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Round Inlay Table…err, Wall Medallion

Three years ago I stenciled a dining room table for my in-laws using the Indian Inlay kit from Cutting Edge Stencils.

Kinda proud of my corners

It turned out gorgeous, but admittedly took me forever to do since the stencils comes in a bunch or small pieces (which also makes it super versatile).

indian inlay stencil pieces

I remember a few of you asking if you could use this on a round table, and at the time you couldn’t. Since then Cutting Edge has come out with a round version of this stencil (two actually). As great as that news is, it gets even better….it doesn’t come in a million pieces. LOVE IT.

So a few months ago I found an old table top for a few dollars and picked it up, knowing it would be perfect for the round inlay stencil. It didn’t come with a base, but I figured a cheap base would be easy to find (spoiler alert – they are not).

table before stenciling

It was pretty beat up, so I went about prepping it for paint by first filling the holes and dents with 3M patch + primer. This is the best filler ever, BTW…don’t even bother buying anything else.

3M patch plus primer

Then I sanded it all smooth…

prepping for paint

and painted it gray.

Sherwin Williams Pavestone

This color is “Pavestone” by Sherwin Williams, which is a neutral gray that my three-year old son Levi picked it out. I took him to the store, pulled out about ten gray samples, and we talked undertones for a while. Then I asked him to pick a gray without any, and he pretty much nailed the dismount. I try to instill the best traits into my children…honesty, integrity, compassion…and a true and deep understanding of undertones.

Then after the paint was dry I grabbed all my supplies.

Materials needed –

The hardest part of this project was finding the exact center of the table. I suppose some handy-dandy math would have helped, but I pushed all that out of my head the day I finally passed college algebra. Best day of my life.

Round Indian Inlay Stencil - easy to use and oh so pretty!

Once you have the center, stencil one side, rotate the stencil 180 degrees (don’t flip, just rotate), and go again. I also used spray adhesive on my stencil because it helps give you perfect lines, but it’s not completely necessary.

Stenciling a round table

I wanted the finish in it to be really matte, so I sealed the whole thing with wax.

Minwax finishing wax- great for a super matte finish

Isn’t it pretty? It’s looks like I spent way longer on it than I did!

gray and white faux bone inlay table

While doing this project my mom was over playing with the three boys (and saving my sanity). I was telling her how pedestal table bases are crazy expensive new and nonexistent used, and I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to do with the tabletop (it’s just sitting on top of smaller table in the above picture.) She said “I think it would look great on the wall above my bed.” Done. I wouldn’t have ever thought to just hang it on the wall, but I think it’s a great idea.

Indian Inlay wall medallion

And that’s it….such an easy project with a big impact!

how to stencil

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  1. What would we do without our mothers eh? They’re about the only people who come over and actually help out by seeing exactly what would help you out the most and doing it without you having to ask! At least in my experience ;)
    Love the tabletop, I too pick things up with no real idea what I’ll do with them so I’m glad your mom benefited! I’m entering the giveaway, I’ve been dying to try out their stencils for awhile so fingers crossed!

    1. Agreed!

      Good luck on the giveaway! Cutting Edge also posts sales every so often on their Facebook page and you can get up to 50% off… if you don’t win this giveaway, of course :)

  2. It looks great on the wall! So to clarify, is it going above your bed or your mom’s?

    Good luck with the teething! Four months is not too early to start. Need some more pix soon ;) I can’t believe he’s already four months, wow…

    1. Yeah, it’s going above my parents bed, not mine. I bought the jellyfish art and am in the process of framing it :)

      I can’t believe he’s four months either! I feel like each of of my kids grows up faster than the last. I snapped a pic of him just now, here he is in his jumper that I pulled out of the attic yesterday. He’s such a smiley kid, but as soon as the camera comes out all I get are confused, worried looks.

  3. 1) This is gorgeous! Such a good idea by your Mom:)
    2) My friend Haley was so in love with the paisley stenciled table that I made from your tutorial that she is going to make one of her own! She borrowed my stencil.
    3) I appreciate how easy your giveaways are. I don’t have to time for all these crazy instagram looping contests where you have to follow a million new accounts. Plus, I like to just follow the ones I love, not a million random ones to try to win. You are awesomesauce:)

    1. I’ve loaned my paisley stencil out a bunch too, everyone loves that stencil (for good reason!).

      Thanks about the giveaways! As a blog reader I hate complicated giveaways too, I won’t enter most of them. I’m not going to follow 57 people just so that I can go back and unfollow them all later. Although most of the time bloggers don’t really get a choice, companies require you to add all those options in order to to host the giveaway. I just happen to only work with laid back companies.

  4. Wow! Absolutely love this idea! I never would have thought to hang it either! I need something like this over my bed! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  5. Which windows to get: Marvin Integrity. They’re not the least expensive, but they’re FANTASTIC windows that won’t require any maintenance down the line. We have the ones that are wood on the inside (painted to match our trim) and Marvin’s proprietary composite material “Ultrex” on the outside, except for two in a shower and on a tiled wall above a bathtub, which are Ultrex inside and out. We’re looking at replacing windows on a rental we just bought, and we’re thinking we’ll get the same ones there because they’re that good and worry-free. Cannot recommend highly enough.

    1. It’s funny that you say that, because after countless hours of research I have come to the same conclusion. I haven’t even touched one yet (Marvin showrooms are few and far between), but that’s the one I want. I really want a dark bronze exterior, and while anything would work on the inside (white, wood or bronze) wood would be awesome. They are pricey though, and it looks like we will end up with a PlyGem vinyl window. I’m still getting quotes, so we will see. It’s good to hear a real life review that is just as good as what I’ve been reading!

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