How to Build Thick Floating Shelves from Plywood

So today I’m looking back at some of the things we did in this house that I won’t be repeating. Some we did because we didn’t have much money to spend and needed a solution, some I just wanted to try something new and creative, and some we just didn’t know any better.

1. Raw mdf trim

Adam and I have replaced all the trim in our house (except the master bedroom, but we’ll get there) and have learned a lot. We started out in the living room and chose 6 inch raw MDF that we routed ourselves (because money was our biggest concern).

I love the color green, and I love it on my living room walls. I won’t be doing an intense color on the walls of our next main living space though.

2. Green (or any intense color) in the main living areas

I painted the tile in our shower and it is holding up amazing. I don’t regret it and would do it again, in this house, in an instant.

3. Painted tile

I hesitated on including this (because we are actually likely to get them again), but Adam and I don’t love stainless steel as much as we thought we would.

4. Stainless steel appliances

When we first bought the house the entire yard was gravel. We have spent years working on the landscaping and it looks a million times better.

5. Rock landscaping borders

6. Crappy lighting

This house has terrible lighting, and most of that is my fault. When we remodeled the bathrooms we put a galvanized barn light in each. I love these lights, they are cheap and attractive…but they make for terrible bathroom lighting.

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