The Most Organized Pantry in the World

Okay, that title might be a biiit of a stretch, but either way…the pantry is complete! I posted the first part of the pantry redo months ago, and even though we finished a majority of it soon after I refused to post it until it was 100% complete.

Just having the top part finished and organized has made such a huge difference in general kitchen craziness over the last two months, but there was still the whole issue of the unfinished bottom half.

Adam decided that instead of making the bottoms cabinet style (like the kitchen cabinets he is building) he was just going to build it hodgepodge using leftover building materials we have in the garage.

I love how in blogs (and more so DIY TV shows) it seems as if the projects just happen and everyone was happy and smiling the whole time.

Aaaaanyway, for the basket drawers we decided to make it easy and buy these from Home Depot for $9 each.

Adam installed them on drawer slides and they function like a dream.

Okay, enough progress pictures, let me just show you the finished product and then I’ll talk about the other features.

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