Our Tiny Home Office Reveal!

I’m thrilled with the way this room turned out. I love every aspect of it…the colors, textures, the huge window and natural light, and the size.

The blueprints showed it having one large wrap around desk, but we decided to go a different direction and make two small desks on either side.

They aren’t really desks though, just a floating wooden countertop  and a file cabinet pushed underneath. This way everything is built-in and looks legit…but when it comes time to add flooring we can just slide the file cabinets out of the way.

This side of the office is for family business. It’s not picture-perfect, with its huge ugly printer and old school corded phone, but it’s super functional.

Our plan was to eventually put a desktop computer here for the kids to use. They are getting to the age where they will need it for school, but this was they are right in the middle of the house while on the internet and not hidden away in their rooms.

The file cabinets are great too. I went through all piles of paperwork, threw away a truckload, and organized the rest. The other drawers are full of office supplies…stuff that has had no home for many, many years now.

So that about rounds out the tour! The timing on completing this space really couldn’t have been better if we had planned it.

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