Sewing a Euro Sham Pillow with Flanges

A couple of weeks ago I showed you the new bedding for my southwestern guest room, and today I’m going to show you how to make the euro sham pillows.

Euro shams are generally large square pillows, usually 26 x 26 or 28 x 28. They are really simple to make, and if you’re a beginner you can totally do this.  I know that because I’m a beginner…I’ve been sewing for years but can only sew things that are squares, like pillows and curtains.

How to Make a Euro Sham Pillow with Flanges


- Fabric of your choice, you will need 1 and 3/4 yards per pillow. - Sewing machine - Plastic collar stays - Fabric glue - 28×28 euro sham pillow inserts

Supplies –

The first step is, of course, picking your fabric. I prefer home decor fabric for stuff like this because it’s thicker, but anything will work.  The amount you will need to buy varies depending on how wide the fabric is that you choose.

Once you have your fabric, lay it out and cut your pieces. I like to make my pillows with envelope closures (rather than zippers) because it is simple and requires less time and materials. To do this, you will need one 29 x 29-inch square and two 29 X 24-inch rectangles

After all the pieces are cut, you will want to sew the edges of the envelope closure.Take the two 29 x 24 pieces, fold over the long edge about half an inch to an inch, iron flat, repeat, and sew.

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