Picking an exterior paint color

Who here loves paint? Do you love staring at all the different colors selections at you local paint store? Buying a gazillion samples? Agonizing over making a selection while your husband rolls his eyes and tells you that they all look the same?

The color I choose will be going on the board and batten (which wraps around to the back of the house) and on the entire garage (which isn’t pictured below, but it’s attached to the breezeway).

Picking an exterior paint color


Agreeable Gray A greige (combo of gray and beige) that everyone seems to love. I keep seeing people sing its praises online, but to me it looks purple.

 Alabaster Perfect bright creamy white, similar (if not identical) to Benjamin Moore White Dove. It is likely that this will be the trim color for the inside of the house.

Ancient Marble Greenish white. A very nice color, but not for the outside of the house.

Halo This is the only non Sherwin Williams sample in the bunch. My sister-in-law choose it as her interior house color, and I jacked her sample because I liked it.

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