Our Leather Article Sofa – One Year Later

The question I get asked most often these days is “How is your Timber leather sofa holding up, now that you have had it a while?”

Article is a furniture company that sells beautiful, modern furniture and very reasonable prices…but they are only online. That means you can’t see, touch, or sit on your furniture before you buy it, which is scary.

Hopefully I can help make your decision easier. The good news is that even if you mess it up and hate your purchase, Article has an awesome return policy.

So how has it held up?


Overall, it has held up really really well. I am very pleasantly surprised. My boys have left their mark on it on  a few places, but that isn’t the couches fault. Here is what it looks like today, after 16 months of constant abuse.

When I get questions about the couch, the thing people are most concerned about is the cushions not holding their shape over time. I’m happy to report that we have not had a problem with that at all, the cushions have held their shape beautifully.

I expected that cushion to give up the ghost and just be flat permanently, but if you give it a few good whacks it goes right back to its original shape.

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