Painting Laminate Countertops with Chalkboard Paint

There are a ton of kits and products out there for painting countertops, but I decided to keep it simple and just use chalkboard paint.

Materials needed

- sandpaper - chalkboard paint  - paintbrush and/or a small roller - sealer - painters tape - primer (optional)

How to paint laminate countertops


Sand the countertop so that the paint adheres better to the surface. I used 220 grit, but it doesn’t matter. Use what you have.

Step one

Remove the sink, stove and whatever else is going to be in the way. Also tape off the areas where you don’t want paint, like the backsplash (which we haven’t installed yet).

Step two

Prime the countertop. I didn’t do this, I just went straight into painting. Swim at your own risk. If you choose to prime I would recommend an oil based primer,

Step three (optional)

Paint the countertop. On a large surface using a small roller would be ideal, but my surface was tiny and had lots of cutouts, so I just used a paintbrush.

Step four

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