Simple Faux Leaded Glass and Our Rustic Pantry Door

There’s nothing better than character in a house. Old houses are unique and tell a story, and my goal is to make our new house look anything but new.

I bought the door from the antiques fair in Round Top a few years ago (not the failure of a trip I blogged about, but a previous one) and paid $80 for it. Even though the green on my cabinets and the green on the door don’t match (or maybe because they don’t) it works really well.

The framing crew left the pantry door at eight feet because that is how tall the other doors are, but we always intended to bring the level down to the height of whatever door we bought when they came back to do all the patching and touch-ups.

I really want the elements in this house to be legit old and not DIYs made to look old, so I searched high and low for a leaded glass transom that would fit the space.

They came back and were all around the $400 mark, which was WAY more than I wanted to spend. And so, I begrudgingly decided to make it myself. After more internet research than I care to admit I chose to use these lead strips by Pebeo.

I also ordered a custom cut piece of antique wavy glass to do my design on (I’m serious about wanting stuff to look legit old!) but it arrived completely shattered, so I ended up going to the local glass shop and getting a plain piece for $25. Then I made my design on a piece of paper.

I used the back of some wrapping paper since it had a grid, and obviously getting it just right was a bit of trial and error. After I had it just like I wanted I put the piece of glass on top and started attaching the lead.

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