Snowflakes in a Frame

Today I’m sharing with y’all my third and final Christmas craft. This one is a little more difficult than the other two, but still super doable. You should probably read the tutorial though, instead of just scrolling through the pics and taking off on your own.

Yesterday’s idea was for all those old frames that are missing glass, today’s idea is for all those frames lucky enough to keep their glass intact.

Materials – - Frames with glass - Spray paint I used gold, silver, mirror effect, -frosted glass and white - Spray adhesive snowflake stencils - glass cleaner

Snowflakes in a Frame 


The first step is to round up your random frames, take out the glass, discard the cardboard backing, and spray paint those suckers. I chose gold and silver by Rust-Oleum.

Moving onto the meat of the project, the snowflakes. You will need the glass from the frames, more spray paint, spray adhesive, glass cleaner, scrap paper, and snowflake stencils

At first I tried to spray paint the snowflakes without any adhesive (I’ve never had to use adhesive before), but the result was less than stellar.

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