy I can just go pick him up and cuddle him, and it doesn’t matter that the sink is full of dishes and everyone is still in their pajamas at 2pm…I have a sweet little baby to snuggle with.

me and the boy

(not a accurate portrayal of everyday life)

So how is it having three boys five and under? It’s great. It’s loud, energetic, and always exciting. My house is full of life…full of imagination and play, toys and messes, failed patience and forgiveness. It’s full of horribly monotonous and never-ending household chores. It’s the most challenging thing I’ve ever done and I’m learning a lot about myself. I would love to say I’m enjoying every second of it, but that’s not quite true. There’s nothing like having three kids crying at the same time to make you go a little bit crazy.

family 2



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  1. Awww….look at that beautiful, itty bitty baby! I remember when I had three boys under 5…..I’m just kidding; I don’t remember it at all–it’s a total blur ;). But it’s never boring!

  2. He’s gorgeous!! So much fun. There are times when I wish I could do it all over again. You have a beautiful family and YOU are looking amazing! I know I never looked that good with a two month old baby, let alone #3… Thanks for sharing; what a beautiful update. :)

  3. Aww, thanks for the pictures! Looking at Judah’s sleeping picture, I caught the baby scent (miss that!). He’s sooo darling, all three of those boys are! And Momma, you look great.
    P.S. Hope you guys are safe from all the flooding that we’ve been seeing on the news!

    1. Thanks Ellie! Also, we are safe, but the flooding has been crazy. My in-laws house flooded (had almost 6 feet of water in it) and everything is completely destroyed.

  4. Thanks for the update! Love the family photos in the bluebonnets. Where did you get that dress? It’s beautiful! Ha! Reminds me of the gorgeous paisley table you made. Hope you guys aren’t having too much trouble with flood waters! (By the way, how is the new property? Is it under water?)

    1. I don’t remember where I got the dress, it’s a few years old. All I know is that I paid about 10 bucks for it on a clearance rack somewhere and it’s on of my favorites!

      The new property isn’t underwater, butt he creek (from what I can tell) rose 15 about feet. Luckily the house will be WAY up the hill and isn’t in any danger of ever flooding. I actually have an update on the land coming up as my next post. We’ve been clearing fools!

      1. Of course, and that makes the dress even better! Looking forward to reading about your land clearing. You are giving me ideas for my future house too so I’m ready to learn from your experiences!

  5. LOVE. The entire post was absolutely just too precious!! Great photo of you in the field of flowers…and I love the one of the boys laying with Judah :) A very beautiful family you have there!

  6. Babies are a lot of work, but I feel the same way about them. They are a source of renewal and calm and holding them gives me such deep contentedness and happiness. That’s probably why I’ve had 10 of them and would still take more. My theory is, motherhood is the best experience of my life, why wouldn’t I want to keep repeating it?

  7. What a beautiful baby and family! I couldnt stop smiling at the pictures of him. So much personality! Congratulations!

  8. I have two kids who are nine years apart, so cannot imagine what it must be like for you! The baby is beautiful (as are his brothers and parents). I am expecting my first grandchild very soon so am all about babies right now.

  9. “failed patience and forgivenesses”, so apt. This is why I love your blog, I often get a little reassurance that I’m not alone in having a “real” life as opposed to the seemingly perfect ones I’m bombarded with everyday. Judah is so cute, if my youngest was a little older he’s be making me consider having another one! I think he looks a little cross between Elijah and Levi?

    1. No, you are not alone! Anyone that claims to have it all together when they have kids in the house is full of it. It’s the same way with all the pretty house pictures on blogs and pinterest. It’s a mess just beyond the lens, guaranteed.

      I think Judah looks like a mix too. He favors Elijah, but has plenty of Levi in him as well.

  10. Somehow I am just now seeing this post but it’s perfect timing. ;) I am expecting our 3rd son any day now, and I’m both excited and anxious about the idea taking care of three boys. Of course the other two are 5 and 6 so they are starting to become more independent- but I know it will still be an adjustment to have a baby around again. I’m glad you guys are doing well, and congrats on building the new house! Your family is beautiful :)

    1. I saw that you are expecting number three, congrats girl! Three is crazy, but wonderful. I can tell you right now that the age gap this time around is much MUCH easier. It’s fun to watch my older two with the baby, since they are old enough to really enjoy him and even help out a little. Plus having a baby around again is the best… they’re just so sweet to snuggle as you watch the other two beat the daylights out of each other :)

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