Penny Countertop

This epoxy and penny countertop is without a doubt my favorite project EVER. Not actually doing it (because that part was rough), but the end result. Just look how cool…

This is one of those projects that if I was to do it again it would be super easy. I now know exactly what NOT to do, which means I’ll fly through all the other penny countertops I have planned.

How To Make An Epoxy Penny Countertop


Here is what we used for this project – - Black Paint - Paint brush - Pennies. You will need roughly 260 pennies per square foot you plan to cover.

Step One – Gather your supplies

For this project, our surface was the laminate countertop on the right of the photo. You can do this on anything though…a table top, dresser, bar top, serving tray, etc. It’s all pretty much the same process.

Step Two – Prep your surface

You are going to need more pennies than are rolling around in your center console, so head to your bank and ask for them in rolls. You will need roughly 260 pennies per square foot that you want to cover.

Step three – Prep your pennies

Now that we had all the pennies ready to go, it was time to glue them to the countertop. We did so much gluing. It was tedious.

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